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This week newsletter, once again planets guided us correctly and we must thanks to them...

Financial weekly newsletter from 14-18 July


“The Truth”

Dear Members,

There is a crisis in the economy of the USA and the situation could spread to Europe and Asia. The question is whether these countries can withstand such an eventuality, and my answer is “NO”. An intense and sustained assault of similar scale on these economies would lead to their collapse, and this may be why nature, planets, and prophecy point away from all other currencies and recommend holding the Dollar. A terrible period looms for world currencies, and Europe’s monetary policy and Asian central banks will be ineffectual in handling the crisis. There could therefore be financial and currencies turmoil in Europe and Asia in coming time.


Other regions have undergone crisis, notably the USSR in 1991, the Asian Tigers in 1997 as well as South America in 2002. The turn is soon coming for Europe and Asia particularly India and China. This is not meant to influence anyone in any way; it is the truth for which you pay a high newsletter subscription fee, and therefore it is my duty to guide you honestly about what I see for the future. Of course I am not claiming that I shall certainly be 100% right, indeed I may even be wrong, but I would like to bring awareness as I did in 1996 in Technology and 2001 in metals and oil. I was very negative about the Dollar but time is turning around. I don’t know how many could survive holding the Dollar if it continues to decline, but I pray that the indications of nature will soon be fulfilled. I also hope that we can gracefully bear and accept all decisions of time.





At the time of writing last week’s newsletter, the planets indicated that the Dollar would be weak on Thursday and Friday and expected gold and silver to rebound during the same period. Indeed, gold, silver and oil strongly rebounded from their weekly predicted lows and gold even went far above our predicted price level.


This week I see stability in metals. Gold and silver will be positive on Monday in the Asian market but will remain sideways after opening of the USA market.


On Tuesday I expect flash trends on both sides. One can therefore sell if prices rise sharply and buy on sharp drops.


Wednesday’s trend will end stably albeit slightly negative.


Prices will be volatile on Thursday and Friday but Thursday will lean negatively while Friday will be more positive.


The trading range for gold this week will be $953.80 to $978.80. Silver will be more positive than gold with a trading range of $18.48 to 19.52.


Important Note:

The planets indicate a strong rebound for the USD from Wednesday. This positive trend will remain till end of the week.



With the exception of lead and nickel, all the other base metals will be weak and the planets say that the best strategy will be to buy precious metals like gold and silver and hedge the position by selling copper, platinum and palladium.


Sell copper and platinum as they will both be unable to take advantage of the current upbeat trend of metals and decline sharply FROM NEXT WEEK. Indeed I see copper coming down to $270 while platinum will approach $1500 by next month.



This week we are likely to see a sideways trend in coffee while cotton will remain slightly negative. One should wait another nine days before beginning to buy coffee.



Last time the planets helped very accurately predict a sharp correction in cocoa, with prices coming down more 8%. I see a weaker trend in these soft commodities and they shall once again get into a bear trend after one week. This bear trend is poised to last for the next two months. One should therefore sell sugar and cocoa on any rise as planets reveal a sharp drop of more than 50%.



Major markets are in a nasty trend and most people are unsure where they are heading. There are many conflicting views with the question being whether the markets are ready to rebound or if the worst is still to come. Unfortunately, the combination of Mars and Saturn portends that the worst is still pending. Compared to the USA stock market, India and China will decline from current levels.


The USA market will remain range bound from here but I see a sharp rebound for the short term on short covering. The USA market will begin moving up from 3 August and move on one side till the end of year.


The picture of the Asian markets is not healthy; funds will keep withdrawing money from these markets as well as from European markets. Therefore don’t buy in Asia and Europe, but actually sell. Sell more if they rise. The Indian stock market will soon break the 10000 mark while in China it will stabilize around 2500.


BUY the USA Market on Wednesday.



Last week oil traded in the predicted range except that it went above our predicted price for a few hours. Energy and gold drew support from news in the ongoing tension between Iran and Israel as well as a strike in Nigeria and Brazilian oil fields.


This week I suggest staying away from oil trading. Its trading range will be $149.80 to $140.80. Once it breaks $140.80 then it will have free fall. Last week on CNBC, I mentioned trading range for oil would $146 to $118, I also said I do not see oil moving and staying above $146. It was challenging because other experts were talking about Iran issue, supply issue, and many other issues of oil.



Last week prices declined more than 10 percent in two trading days as predicted. Once again grains are in a bear trend and are set to sharply drop 35 to 45% in the next two months and you should therefore plan you trades well and time will give you handsome returns in coming days.


I can confirm that grains will drop more than 60% by December and it is therefore a perfect time to trade them. The maximum period that commodities bull market (only in oil and metals) can persist is a week and time has come to make money. Keep adding your position in grains during this week.



I understand how difficult it must be for you to hold the Dollar at the current period, and indeed the situation looks bleak for the Dollar and the USA economy. While I leave decisions about the Dollar to you, one should get into the Dollar without hesitation the moment there is a turn around. The Dollar’s rise could occur anytime or take another twelve days at most.


Last week we had negative news that the biggest house holding companies in the USA will fall if not bailed out. This was the perfect news for a drop in the market and to damage a stable trend of the Dollar. Indeed the Dollar was quite lucky not to drop below the low level of March 71.88.


I don’t wish to write much about currencies, but the one positive thing is that the Dollar is still holding above 72.00. Let us wait and see if it shall still be able to hold this week and move up on Wednesday. Range will be $71.88 to $73.78.


Final Note: Commodities will top out during this week and, seven week frail trend will start.


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 12 July 2008, Mumbai - India