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This week prediction...I am in India.

Dear Members, 

I am in India in very remote area with few saints and Guru's. Yesterday I did Mahayagna. Today just now I am abale to reach in small internet cafe. We work hard to connect internet for two hours but finaly we able to connect. I am puting this week newsletter and today is last day but still I want put here so invetors can see how astrology can play a key role to play in unpredictable market.

I have been working hard to be accurate especially on the world market predictions, since the last six years. This week I felt that I have a lot of qualities to adopt from people like James Sinclair. I am half his age and there is no comparison with the knowledge and respect that James Sinclair holds in the world financial markets. His comments in which he makes an apology to me are not just a mere apology. According to me, James Sinclair has opened a new path for me. In fact, his comments are a guide for me. He wanted me to be more accurate and he wants to help me rectify the mistakes which he sees in me. Following his comments that may help me become a better person occurred to me in my thoughts. I therefore once again say thank you to James Sinclair for indirectly guiding me and getting me on to the path to becoming a perfect human being., a great  

I was again touched the day before yesterday by J P Morgan's statement in regard to astrology and my work. I just said thank you God for putting me on to the path of astrology because for the first time in history, the subject is at last gaining it's due recognition from key world financial leaders.  

Last week I requested for feedback from my members concerning what they thought of my work. Though not all members have replied, 80% are in favour of continuing the same way as always. They said that they like the newsletter the way it is- short and sweet and I will therefore continue in a similar format. 

Let us see what the week starting 29th March to 2nd Apirl holds: 


Last week I expected gold to go above the $420 level but this did not happen as anticipated. One thing I am reconfirming here is that gold is 100% in Jupiter and you should therefore expect a very strong rally which may start sometime this week. There are very short but sweet words to describe this; buy gold and if you already are in gold, then hold your gold and gold stocks. Very soon in a few weeks gold will touch new 2004 highs.



Many times I predict the exact prices for silver. This does not however mean that you have to wait until it hits the exact price; it could be a few cents on the lower scale. The last week silver went above $7.80 and then came down. I was expecting a weak trend and true to this, silver remained weak. I see silver prices moving up from this week from Tuesday. This will be after a day of Volatility of Monday (both on the  up and down sides). Once again I still hold that $7.95 is a very important price level for silver. If it stays above this level for 41 hours, then the next price target that I predict is $12 and the next is target is $18. I know that some people may think that I am crazy, but even last year I was called the same thing when I predicted the $7.95 price level. I received many emails telling me that I was crazy and that I did not know much about the financial markets. I still remember mail where some people said that they would come to Nairobi and touch my feet if it reached $7.95. Of course I said that they should do no such thing for there was no need of that. Typical of human nature, none came even to greet me. We have short memories and I think we should have short memories for bad things but should retain a long memory that lasts a lifetime for good things. 


Last week my predictions were not fulfilled in regard to the rise of the Euro and the Pound. Those who have bought positions in the Euro, Pound or Swiss Franc can hold their positions because the upside movement has already delayed by 5 days. This can come anytime this week. My favourite, the Yen will also approach a new high during this week. 

Stock Markets:

It remained on the downside with a lot of volatility . It went up on Thursday and it was like a sea wave, going up and sometimes sliding down. If something continually goes down, there are always some small waves that move in the opposite direction. This is what we witnessed on Thursday . Tuesday, 30th March, will be a very important day for the stock markets when I expect a little up side rally. However if this does not happen, then I expect the worst down ward trend to start even before June. So if the stock market goes down on Tuesday, then one can go short in the market. But overall I only see a downward trend. 


Oil will remain uncertain so avoid tarding.

World Events:

Just today in the morning I was reading the chart on world events and saw a few things which really scared me. There is a scary world scenario until 15th May when I see a major uncertainty in the world. This uncertainty will steer the world on to a new turn. I see  a big threat to world peace indicating that will result in the death of thousands of people. We should pray to God that this period will smoothly pass. 


Every year I visit India at around this time for a spiritual trip. I am leaving in the next half hour immediately after completeting this newsletter. I shall be away for 20 days, but shall try my best to send you the newsletter.


Thanks and God Bless

Mahendra Sharma.



Comment from James Sinclaire

Tuesday, March 23, 2004, 10:12:00 PM EST

Gold Market Summary

     Author: Jim Sinclair






Gold has not broken its inverse relationship with the dollar. But if we step back and look at a somewhat longer period, it is clear that gold is moving back a smidgen from its locked at the hip relationship with the dollar.



Why this is happening could be quite nasty. It is not related to growing commodity inflation as that would simply impact the gold price by causing it to out distance the US dollar in terms of appreciation as the dollar declines due to inflation. Commodity inflation is not a relationship separation factor but rather a momentum factor favoring gold over the dollar for traders.

The reason for the small separation that is now evident over multiple days when looking at the nine minute high, low and close bars, could be factors working within the international cash market for gold representing demand by knowledgeable sources concerning the reaction to the assinination of an Islamic cleric and founder of the terrorist organization, Hamas.

I am not arguing the situation but among writers on gold I understand better than most how Islam is reacting to this incident. I have wrestled with how to explain it so that you get the full impact of what that incident means when looked at from the perspective of a devout Islamic and most certainly anyone that viewed this man as his personal teacher.

So pardon me in advance. If someone put their hand on my spiritual guide, the only cheek that would be turned would be that of the perpetrator, assuming it was still attached. You would not hear from me again nor would my family as I would make it my life's work to hunt down whoever did this inconceivable act regardless of the personal consequences. Now you multiply this times millions and that is the probable reaction we are looking at. This is a situation easily taken advantage of by a person with a long term agenda that brings the final act into present time.

The problem is that the helicopter that fired the missile that killed the cleric looks exactly like the same helicopter that flies under the flag of the USA. So there it is. This situation might just uncork a hellfire of problems not conceived of before. Do not expect the political reaction we will likely see soon to be the real thing. We have already seen that there is a chain of command and significant planning on what occurs in this 3rd World War where the battlefield is everywhere. Whatever occurs soon will simply be a diversion.

I owe an apology to a friend in Kenya. His name is Mahendra Sharma (  When he wrote that the price of gold and the dollar would separate from their inverse relationship - with both rising sharply and in tandem - I replied  that he had lost his marbles. Mahendra believes himself to be a modern economic and political seer and in truth he has made some outrageously good calls. If he ever worked with a first class market technician he would be seriously in competition for the leading advisor.

Now I can see a scenario in which this might happen and it would be an unspeakable event in the Middle East, Euroland or both simultaneiously that did not occur in the US, making gold and the US dollar refuge items. I sincerely want Mahendra to be wrong on his dollar/gold split from the present inverse relationship in which the dollar and gold rise rather sharply over a significant period of time.

The dollar has not separated from its normal relationship to the price of gold but there is a smidgen of separation now appearing. I really am disturbed by this. I am disturbed because there was market action prior to 9/11 that could be looked at as the action of financial sources knowledgeable of a pending disaster. We know that the personalities involved are extremely capable in terms of financial matters and have the benefit of experience.


Profit taking in gold from this point forward is the cheap Put insurance route only. I will not sell from this day forward any of my core gold position but as a disciplined trader and aggressive inventor, I will buy cheap insurance at those TA correct prices and at times both Kenny and I determine as proper.

Look at how great the April and June 400 Calls worked for you. The Put insurance closed tonight at $4 per 100 ounces long so if gold bolted right through $430.30 all you give up is $4. It is not TA correct to do this but be assured the second that Power Down Trend breaks to the upside on the $400 June gold Puts I will insure 1/3 of my position.

I would suggest the entire Community learn how options work but use them only as insurance items and only at TA proper times which it is NOT right at this minute