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This week letter saved millions to newsletter subscribers or followers. Dollar bull market and crash in stock global market predicted..

Dear Members,

Too many intelligent people are there in market, many financial strategists are making interesting planning and currently hedging has become very popular. I have been also focusing on hedging with wave of nature theory. Once again I would like to remind you those constantly I have been mentioning since last few months and these are:


1.     Buying USA market and USA stocks against the selling of European market.

2.     Buying alternative energy and metals stocks against other overvalued stocks.

3.     Buying US dollar and same time buying Japanese Yen against European currencies.

4.     Buying metals against commodities currencies. In last three months metals and other commodities have lost value against Canadian and Australian Dollar.


Short term stock market look weak but longer term (in two years) I am expecting Dow Jones to reach around 18000 and USA market will out perform all world market including European and emerging market. Dollar has been trading lower so at this stage you can find a great valuation of USA market. On other hand it is a great selling opportunity of European stock by cashing at higher currency value. I feel it is a great opportunity from these markets get into dollar as it trading at historic low price.


Saturn is indicating a bull market in alternative energy sector for medium term as well as longer term. If you are following the stocks which I have recommended have down exceptional well in recent months. I highly recommend you to hold those stocks those they are trading at hew high. Those who have missed my stocks recommendation are here: TSL, FLSR, SOLF, HOKU, CISQ, QTWW, KYO, ASTI, DSTI, WFR, CY, AMAT, WWAT, BCON, ABAT, SPWR, OEGY, ASYS, GRSR, SLRE and XSNX. One can add few low price stocks.


On currencies side I have been coming wrong but I donít have choice because planets are still indicating buying USD dollar because it is indicating medium and longer term bull market. At current stage dollar is trading historic low price and what a great opportunity to accumulate.


Metals are trading positive and yes planetary movement is in favor but dollar move may put hold for few days on metals but then after metals will follow dollar and it will be very interesting to watch this historic event in world financial market. 


Basically I write newsletter to make you aware about future coming as well as short term and medium term trend.


This week trend of world financial market:





Last week gold took advantage of weak dollar trend and moved up quite nicely. Next few months metals should remain positive because Mars is in full support. At this stage metal investors are in bit of confusing position because dollar is at historic low against many currencies and any up move in dollar might put pressure on metals but once again I am putting here note that nothing to worry about dollar turn around.


This week gold will trade positive on Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday it will trade sideway or weak. There will be volatility during Thursday and Friday so short term traders should book profit during his week or around $693.80. Next week there will be sharp correction in metals so make sure you book profit this week (This is only for short term traders). Long term holder can hold the position in gold and gold stocks as gold will march towards $800.



Last week gold and silver touched predicted target and this week I see moving toward high. Silver is entering in to most interesting era so accumulate long term contract as well as calls. This week silver will trade $13.65 to $13.19 so higher side one should book profit for short term and by end of next week we will go aggressive on metals.   



This week copper prices will move up but take advantage of selling on Wednesday and Friday as next week there will be a sharp corrections in it.



Both of these metals are entering into bear cycle and it is great opportunity to get out from these metals. Changing house of Saturn is indicating long term bear trend in all these base metals. Go short in all these metals buy accruing puts options. Those who are holding physical position as well as commercial traders should remain watchful because these prices may not come again in near term.



This week thirty years bond prices will move down so avoid taking any new position in it. Next five weeks they will remain in weak trend so trade accordingly.



I am not happy with my overall recommendation of stock market but on other hand I am thankful to planet Saturn for giving me vision to buying alternative stocks as well as hedging of USA Market against European market. On other hand I came wrong on Indian market recommendation. Any way let me put focus once again on future out look of all major markets.


I see weak trend of all emerging market (China, India, Singapore and Korea) from Monday to Wednesday, Thursday all these markets will remain volatile and will trade both way. Friday again all these market will remain weak.


European markets are trading weak and since last few weeks and it looks like they donít want to break up on top side. This week all European market should move down more than three percent. I am not recommending any stock buying in these markets as well as there is no need to cover short position or hedging against the USA market. European Investors should divert their investment in alternative energy and metals stocks. Germany is supporting solar area so buy major companies of this area.


USA market will trade side way and you all knows that I am very bullish on long term outlook of it. This week one can buy USA market but keep short position in European and Emerging market.


Keep adding alternative energy and metal stocks. Here is performance of FSLR, TSL, ASTI and HOKU. 



Thanks to Venus for indicating bull market of cotton and we bought it at right time. It moved more than thirty percent and that is big move for any investors as this is commodity market. We got out at right time but we will buy again on Monday so please buy again cotton on Monday.


Coffee has moved up and there is no doubt about future coming bull market in it. Buy coffee and keep adding position as next target is $124.30.



Lumber and Orange juice will remain side way trend and I am not recommending any buying in both of these soft commodities. Sugar will enter in bull market so I advise you to buy sugar from Tuesday. Next target is $12.10.



During last week grains prices traded weak and I am not recommending any new buying in grains. At this stage I advise you to take short position in wheat and So product by taking put options for December and twenty percent down ward canít be rule out.


Short term traders should remain very cautious as there will be sharp rise and fall indicates. Monday to Thursday grains will move up from lower side on each day so take a buying opportunity on each day if they trade negative more than two hours.


Thursday will be right day to take short position in grains. Soy and Soy oil will have sharp correction from Next week as well as this week end.



Thanks to Moon as we were able to make accurate calls on it. Time has come to Natural gas on Friday. This week oil will trade positive for first three days and Thursday will be day to book ninety percent profit in it. Soon bull market in oil will over but at this stage I am not recommending taking any short position in oil and natural gas but yes one build short position in Heating oil and RB Gas.


This week oil will touch new high of $77.80 and yes at this price one can get out. Lower side it can touch $74.90. Monday, if oil trade weak then you can buy and sell on Thursday.     



After nine year of accurate prediction in currencies last one year I came quite wrong on dollar prediction but I still believe that future coming time will prove me very accurate against every one as no one is recommending dollar at this stage. I still believe that once dollar turn around which should be from this week or next week then it will be continues rising trend.


I see Pound, Euro, Canadian and Australian dollar should fall more than twenty percent in the next five months and I am so sure about it so now from this week Thursday one can start aggressive trade in favor of Dollar.




Please donít forward newsletter to non-subscriber.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma 22, July 2007