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Dear Friends,
Just trying to make you understant that is why I am publishing here a small part from my this week newsletter.
Dear Members,




Time has come for my work to prove that the wave of nature, astrology or prophecy can make calls for major turn-a-rounds in any trade. I would once again like to remind you of a few calls that I have been able to make on the market, thanks to this gift from nature. At the same time, I was also wrong on several others:


  1. In 1996- The rise of technology and telecommunication stocks, as well as their fall from early 2000. In both cases I was a few months early.
  2. In early 2001, I called for the dollar’s fall and for its rise in January 2005 (Euro was $0.83)
  3. In 2002- Rise of the stock market; especially the bottoming out of tech shares. (Dow was around 8000)
  4. In September 2001- The imminent rise of gold to $580 and that it would go up to $1000 in eight years. (Gold was at $265 at the time)
  5. In September 2001- Silver to rise to $7.95 and that it would reach $12.80 in eight years. (Silver was at $4.45 at the time).
  6. In 2003- Copper and Aluminium to rise 100%. (Copper was around $71 at the time)
  7. In January 2003- Platinum and Palladium to double their prices. (Platinum was at $540 while Palladium was $185).
  8. In Mid 2002- Oil to rise to $60 and then $100. (it was trading around $20)


There are many other predictions that I have written on the international front as well as on geo-political situations and natural disasters. Here are a few where I failed:


  1. In early 2004 I predicted the fall of the USA stock market, which never happened. I have since changed my way of looking at planetary charts and in December 2005, I once more predicted a crash of major stock indexes from the first of February 2006. The time has come to see whether I shall be proved right or not in this case.
  2. I called the top for metals and they went up around 18%. I called to get out from copper at $172 and platinum around $920 but was wrong on both predictions. I never recommended shorting metals but told members to get out from buying positions. Indeed, I recommended selling option calls or buying put in metals in the last week of December 2005.
  3. I was also wrong on grains in the last quarter of 2005.
  4. My prediction of the dollar index reaching $94 has not been fulfilled for the last three months. I expected it to trade sideway or in the narrow range in January 2006 and it did.


I have been wrong on the short term predictions in regard to metals. One should however not forget that in May 2004 and September 2004 when metals were very negative and with the entire metal community under depression, I was very positive on metals. Indeed in September 2004 I called that gold would not trade below $400 in the long term. When gold appeared weak at $320 with silver at $4.6, nature told me to perform “Maha-Yagna” for gold, which I did- and I even requested you to fast on that day.


There is reason to write all this even as some metal experts make fun of me today. They say that I am talking nonsense concerning metals and even rumours have been going round that I have been hired to speak negatively about metals by top hedge funds or the USA government. I’ll only say that I am trying my best to refine my theory to fit into short, medium and long term outlooks of each market and I know that I shall soon succeed, though never 100%.


I am neither trying to praise myself nor convince you of my accuracy. It is not an attempt to solicit your support or ask you to buy my newsletter. I am simply trying to present what nature has given me. It is a gift which I could keep to myself without informing anyone and enjoy life; but that would be clear selfishness and nature would never forgive me. For instance, if someone is dangerously sick in a plane and a plea is made for any doctor on board, would nature forgive a doctor who refuses to help even though he can? Would his conscience or soul forgive him if the sick person died right in front of his eyes, without ever offering his assistance? Would people forgive him if they learnt that a doctor just sat there as someone died due to lack of medical attention?


I am simply saying that I am trying my best to guide you. I am not afraid of unfavourable results or any shame since I know I am not cheating anyone. I always speak from the heart and in truth about what nature tells or reveals to see. I would be the happiest person on earth if I was to be right every day. Even though I know that I won’t be, I shall nonetheless never give up trying.            


Whenever I express myself freely to you, I always feel good as I consider all my members as a one family.


Here are this week’s predictions:


6 TO 10 FEBRUARY 2006


I am not putting details of each commodity from news letter but putting range of trading of this week. 




During this week trading range for spot gold will be from $571.80 to $548.80.



Trading range - It will however not move above $9.81. From late Monday it should start moving down and fall during the week up to $9.32.




This week Palladium could trade in the range of $328 to $306, while the range for Platinum will be $1071 to $1046.



This week...



This week...



This week...



This week...



This week...



Mahendra 5 Feb 2006