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This week letter, Update..We are doing well and if trend remain like this than..

Dear Members,


We are looking for a big turn-around in metals but I still advise you to wait, as there is no need for hurry. In my newsletter, I mentioned that one should not do anything on Wednesday and Thursday and therefore recommend that you don’t trade hurriedly. 

From the gold section of my newsletter, I mentioned that; "Following the principle of planetary movements, I won’t engage in much trade during this week. The moon tells me not to trade, and asks me tell others not to trade as well as the final result will be nil. One should therefore avoid trading on Wednesday and Thursday in all areas".


The Iran issue has sharply pushed up the gold price and the USA and Europe may put low-level sections like travel but I don't think that this will impact gold prices and can move in the next two weeks, but we shall watch. The maximum that gold can reach is $644.80 as predicted in newsletter, and this can only happen if gold breaks $634,50. However, chances of that happening are not too bright, therefore no need to hurry.  

Gold is currently trading at $625.80 and this price should be the high for today. Silver moved up to $12.78 and around this price should also be a high.

Hold OIL, which you bought yesterday.

Sell currencies and buy the dollar today, as it could be the last day for accumulation. I will be very happy if the dollar remains sideway today because that will be the sign for the coming bull market.

Yesterday grains moved up sharply in the last trading hours. Today they should consolidate or they could move down a little, but one thing to remember is that they are near a turn-around.

Coffee should move higher and it is therefore time to hurry up.

We are selling silver at here $12.78, and a very small quantity of gold, with a stop loss Mars figure of $628.80 and for silver $12.96 (Spot prices), which I don't think that gold will be able to break. 

Thank & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra, Thursday, 9.30AM EST  


Weekly Financial Newsletter

By Sharma Mahendra



I have been getting a very good response concerning the daily update and I am therefore quite pleased. Being accurate is the most important thing for me and I shall continue to do all that I can to ensure that you get information that you can count on. I care for my members and wish to see them attain high levels of success. Indeed, I would like us to move together in the rhythm of time and shall be the happiest person on this planet if all works well.


The entire of last week, almost everything occurred as predicted except on Friday when grains (apart from wheat) sharply went down.


This year, hurricanes are not attached to the likely trends and this is good, as we don’t want to make money where hundreds of people are dying or while thousands are losing their homes or life savings. Likewise, we don’t want war so that gold could rise, for the reality of war is pain and suffering, as well as death and destruction. Let gold rise on its own strength for it is well able to. That is exactly what I predicted in 2001 and I repeat it once more: in future gold will rise and go places by the power of its own strength.


To simply sit here and write about last year’s damage from hurricane Katrina is all too simple. But understanding the pain of people who went through it is something else, and we will never be able to feel it. It was around this time last year when hurricane Katrina “the Ghost” unleashed devastation and left horror in its wake. As a matter of fact, it was the costliest and one of the most deadly in the history of the USA. This is an experience we simply wouldn’t wish to see repeated. To be sure, the weather department has just announced that the first hurricane this season Ernesto, has winds reaching 75 mph. However, I am not overly worried about it because though it is a powerful one, it will not result to widespread devastation.


Let us now see what is in store for the financial market. The whole of this month has been very slow and investors are wondering where markets are headed from here. At this stage, everything seems confusing and directionless for there doesn’t seem to be clear pointers as to what will happen next. I actually agree with them but at the same time, I am very much focused on what I want to do and what I shall be doing. We are approaching a period that could be very interesting for us. I don’t know about the others, but we should keep our fingers crossed and ready to trade along with the wave or trend. 


Overall outlook for this week:


Predictions for 28th August to 1st September:



Gold traded in a very tight range during the whole of last week. It neither wanted to move up and nor was it inclined to go down. Following the principle of planetary movements, I won’t engage in much trade during this week. The moon tells me not to trade, and asks me tell others not to trade as well as the final result will be nil. One should therefore avoid trading on Wednesday and Thursday in all areas.


This week I see gold prices moving a bit higher and they should touch $634.80. However, their rally won’t have much power and it will therefore soon fade again. If it breaks $634.80, then one should look for a price of $642.80.


BUY GOLD ON MONDAY but one should sell a part of it by Tuesday’s closing, while the rest should be sold on Friday. We shall be holding gold this week or buying in weakness. However, one must remember that we have not yet entered into gold’s bull market as the bear is still walking on the side path and could enter anytime prior to disappearing.


Two rules to remember for this week are that:

-         If gold trades positive on Monday, then one should start accumulating and hold on, and then watch whether it will break $634.80 or not. If yes, then sit tight.


-         However if gold moves down on Monday, then remains in the red till Monday’s closing, this will be the most negative news for gold. In that event I will recommend that you sell everything that you hold or bought because gold could reach $555.50 in the next fifteen days.


Meanwhile, my daily updates will guide you on the daily trading patterns.



This week silver should sharply move up. This will however be a false rise and one should therefore book profit when it rises. As I have mentioned, MONDAY will be the most important day for metals and they shouldn’t trade in the RED. If they do, then there will be no point of holding metals or buying with love.


If the day shows positive signs, then indeed we shall trade and make some good money this week. One should therefore remain focused on Monday’s movements.


Buy silver if it trades positive on Monday and look for a price of $12.65. On the other hand, one should sell if it trades weak and look for a price of $11.45.





Regardless of what gold and silver do on Monday, these should all trade weak. One should take advantage of selling these metals at a higher trading range if gold and silver move up.


Sell Copper, platinum and Palladium on each rise. I will give further updates in my daily emails.


Copper has provided enough gains during the last week. Once Mars gives a signal we shall sell more till the metal story turns around.


I expect these metals to fall more than ten percent in ten days. We shall be able to confirm this a hundred percent once we see Mondays trend.



This week all markets should trade sideways or a bit higher. One should therefore not remain in short position but go ahead and start building from Friday. This week USA and ASIA will move higher while the European market will trade sideway.


Buy Dow and S&P on Monday if they open weak and hold for a few days.


For day trading, there will be my daily update to guide you.



Soybean and corn remained quite weak on Friday. Thursdays and Fridays are usually not great supporters of grains and nine times out of ten, you will never make a loss if you sell grains on Thursday’s higher opening- until they come into a bull cycle. 


Overall view: I expect a great bull cycle in grains from October. This is a cycle that will bring miraculous returns on investment and one should therefore buy December calls and sell by the second week of November. With this, one should be able to make enough for this year.


Grains should start trading sideways during this week and may try to consolidate till Friday. This is therefore the time to accumulate, though the trading pattern will be very slow for the next five trading days.


The daily update should guide you concerning short-term trade.


-         On Monday I will add Soy Meal and corn.



Oil should trade sideway and one need not get involved with the hurricane news. Stay away from oil or sell it on rising as it is entering into a bear cycle. Let it remain positive from Monday to Tuesday and then we shall be selling.


I see a weak trend for oil, natural gas, heating oil and unleaded gas from Thursday. Therefore get out on Wednesday if you are in a buying position.


We shall actively trade the energy sector in the course of this week, hence lookout for the daily update.


-         REMEMBER THAT THE BULL MARKET FOR OIL IS VERY NEAR ITS END. I recommended selling oil a few weeks back when it was trading near $80.



From Monday to Wednesday, the thirty years bond may trade weak, but should move up quite strongly on Thursday- trade accordingly.



These are two soft commodities that we have started adding. Indications are certainly quite convincing and we should therefore continue to add.


We are one week away from a bull market for coffee and cotton and so this week will be an important one. We shall closely watch and actively plan to accumulate more in the future.


Mercury has changed houses and if it says that she will manage from Monday, then we shall certainly walk with Mercury.


For coffee, I will give five strength points out of five BUT for cotton I will only give three out of five. Therefore in the long run, coffee’s bull market will be relatively more powerful than cotton. I see cotton losing steam after a ten percent gain.



A few months back I recommended selling sugar around $18, after which it lost around fifty percent of its value. May short-term technical buying or short covering will come but nothing interesting will happen this week.


The Orange Juice bull market is very near its end and it is only a matter of a few days or a maximum of a week. One should be careful to book and trade accordingly. Having said that, I expect a last pop-up in orange juice and there is hence no need to rush. One must remain vigilant nevertheless.


Two weeks back recommended buying lumber and it paid quite well. It is time to book profit as this week it may rise for a few days. Don’t forget to take this opportunity of selling it.



After fighting for long, standing firm and getting wounded all over, I can only say that we should be on the lookout, as I will soon do a lap of honour. I am talking about the US Dollar or the dollar index, and soon I will be carrying the winning flag after a memorable victory.


This week the dollar will remain sideway or bit weak. This should however not be a worrisome point, as it should be the final rest before the dollar sprints for a ten thousand metres marathon race. This will be the final week to accumulate the US dollar or dollar index.


From Monday to Wednesday, all currencies will trade both ways or be in a very volatile range. Therefore buy if any thing sharply falls and sell when there is a rise.


Thursday will be the most unpredictable day for dollar this week and one should not forget to accumulate if it moves down.


The long awaited rising journey for the dollar should start by the end of Thursday or Friday. This journey will e long and may not end for months or for even years.


I will write everyday and the daily update should therefore guide you on which currencies to sell or buy.



The US Dollar is clearly on the rising side and is showing strength against all major currencies. We are holding the dollar index and we certainly should, as this is what the planets favour now.


Do not forward the newsletter to other people. Let them subscribe for their own. If one is trading the market, he or she can afford $180 for a month or $1440 for a year.


Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra





"The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up anybody who is truly free. First, society begins by trying to beat you up. If this fails, they try to poison you. If this fails too, they finish by loading honors on your head."

-         Jean Cocteau (1889-1963)




"My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher."

- Socrates (470-399 B.C.)



Dear Members,

Metals are trading higher, though there isn’t much support from planetary movements. They are therefore unlikely to hold and I still believe that $620.80 should be the high for gold and $12.45 for silver. 

For a few days copper has been trading weak but today it is a bit higher. However, no buying is recommended and one can therefore sell. 

As I expected dollar index has remained side way for this week and it is a great opportunity to buy. It is currently trading around $84.85. 

Yesterday I expected a turn around in coffee prices but they closed unchanged after sliding lower. Today it may trade sideway while tomorrow there could be the turn around. Remember one thing- if the turn around comes it will be a major one. 

S&P is trading at 1305 and I recommend buying today and selling, as you will see four points on both sides. On the lower side it will touch 1300 and 1308 on the higher side. I expect tomorrow to have some volatility for the stock market. 

There is a good opportunity to buy oil today for one day, as I expect a sharp upward move tomorrow. One could therefore BUY CRUDE AND NATURAL GAS: Expect one dollar for oil and thirty cents for gas. 

Tomorrow is Thursday and I am waiting to catch the action. Everyday I am adding a small position of December call in Soy Meal and Corn. 

Thanks & GOD BLESS

Sharma Mahendra 9.30EST New York


Dear Friends,
There are many people that have sent me mail asking why there are no updates published on the website.
Well, the reason is simply that it is a paid service though I sometimes put a few just so that new visitors can see what I do. Please therefore don't expect me to put a free update everyday. You can get much more if you subscribe to the newsletter.
Furthermore, it is quite true that something seems to have more value when one has paid for it. One usually feels good and proud about it and sure enough, the results are often different. This is just human nature: for instance if you go for coffee that is being offered free, you may feel good about it for a while but for how long can one do that? As a matter of fact, it is only a matter of time before one starts to feel some pangs of guilt and wondering whether he shouldn’t just pay for it, even if just a token. As I said, this is just human nature and even though it is good to share with others, one feels the need to pay once in a while. This way, one feels at ease to fully contribute and participate with others without negative emotions.
I am not trying to make anyone to subscribe to my newsletter but if you trade in the unpredictable market, then  $180.00 for a month’s subscription or $1440 for a year is not a big fee. One can actually make this amount in one trade and is the kind of money we spend for everyday needs, like buying a cup of coffee. 
Like today and last week you could have made huge sum of profit.
I will put update after market close.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra