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Dear Friends,

Today got up very early at 4.30am in Santa Barbara and just decided to write this article because I see many are confused on metals.


For the last two weeks, I have been frequently receiving a lot of emails in regard to metal prices. Most have highlighted the fact that the technical chart appears very ugly and expressed the expectation for Gold/silver to fall very sharply. My answer to this is that I am neither a technician nor am I one to follow the crowd’s noise. Indeed, I never write after review of the prevalent prices of gold as my work is based on astrology alone. There many times in which my short term analysis has been off the mark but the accuracy of the mid and long term predictions has received great welcome in Africa, Asia and many other countries. I have been predicting world events on social affairs, politics and the economy for the last 23 years, having started at the age of 14.


For this year, you will see the accuracy of my predictions on the world financial market if you can read my book once more. For instance, a few are like: Silver to touch $7.95, oil to rise to around $50, crash of Soybean prices, rise in copper prices, Platinum touching $1000 and many others...


Let us talk about the current scenario on Metals:

If you read my "2004 World and Financial Prophecies", (You all know that I launched the book in November 2003) I have said that on 2nd of April gold would touch a new high and silver would be on a great rise in the month of March.

Then after, I have stated many times not to expect a great run till 4th September 2004. From the end of July I was very bullish on Silver, ignoring gold prices and I stated that silver would have nothing to do with Gold prices because it would decide it own destiny.


Many people have been sending me emails asking about gold prices reaching $450 or $480 by mid August because that’s what my friend James Sinclair has been writing and my answer to all - James has given and distributing great 38 years of his knowledge to the metal community and it doesn't matter about gold prices reaching $480 by 15 August because even I have been wrong many times on short term predictions. The most important thing is that Gold is going to rise after 4 September 2004 and there is no power on this earth that can forestall that rise.


My advice to all members is not to follow many things too deeply (like charts, news and rumours). It would be much more appropriate to just flow with the wave of time for 2004 – for a great rise in Silver, Palladium, Platinum, gold and oil prices. Just stay invested in these and if you are making good money in the short term, ask the technical people about when to get out and re-enter (but don't ask again and again because that will just make you confused) - JUST FOLLOW THE WAVE OF TIME and you are going to make a fortune.


At the time I am writing this, Gold is trading around $393.7 and silver $6.49 and many are confused but not me. I see a great rise in metal coming soon. I won't advice anybody to sell at these prices. MY ADVICE IS - Start putting your money in silver and gold because we are entering into a great rise.


Thanks & God Bless


Santa Barbara CA - USA



Below few pages are from my book “2004 World and Financial Prophecies” for just your reference – Yes, astrology can predict market batter than any other instrument or theory.


Any time after 7 June 2004, the market will start declining, a slide that will continue until the end of the year. Technical charts will follow astrological forces; this means that the US stock market will turn bearish. One should be extremely cautious not to trade in the long position because the losses could be heavy. Within these six months, the market will drop by more than 20% to 25%. On several occasions, for instance the first two weeks of July, early October and the end of November, the stock index will rise technically for short periods. But overall, the graph will show a continuous decline.


Several reasons will account for the poor performance of USA stock market in the last six months of 2004:


Interest Rates

There will be an increase in interest rates in the USA any time from March; although the astrological calculations indicate that this should not be done.



The rise of gold and other metal prices will alert stock market investors to divert their money from the stock market to the metal stocks because they will be the best performing and have good returns.


Trade Deficit

Saturn will change house in the middle of the year 2004 and it will bring a major blow to USA trade deficit. US trade deficit will reach historic highs and this will not only scare Americans themselves, but also other economically affiliated countries.


The US trade deficit will be widely discussed around the globe. I advice the Greenspan team to seriously work on this, otherwise I see a big blow coming his way in 2004.



Early poll indicators will not be able to clearly state the party that is going to win the presidential election. As a result there will be confusion among investors as to whether their financial status will lie in the hands of the Democrat or Republican policies.


US Dollar

Those who closely monitor my predictions since the last three years are aware that I am bearish on the US Dollar’s constant drop and this trend will continue in 2004.As a result, international investors and fund managers will be compelled to remove their investments from the US market and the US Dollar and look into other markets and currencies.




Once again, I am sure that come December 2003 at the launch of this book, gold will be trading above US $404 an ounce. This will be a significant improvement from the current gold trading price, which is below US $380. In the whole of 2004 gold will trade above US $400. It will trade below US $400 on two occasions in the year but only for few days but it will quickly bounce back. 2002/3 was the foundation period when for almost two years, gold traded at above US $300. The gold trading range in the year 2004 will be US $400 to US $525. If it crosses US $525 and stays above it for seven days, then I predict a major bull-run in gold prices that will reach US $580.



The Moon is linked to water, which is very unstable. Water is so unstable that its flow is affected by the movement of the wind. Ocean waters are always on the move, resulting in high and low tides. These tides are actions of the Moon, which also owns silver.


Compared to gold, silver has not moved very much. After doing a detailed astrological study, I am predicting a volatile year for silver. For the first time, I am facing difficulties in predicting silver prices because it shows a rise in prices of up to 500% or even beyond. This is why I do not want to give any specific figures. However, I would like to state that US $5.45 should be used as a basis for investment in silver. This should be the bottom line figure when investing in silver for long term speculative positions. Below this mark, investors should buy and sell for quick trading and not to hold for long term. If prices trade above the US $5.45 mark, then you should buy silver options, futures or physicals and sell off 10% of your holdings every ninth day. You may go ahead and do this without the necessity of consulting me. The US $5.45 bottom line mark should be expected in the first week of December 2003.


Even though I am predicting, I feel uncertain for silver because Mars and the Moon are in a fire and water combination. The uncertainty will end when silver reaches the US $5.45 mark because the water will turn into oil. We all know that fire is hidden in oil and below $5.45 mark, silver will remain like water but above $5.45 it will turn into fire. This means that silver prices will have major bull-run if it crosses $5.45.




From January until mid-February, Silver prices will be on an upward trend. This will be near the US $6 mark because I expect silver prices to hit US $5.45 towards the end of 2003. If it remains at around the US $5.45 level, silver will rise strongly in the year 2004.


After 15 March, I foresee a major rise and prices will reach new highs. A lot of strange news and rumours concerning silver will float in the market. This will add fire to silver prices any day so I recommend that you hold on to your investments in silver and silver stocks until 29 March 2004.


Prices of silver will experience radical fluctuations during the period of April and May. During this period, any drop of up to 8% will be a great opportunity to buy for the short term and sell when it rises by up to 8%.


I suggest that silver investors stay away from short term speculations in the month of June and July because, though it can make you millions by playing with small amounts of money, it can also wipe you out. This period will be the level of high volatility. My website and newsletter will guide you more.


In August, silver prices will be quiet and will remain stable without much fluctuation. Big players will enter the market and buy in huge quantities and this will continue until 15 September 2004.

The reason why I have not given price indications for silver is that as predicted earlier, prices will be US $14 if silver crosses the US $7.95 mark and trades above it for 21 days. Investors should watch out for this price level. When it occurs, ignore world experts and technical analysts and take a risk in my name and you might hit a jackpot. Technical analysts purport to give expert advice by way of graphs and charts of upward or downward trends on TV shows and other news media only after something has already occurred. They never say what will happen a year in advance.


To me, timing is crucial and when it is wrong, a strong bull chart can turn into the opposite. Astrology concerns itself with events long before a trend can even be observed.



In 2003 I was expecting platinum prices to rise to between US $800 and US $900. However, at the time of writing this book, they had not yet reached this range but were trading at around US $735. Platinum is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is a beautiful planet, attracting many people and also liked by all. However, only a few lucky ones can touch and feel it. Many investors wanted to invest in platinum, but I feel that many of them have kept their distance. 


I recommend that investors invest in platinum for the first half of 2004 since prices will reach US $950 in the first six months. Overall, prices will touch US $1000. For those who do not want to buy platinum, they can invest in platinum stocks because they will perform very well compared to platinum prices.



I have done more research and study on palladium in 2003 and currently, it is trading at around US $190. The price will shoot up to US $400 in 2004. My advice is that you should buy palladium stocks if you get them.


In the course of the year, the price of palladium will move up three times and also drop thrice. Between 7 January and 27 March, they will rise by more than 50%. From 2 April to 24 May, they will fall. June and July they will remain stable while from 12 August to 27 December, the prices will skyrocket.



At the time of writing this book, I am really pleased to say that my predictions for copper in 2003 have been fulfilled. Prices have moved up by more than 50%. In my last book, I had predicted that:


…from March 11 to October 27, 2003, copper prices will remain high and continue to go up without a downward trend.

2003 World Prophecies, page 57.


Currently prices are trading around $90. In the year 2004, copper prices will drop by more than 20% in February. In June and July they will be volatile but from August, the prices will start rising once again and even attain a yearly high.



Oil is a very important resource in the running of world affairs and for our day to day business. It is used in generating energy and thousands of by-products are derived from it. Many Islamic countries have huge reserves of this product, and this is why I have said that they will thrive and prosper because of oil. Oil and gold ought to be the two key areas in which long term investors should focus on in this century. In 2004, I expect oil prices to reach US $50 per barrel and up to US $100 per barrel within the next 30 months. The following twelve and a half years will witness a continuous rise of oil prices because of planet Saturn.


I have said before and still stand by my prediction that some kind of currency or bond related to oil will be released.


Many people believe that the Middle East issue is a major factor in price movements. When the Iraq war began, oil prices dropped but at the end of the war they stabilised. In the year 2004, I foresee the worst crisis looming in the Middle East region. This crisis will inevitably lead to high oil prices. Apart from this factor, Saturn also plays a key role in the movement of oil prices, with Mars contributing to their volatility.


Oil prices were very volatile in 2003. They were very high in the early months of the year, but they dropped drastically towards the middle of the year. The year 2004 shows a completely different scenario. The oil prices will gradually move up until 22 June, after which they will gain hugely, making a dramatic leap of between 40% and 60% for the rest of the year.


This all above sections is from book “2004 World & Financial Prophecy”.

It is illegal to reproduce or print in other format without my knowledge or writing permision.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma