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Today's Trade & News

The dollar lost value from 106.38 level to 104, and oil lost big from $88.00 to $75.00 as predicted…wait for NVDA earning prediction…

Dear Members,

Only Astro cycles can guide us on what is coming when all news and happening is favoring USD, Yield was also rising nonstop but we predicted shorting USD and buying currencies three weeks back and this trade paid us well. We fearlessly recommended selling USD at above the 106.38 level with a target of $103.38 level. 

On the other oil prices crashed as predicted from $88.00 to $75.00, our first target is achieved and still, oil will be on your selling list at the $79.48 level with a target of $68.88 level. During the middle east crises, Astro indicators recommended us selling oil at around the $88.00 level. 

S&P and NASDAQ gained huge value as predicted. Astro cycle indicated to us on 5th October that market would be around from 30 October, and a nonstop rally to come which happened. Now we are approaching toward important time, wait for next week's weekly newsletter.  

Avoid energy stocks, The Dollar can still lose value but the important astro support level will be at the $103.31 level.

Stay tuned, and we will try to provide NVDA trade which earning is coming on Tuesday after the market.  

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma