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Today's Trade & News

Thursday's & Friday...Dollar prophecy finally paid us and our predictions of metal crash saved many of our followers...

Dear Members,
Tomorrow another eclipse taking place, which is second one in fifteen days (half cycle of sun) and this kind of natural incidence always bring huge volatility in market and last 100 years are witnessed of this.
In our book "2008-09 World & Financial Prophecies" on page number 34, we mentioned on Eclipse:

"The last two eclipses of 2008 will be in the range of fifteen days. First one will be solar eclipse on 1 August 2008 and second one on 16 August 2008. Both of these eclipses will support Dollar rising trend and will give new life to on going weak trend of commodities."


We have been warning strongly on commodities since last few months because we were seeing very strongly dollar rise from July 2008. We called bottom of Dollar index at $72.00 and we called it very strongly that is why we were very nervous on commodity trend.  We kept warning investors to get out from metals, energy, grains and commodities. We also warn that many analyst of commodity market would take investors on wrong path and most of people who made money in the last fours years would lose everything but many kept criticized us and ignored the volatility and dollar trend. I feel sorry for investors because they missed one of the greatest opportunity to sell commodities and buying dollar. Anyway we don't want to criticize any one because we all are trying to predict market trend. Many time I even came wrong but still I feel that astrology can guide us very well in medium and longer term trend that's what last twenty five years of my study says.


On Thursday morning commodities moved up and gold touched higher $843, silver $14.88 and oil $117.80 as predicted but we are not confident about trend so we recommended to get out from position at higher prices. Our outlook on commodities to remain weak for the next few trading days. I still don't recommend you to trade commodities at this stage to make some quick bucks because you can get stuck with position as trend are very uncertain and commodities can fall very sharply. Metals, oil and grains can move down to any level so please don't try to find out bottom. Gold can go to $775 and silver $11.50.


We recommend to hold core position in US dollar and Dow Jones. This is just starting point and long way to go.


Once again avoid metals, grains and Oil because dollar trend can bring down all commodities below your imagination price. 


I really thank you for your support and encouraging me. You went against the world and kept faith in my work because I was recommending the area of investment which very few wanted to hear. I Bow my head for your trust.


Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra Thursday 7.00PM Pacific time

Wednesday's update: Cover short position in commodities but get ready to sell more on rise:
Dear Members,
I am still in India and in few weeks I will be back in USA.
Since last six weeks, Market has been trading very close to what we have been predicting and we must thank to planets and nature.
We have made great amount of return in all currencies against dollar. Pound, Australian dollar and euro paid us big. Dollar index is our core position and we will hold all the the way.
As predicted in newsletter, today (Wednesday) I am expecting rebound in metals, oil and grain market, so cover all shorts positions. Dollar may trade sideway or bit weak on Thursday. Gold can move up from $811 to $836, silver from $14 to $14.88 and oil can reach $115.80 from $112.80. Also side metals (Copper, platinum, nickle, zinc) will gain as well. This week we are expecting oil to reach $118 after touching low $112.80.
Stock market will trade sideways or weak but strong rebound I am expecting from Friday.
I decided to increase 100% subscription fee in next two weeks. Weekly newsletter cost is nothing against risk we take in market.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Wednesday 11.00 AM Mumbai - India
After my newsletter of Sunday here is small update of Monday on all major market.
Dear Members,
Oil has come down to over predicted low and we may see strong rally from here for short term. $112.80 is best buy target. This week planets are giving positive sign and get out at $118.
Metal may rebound but no much,
Grains will rebound strongly from Thursday.
We may see short term rebound in all currencies from Wednesday, cover short and get ready again to load dollar once you receive new update.
Metals will remain in bear market and short term target for gold is $810 and for silver is $14. One can take small position around these prices. We have been predicted gold to reach $775 to $750 in mid August and that can easily fulfilled but this week oil and  grain my support metals. Important thing every one must remember that metals are in bear trend till.....
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Monday 11 August



Small of from Sunday's newsletter:


ďAwareness always gives positive results, ego and ignorance leads to the wrong pathĒ

Dear Members,

For the first time in one year and 9 months, I can say that the reasons behind my constant recommendations for the Dollar revealed. Though my members have lost money following this recommendation, I can make an assurance that time is coming round for a not only full recovery but success path to go beyond that. Astrology has provided numerous unique predictions in the last twenty eight years, and I therefore canít blame time or keep regretting wrong predictions made about the Dollar in the past 19 months. My intention is to focus ahead and give the most appropriate guidance in order to benefit from the new era in the Dollar.


I wish you the best of luck.


Last week the Dollar sharply went up, and this represents a dangerous sign for major currencies in the medium and long term. The short-term trend will however be dominated by planetary movements. Commodities are trading weakly on the Dollarís strengthening, and this is an eventuality about, which we have always been concerned. This is why we have been recommending staying away from metals, grains and energy. It was tough and very challenging to call that oil would not hit $150 after Morgan Stanly made an open prediction that it would do so by 4th July and that it would soon go towards $170. Matters were not made easier by OPECís assertion that oil would soon reach $170 to $200, but both were proved to have been false and misleading statements to the world investor community. It is unfortunate when institutions vested with such enormous trust by the investment community deliberately issue statements for personal gain or to benefit people close to them. I feel that they should therefore apologize and in fact be sued since it seems that gain has become the overriding consideration at the expense of investors. The entire episode is a sad and unfortunate scandal that highlights how such authorities can misguide investors and abuse the trust vested upon them.


Having said that, it is important to realize that this is not new as higher authorities have always played this kind of misguiding role for the last hundred years whenever investors were at a critical point. As a matter of fact, we should accept that this is all part of manipulation: therefore more reason why we follow astrology to get awareness about future trends.


The move of the Dollar has given us hope that the USA stock market (DOW) could reach above 30000 in coming years. The only market that I trust at this stage is the USA stock market: I recommend that one stays with the Dollar and the DOW and I am certain that we shall make tones of money.


Many people will inevitably ask me what will now happen to the commodities market if the Dollar keeps moving up for the next few months or years. My answer is simply that commodities will move according to planetary movement, and I shall do my best to guide you accordingly.


Numerous members have sent us messages of congratulation for the predictions of the Dollarís rise and fall of commodities. I acknowledge and thank you all. I am very happy for everyone who has made money and look forward to even greater accuracy. Indeed, I hope to match my 1987 to 2005 prediction era.


I thank you for your continued support and trust in my work.


Financial Predictions for 11th to 15 August 2008



Gold and silver will trade...



These side metals...



Coffee and cotton will trade...



While one should....



You will....



One should..........



There is an interesting coincidence.....



This week.................



Finally, one needs to trade with caution in all commodities and shake off the hangover of the last six years commodity bull market. I warned about emerging markets (India, China, Korea, Singapore, Australia and S. Africa) at the end of last year as well as early this year, but most people chose to ignore the warning because they were hypnotized by the bull market. As a result, the crash of emerging market made them eventually lose more than what they had made during the last three years. Same story will be repeated in commodity market. I am saying to you subscribe my newsletter, but keep awareness with in you and sure my weekly newsletter services can help you to focus on right trend.  


Note: I shall send you an update this week.


Donít copy, edit or forward newsletter in any form. Subscription cost is nothing against the risk we takes in market.




Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma 10 August 2008

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