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Small part of this week newsletter is here for free those who can't affoard...election won't effect the market..

Dear Members,

To begin with, I would like to say that am focusing a great deal on planetary movements in addition to doing a lot of meditation, in order to provide you better and improved service. Improved accuracy on my part will translate into enhanced success in your investment. In life, each person must always strive to do his best to attain success in accomplishing their goals. However, it is also necessary to recognize the important role that time and destiny plays in our affairs. It is erroneous to think that one can achieve success solely as a result of his or her intelligence. In times of negativity, it only takes a small slip up to bring many years of hard work tumbling down. One should therefore never ignore a mistake, as that could mean overlooking an imminent negative wave and thereafter being caught unawares. Whenever things are not running as anticipated, I recommend that one works with the self. When the right decisions are not forthcoming or things go against you, the best thing to do is to take a break and think deeply about the entire situation and you may find many answers. This process is part of meditation and it helps to give a balanced and healthy perspective of issues so that one can clearly see the answers. I believe that in life, a positive and deep thinking process always helps to clear up issues, and one must therefore never allow negativity to rule their lives.


The control of emotion, fear and greed will take you far ahead in life. When I look back, I find that there are many times when fear, greed and emotion would take over. A critical look at such times clearly shows that I was not the same person, but I have since strongly risen above all those things and have only one mission; and that is how I can guide you more accurately. I want you to be the most successful trader or investor you can become. I always try to speak of what I see and whatever is going on in my life, since I would like to be like an open book that everyone can read. For instance, major changes took place in my life in the previous weekend, and all happened for good reason.


I would like to say that following a good or bad Karmic path always has consequences. It does not matter how long it takes for the results to be manifested, but they always come. We either achieve success or we receive punishment, irrespective of who we are, whether it is Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden or George Bush. Our Bad deeds bring unhappiness in life either through family strife, health challenges, or through other means, but the result has to come. For instance, today Saddam Hussein got his punishment for the deed of killing innocent people over twenty years back. Any Bad karma he must have committed has come to haunt him, having lost his own children and now the pronouncement of his death sentence. It doesnít matter how the punishment was delivered or whoever its messenger is; whether it is because of George Bush or the intelligence agencies, or indeed any other reason. The important point is that he must pay the price of following his karmic path. I also felt bad when I first heard the news of his death sentence but that doesnít help; everyone must take what is coming to him according to how one has chosen to lead his life. It is quite interesting to analyze what Saddam was and what he had become and contrast it with how everything has ended up for him. At whatever level we are, we should live happily and it doesnít matter if we canít or wonít do some good; just avoid any ill which may cause unhappiness and harm to another person. At the end of the day, we reap what we sow.


Before I go back to the main subject of the world financial markets, I would like to thank you for reading all preceding section. I feel that everything in life is not about money, and these are just my views. I hope that I do not upset anyone when I write something unrelated to the markets from time to time. If there is someone who is unhappy with this, please feel free to write to me and I shall consider not including such views from my weekly financial newsletter.


I have been trying to read and understand major changes in planetary movements which took place in the last two weeks of October, and you have been waiting for me to give new direction These changes will have a major impact on the future trend of many markets, commodities, currencies as well as geo-political events. I attach a lot of importance to major changes, for instance this new century started with a new trend for the commodity market, and I advised accumulation. The trend usually changes after every five years, and it either becomes very volatile or takes to a new direction: this could be towards a new historic high or the end of a bull market.


One thing is sure; the end of the bull market in oil, and it will not be able to see $80 a barrel again. In August I very clearly warned that $80 would be the high for crude oil and one should sell. The end of the bull market in oil has come, but it doesnít mean that oil will never rise again. Many times technical factors or supply and demand as well as geo-political issues could result in short-term rallies, but the bull market which started in 2001 has ended in oil.


The grains market is in a long-term bull market. Prices of grains will be extraordinary and though they may move down a little in the short term, they should touch historic prices.


The bull market will remain in the Dow but I see a negative trend in the European market so be very careful as the market could have a sharp weak trend from 17 November. The USA market will also fall after 17 November but it will recover faster.





On Monday all metals will open positively..


The maximum that gold can go is up to $629.80, and it will come back sharply down, so selling is recommended at higher levels...


Silver will trade weakly during this week therefore avoid it. The trading range for silver will be...


On Wednesday we shall see volatility in gold and silver.


My daily update will guide you more on gold and silver.


It is a great opportunity to sell copper, platinum and palladium because they could fall quite sharply. Stay short in these side metals. Sell platinum around $1200 and copper around $333.



Donít short the market if democrats win this weekís elections. If a weak trend follows a democratic win, then you should be a buyer....



This week bonds should trade..



December coffee should reach towards $115 during this week and one should book profit if it reaches $118...



As for cotton, it should trade sideway..



Both commodities are in a negative trend..



The bull market is still not over in grains therefore donít short.


This Monday could have a sideway trend, but Tuesday is the day to accumulate for day trading if they are trading weak. However you must trade with stop-loss.


Wheat will remain sideway or positive this week, but corn and soy may trade with huge volatility. Trade carefully.



For the first three days.. 



This week the dollar will remain...


Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra, Sunday 5 November



Dear Friends,

Metals are trading in the range but we won't do anything in a hurry. Stay away from metals. Side metals could also very sharply fall today. Gold has to break $629.80 for it to move up, while silver must break $12.65.


On Tuesday the US Dollar remained weak ahead of the US vote BUT it thereafter made impressive gains from lows. We added at low and will be buying more. We will also sell side currencies. Once again, buying the dollar at $85 will prove to be a great benefit.  


Grains are in a fire mood and that is why we have not recommended a short position in it. Don't short grains, and one can always buy at lows. I see that a selling opportunity may come on Thursday in mid-day. Till Tuesday, the planets were indicating a weak trend but from Wednesday mid day I recommended buying. One can therefore buy a small quantity and look for three percent gains. However, one should not hold long position if it fails to close positively.


Coffee is very near to a major turn around.


The stock market is in a bull trend and should remain in a bull cycle for sometime, and one should therefore not short the market. I was expecting a weak trend on Tuesday but the market remained positive. What I expected on Tuesday may come on Wednesday, but one thing you must remember is that the markets are in a rising cycle and that Saturn is in support. 

Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra, Tuesday