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This week predictions and five days left for great offer

Dear Members,

I am now back in Kenya, my home country.


Last week’s metals performed well and it is my hope that members sold part of their portions as I recommended. It is apt to state here that my recommendation last week for you to sell does not imply that metals shall not go up or that they shall drastically drop. All that I am doing is to try and move in concert with the current of predictions in accordance with the prevailing planetary indications. If things do not work well for the next two or three days, short term investors can take advantage.


We are currently at an interesting phase where metals are poised to perform well despite the emergence of unpleasant news in regard to metals. Please therefore don’t become engulfed in confusion or be in a hurry to sell if any appalling news surface with reference to metals.



There is really nothing that is extra ordinary in relation to the interest rates. This is just a representation of the desire to influence and dominate the investors’ minds. This partly explains why there has been too much talk concerning the subject. I have predicted in my book last year that interest rates will rise after mid 2004 and it is therefore not a surprise to me since the situation is happening in accordance with destiny and time.


I have received several emails analysing the possible implications of the interest rates and the effect upon currencies, stock markets and metals. My astrological calculations pronounce that there is no need to grant any undue significance to any changes that may be effected on the interest rates. If you were to ask me my prediction for the interest rates and their impact on the world economy, my answer would simply be that no great favourable results will be accrued from this measure. Indeed, what we are likely to witness is a negative bearing on the USA stock market.


Before I begin the predictions for this week, allow me to make a brief but important comment. The timing for making the decision in regard to the interest rates is awful indeed (Moon in most negative house) . It is a similar day to when George W. Bush took the oath of office as well as the swearing in of the immediate former Indian premier, Atal B. Vajpayee, five years before that. Likewise, this is also the same time that the Iraq war commenced. Furthermore, this is the same time that Kenya’s current president Mwai Kibaki also took the oath of office.


In the long run, any decisions arrived at within 48 hours of this period cannot result in positive outcomes. Indeed, they may unfortunately serve to close and block the path to our future and compromise our destiny. This usually ends up in defeat and humiliation, a fact that is clearly attested to by the fate that befell Mr. Vajpayee. In the 2003 and 2004 books, I have plainly stated that the political career of Mr. Vajpayee would end up in humiliation and disgrace. This is a unique ability that is only found in astrology where we can get a very distinct picture of the future, no matter what the current situation is.


Without further ado, let us now see what this week holds.



Tuesday and Wednesday are very uncertain days. However (one of my well-wisher always get scard when I say uncertain), I will still be happy to see gold being on the downside, at least to a certain level. This is because it will be acting in agreement to what the astrological waves indicate and be in harmony with the planets. This implies that during its negative cycles, gold should be negative and not positive.


The best advice I can offer is that you take a break from your computer screen for 48 hours if you are not worried about the long term. Just conclude your pending work and enjoy the rest of the time with those close to you.  The short term negative waves should therefore not affect you.


The outlook for this week is that gold will have both ups and downs, but next week’s newsletter will be quite interesting as gold may move up 5%.



We shall witness drastic ups and downs in silver for this week, whereby it may go up to $6.38 as well as fall to $5.86.


My recommendation is that you keep off silver for this week.



Simply put, there is no need to trade in platinum for this week. On the other hand, palladium offers some more interesting prospects.



Do you really want to trade everyday? If not, then don’t. Just take a break from currency trading for the next five days.



From Thursday, I see a very strong rise in the price of oil. My counsel is you should ensure that any short positions in oil are covered by that time. As I said last week, I perceive some sort of uncertainty to begin in the world and I expect it to start in July.



For the previous three weeks, I have not been writing much in regard to the stock markets. This is because as I have been predicting for a while now, I expect the commencement of a very dreadful period any time from this point. This prediction is for the long term and it does not mean that this will happen suddenly. It will more or less be like when I predicted that gold would bottom out on 21st November 2001. The same situation will apply for the stock market.


Any rise during this week should be taken as an opportunity to sell, especially on Thursday and Friday.



Orange juice and sugar are performing very well. Though coffee came down, Thursday will be a very interesting day for this commodity and I am predicting a turn around in coffee prices and the start of a gradual rise. However, strong movement will only commence after 15th July after which it will touch a new high.


The outlook for corn, wheat and soya beans for this week is that they will be very weak.



As previously predicted, we are approaching the beginning of a dreadful period and I shall soon write in more details concerning this as promised.



If you are involved in any of the areas mentioned above or other investment activities, I strongly recommend that you take a break, at least until Friday. This is my counsel and I hope that you shall heed my advice because this is not my personal opinion; it is what planetary indications compel me to recommend.


Since next week will be a more fascinating period, we shall make the appropriate decisions during this favourable phase.


Note: After Bill Murphy's suggetion, I have therefore reduced the cost of my newsletter from $2850 to only $190 (choose just one subject from list of $190). This offer is valid till 5 JULY 2004. After that I shall announce a new price which may be a little bit higher.


($190 means that you spend $2.10 every day on my work and I will give insight of all major commodities - gold, silver, platinum, palladium, oil, wheat, coffee and stock market, currencies, world events and my insight thoughts etc…)


Thanks and God Bless,

Mahendra Sharma

27th June 2004