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Small part from this week newsletter, Metals and energy to fall sharply, US Dollar toward new high Dow will bottom out at 10500...

Dear Members,
Wall street is getting hit by worst cycle but I am worried about other part of world if this problem spread to other countries. As I mentioned in this week letter " From the beginning of the year, Jupiter and Saturn have been playing a critical role in banks and currencies: their damaging influence on the banking industry, loan, finance and mortgage institutions as well as currency value is clear. These will continue to be in danger; hence the need for caution as it is very difficult to anticipate the moves of Saturn. It is however clear that Saturn currently has a soft spot for the USD. No matter what happens to the USA economy, Saturn will ensure that the Dollar survives. This is to say that one need not dwell too much on understanding the micro economy or fundamentals of the USD because its trend is firmly in the hands of Saturn. So far no one has ever won in a confrontation with Saturn for the last 3600 years; hence I am very confident about this prediction.


After the USD, Saturn is next set to take control of the USA market and wreck havoc on other nations. We therefore pray that financial problems donít grow in other parts of the world; otherwise the world economy could face severe strain and even collapse. The only one likely to remain standing will be the USA." 


I have been constantly worried about financial problems on wall-street and main street but more worried about international scenario as many countries and many key world currencies can collapsed like any thing.


Point to be note: USA market as well as USA financial industries is in turmoil but why US Dollar is not collapsing? why it is still around 78? there are many hidden reason behind this that is why we were buying USD and we are holding USD. If I write reason here many will take retirement from all markets, even from metal market (so called safe haven). Any way this is a small update so lets see here once again:


In this week newsletter we predicted fall in oil, metals and other commodities from Monday and except gold (even gold will fall) everything has fallen down as predicted, side metals have came down sharply. Silver and copper are ready to fall big from Tuesday.


I don't recommend to hold or buying in metals position at this stage because even metals can move down as predicted in newsletter from Today. Gold is not trading safe, it is just moving volatile on the news of financial termoil, today low was $865 and high was $920. Don't buy gold at this stage, if you want to sell metals then sell all side metals. Those who wants to short gold must put stoploss around $933. Down side soon gold will see again $800 but before that any thing is possible on upper side in financial termoil news. I will sell gold here but with stoploss.


Oil has touched low side target as predicted in newsletter and our next target is $81.80.


Grains and all side commodities will fall as mentioned in newsletter.


Sell international market and buy US market as hedge position because in term of currency you will gain lot by end of year because of USD. We called Dow to bottom out around 10500 so one should load position in Dow from Tuesday.


Once again you must read one more time this week newsletter and if you are not a member, please subscribe because cost of newsletter is just like you spend on coffee in a day. Subscribe newsletter


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, Monday, USA EST 6.12 PM