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Today's Trade & News

Small part of this week newsletter.....

This is a personal message to all my readers.


Dear Members,

Let me once again start this newsletter with an important issue on which the world seems to be concerned about at this stage. It is a good thing that many governments, politicians and business communities seem to have realized that the issue requires urgent attention. It may be a little late, but the important thing is that we have finally awoken. I am talking about the issue of global warming. For the last four years, I have been speaking about this and encouraging the utilization of alternative energy sources. By using other sources to meet our daily requirements and run world industries, we can be in harmony in nature and safeguard the existence of future generations.


In two monthsí time, Saturn will be in the house of fire and will show dangerous signs within two years. There will be climatic changes that are likely to result in some horrific experiences and the world will witness weather related calamities. I am quite worried and do not know how bad it will be. The only thing that we can do at this stage is to create awareness of the danger and pray that nothing drastic happens to our beautiful planet as millions of lives could be at risk.


I feel selfishness to advise people to buy alternative energy stocks or invest in alternative energy since they will make fortunes by taking advantage of it, but we must support this area to save the world from disaster.


I see the whole world jumping into this investment area from next year. The rise of serious alternative energy stock companies will be more than that in technology, gold or silver stocks. This is what I see and feel and since I am just a messenger, it is my duty to share it with you whether I become right or wrong. At least I am open book and I would like to remain so.


I was a young boy when I first began reading peopleís charts. The story of Nostradamus was the inspiration that steered me to start predicting about world and geopolitical events, as well as natural disasters, in addition to predicting the fate of famous personalities. Nature has supported me and many people around the globe have respected me, but many threats also came. This was especially in regard to not writing about politicians, wars, attacks or about religious groups. This was the time that I started to fully divert my interest to predicting about the world financial markets. Since then I have been actively involved in this work. It has now almost been nine years since I started writing about geopolitical situations and world affairs. Most of you know that after 2004 I have not published any book or any major predictions about world affairs. I donít know if I am being fair to my gift or not, but I am searching for an answer and will soon have it.


You are like my family and even though I donít know many of you personally, you are my friends and I have always felt like sharing whatever comes to my mind, heart and soul. I have close friends that are leaders in their countries, powerful agencies and others who are fabulously wealthy, but today I feel a little different. It is like the world is coming to an end and I am wondering how I can play even a small role to avert a coming disaster. This is why I have decided to ask you to do what you can to protect the world from global warming. You can do this by writing about it, speaking out and sharing with others about it. Plant trees and avoid activities that are harmful to nature. 


I will start by writing to heads of government in various countries and other influential people that I know in order to talk to them about the issue. I wish to end the topic here, but I leave the decision in your hands though I will be reminding you from time to time.





This week gold will have a negative time except on Monday. I donít recommend that you hold any position in gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc and palladium.


Sell Monday in New York in rising.


All these metals could fall more than three percent, therefore trade accordingly.


This week gold can drop to $664.80 and silver $12.85.



A weak trend will start from Tuesday and a major correction will occur in all markets during this week. European and Asian markets will be shaken by a sharp fall.


Planet Venus is saying that a sharp correction of twelve percent is on the cards from this week. I see all major markets likely to fall more than four percent.


Those who donít want to take risks can hedge their positions by buying in the USA market as well as alternative energy stocks.



This week bond prices will fall sharply and therefore one can take a short position. Those who have short on my recommendation can hold their position for some time.



All three commodities have shown signs and I see them rising from current levels. Any weak trend on Monday or Tuesday can therefore be taken as a buying opportunity. One can go aggressive on coffee and cotton from Thursday, as a sharp rise is on the way.



All three soft commodities will have an uncertain time, therefore no buying is recommended. Avoid any new positions and take a short position in orange juice.



This week grain prices will remain side way but they will be on the weaker side. A RISING should therefore be taken as a selling opportunity in Soy and wheat. Corn will remain weak and a sharp rise can be taken as a selling opportunity. One can buy in a sharp correction, but only for a short period.


I see a sharp correction on Thursday  in grains prices, therefore watch this prediction and trade accordingly.



Last week oil remained weak as predicted and this week should trade weak as well. An upward trend will come on Monday and Tuesday, but will fall sharply from Thursday, therefore donít hold any buying position after Tuesday.  Sell RB gas, Heating oil and crude on Tuesdayís rising.


Cover all short positions on Friday before the market closes as I see some bad news in the Middle East during the weekend, or some negative news that may support oil.


Oil can drop to $60.80.



The US dollar finally stabilized last week, and those who have been buying can hold on without any fear. This week I see a sharp correction in the British pound, Australian dollar as well as in the Canadian dollar. They could fall more than three percent.


The Japanese Yen and the Swiss franc will remain stable; therefore donít short these two currencies against the US dollar. The Euro will trade in a mixed trend, but for sure on the weaker side.


This week I see the June dollar index crossing $82.5.

The Australian dollar is coming down to $80.10 and the pound will fall up to $1.9650.


We must therefore pray that it doesnít take place.


My best trades are at this stage are:

ō      Buy the dollar

ō      Sell the stock market

ō      I am not doing anything in metals (Sell metals and metal stocks), oil or grains, but I shall for sure add coffee.  

ō      Buy alternative energy stocks.


I am increasing newsletter subscription price and from next week you will see new newsletter with detail of all trades in commodities, currencies, stock market and stocks. 

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma 6 May 2007