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This Friday can be black Friday - Crash in commodities and stock market from next week? Time will be very interesting..

Dear Friends,
I will write today update on next 24 hours market movement and yes looks scary for every thing.  As predicted in this week newsletter metals, oil and grains came down and on other hand coffee and dollar is moving nicely.
I am happy to annouce that in the last two weeks ten more leading financial instutaions have subscribe weekly  newsletter membership. Also now mahendraprophecy have cross 5.5 million visitor's.
Soon I may increase subscription fee.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, 5 May 2007
Dear Members,
I just back from Barbados and here is small update:
In this week newsletter I mentioned that Friday metals would remain positive but positive trend came on Thursday and high has been formed so don't expect higher prices for gold, silver and other metals from next week. Also predicted price of newsletter has been also achieved and so no buying recommended.
Stock market remained positive and sharp fall is indicating any time, I can't confirm when but with in next three trading days. You will see power of planetary movements on Friday.
Good time to buy coffee $104, cotton $48.50 and sugar $9.20.
Grains will fall take short position in today.
As predicted oil has been trading weak and Oil to remain weak so NO BUYING RECOMMENDED even at this level, if it rises around $64 than sell .
Finally US dollar has given sign of recovery and why not at it favorite of all nine planets so watch carefully and build the position. Sell, Ausi, Euro and Canadian dollar.
In the next week newsletter I will write - why commodities and markets will fall.
Thanks & god Bless
Sharma Mahendra 4 May 2007


Dear Members,
This newsletter will be short as we would like to monitor the direction of the dollar, which is very important since it is related to all commodities as well as the rest of the world financial market. Previously when I predicted the rise of gold, oil and other commodities, it was quite easy mainly because I also saw a drastic fall of the USD. The fall of the dollar was of more than 40 percent, and making the prediction about commodities was therefore like reading an open book. Indeed, there were no complications in this prediction as it happened just as foreseen.
For the last few months I have been getting strong astrological indications of a turn around for the dollar, and though my predictions have delayed, I am still very confident that the prophecies will soon be fulfilled. The bull market in the USA dollar should start any time and the rising trend will remain for several years. In the worst scenario, the dollar can only fall half a percent or a maximum of one percent from current levels. You therefore know the risk, while at the same time you are aware of the likely gains if what I see comes true.
Another interesting point is whether the commodity bull market will be sustained against the bull market of the USD? My answer is that I am not worried much about the commodity market or about the future trend of commodities. What I am concerned about is the speculation going on in commodities. I was surprised to find that even in a small village in India, there is someone buying one contract of gold and oil and selling. Too much money is therefore getting in and out, and many people are making quick money; unfortunately many are also losing at the same speed.
The bull market of oil ended last year when oil reached $80 and many of you know that at the time, I predicted that oil would reach $50. On the other hand, the metal market is moving up, and it has an overall positive trend that should last till the end of the year. Whenever there is a negative phase in between, there will be a sharp a sharp correction. It is important to note that I am not quite optimistic in regard to the prospects of for next year, but we shall talk more when the time comes.
I always like to share what I have in my mind after reading planetary movements, and even though I am a trained predictor, do not expect me to become right every time. However, one should always watch my predictions carefully whenever I give a new trend. For instance, in the middle of last year I gave a very interesting trend for grains and I am similarly predicting another trend this year, which is the rise of the dollar. Please therefore plan your trade very carefully with low leverage and I am 10,000 percent sure that your balance sheet will be completely different by the end of the year.
One secret that I would like to give you is to be giving attention to what I write on the first page of the newsletter and thinking about it deeply, and I am sure that you will not regret in the longer term as it will give better insight. Much as profit and loss are part of life and trading, how you plan your trades is very important. For instance, a month ago I advised selling December orange juice and buying puts and sell calls for December 2007: if you look at it now, orange juice has come down from $200 to $155 within four weeks. When the risk ratio is low and planetary movement keeps giving certain indications, then one should plan his trades accordingly.
Let us now look at the trends for this week.
Gold prices will trade in a mixed trend for the first three days, and any rising should be taken as a selling opportunity. However, one should buy gold on Thursday evening as I see a  rise on Friday. Trade accordingly.
This week silver will follow gold, but I do not recommend any buying for the first three days. One should of course buy on weakness of Thursday and hold till Fridayís last hour.
Metal lovers must avoid trading in platinum and copper at this stage. Palladiumís trend should however remain positive for the time being. All three metals should trade with a lot of volatility for this week. Those who can fight the volatility can start building up options trading by buying puts for September in platinum and copper, as these should give handsome returns since they could fall more than 30 percent after the first week of May.
It is a great opportunity to sell all the stock indexes, this time including the USA market. Buy puts for June in European as well as the USA market as you lock your risk. There is a 99 percent chance of making a profit and a one percent chance that you might make a loss. Next week to be watch.
We have not been very aggressive on these commodities and have done well by not blocking our money. Last year we made good money by selling sugar at $19, and for the last two weeks we have been advising buying in small quantities. Indeed, one can buy sugar, coffee as well as cotton during this week, but donít trade aggressively at this point. There is no need to block major sums of money as time is soon coming when we shall buy coffee quite aggressively.
This week, both these soft commodities will trade side way or a little up, but no new trade is recommended at this level. Though we are out from orange juice, it doesnít mean that a bull market is starting.
Last week grains traded with a lot of volatility, and they should continue to trade in the same vein. The trend should remain weak and therefore no buying is recommended at this point. Time to buy grains will be at the end of May. If you are holding a short position, then hold it.
This week crude oil will trade side way or a little up, which will result in a great selling opportunity. Sell oil, RB Gas, heating oil and natural gas. I expect a ten to twelve percent fall in these energies in coming days.
Energy stocks should start moving down from this level and one can therefore take a short position by buying September calls.
One should start looking for all kinds of short positions with different strategies that will put you in a buying position of the US Dollar. It is great opportunity to sell European stocks and buying USA stocks. Take also a December call for the dollar against the EURO, POUND, SWISS FRANC AND AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR. There are many other trading strategies that one can adopt, and I shall write about some in the next ten days as I shall be traveling tomorrow and come back after nine days.
Last week the dollar traded in a very narrow range and closed unchanged. You must plan your currency trading with very low leverage. I donít want you to get out from trading, which is favoring dollar.
Last week I mentioned the trading prices for currencies, and I still believe that those trading range prices will give you the best returns in the short, medium as well as the longer term.
  • EURO: 1.3612
  • POUND: 2.0041
  • SWISS FRANC: 0.8320
  • AUSI DOLLAR: 0.8363
  • AND DOLLAR INDEX: 81.61.
Next week newsletter looks like to be very interesting one.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra 23 April