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SILVER TOWARD $11.90 TO 18.90, High volatile period for metals

MY FOUR MONTHS IS NOT STILL OVER, READ BELOW ALERT NEWS WHICH I SENT YOU ON THE 14TH OCT. SILVER STARTED RISING FROM 23rd OCT AND WE ARE IN SECOND MONTH. At the resent I will read $7.85 not $8.85 because this what is matching with the current movement and it traded above $7.85 for two days. Since yesterday it started collapsing and may this down ward trend will end on 3rd days (Friday).
I am extremely bullish on the future outlook of silver. All the figures are written by me in consciousness and full awareness stage of mind and for your information I don't take alcohol so I was 100% aware, what I was writing.
Tomorrow (Friday) half day can remain uncertain for metals and than start rising in New York. 
Thanks & GOD Bless, Mahendra
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From: mahendra
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2004 11:44 AM

Yesterday I promised that I would predict medium term outlook on silver prices movement.
Astrological calculation shows that silver can rise very aggressively from 23 October 2004 and in next 4 months it can reach $11.90. Now is important that how you should make decision when it start moving up and going higher and higher.
By Mid December of 2004 it should cross $9.00 (read $8.00) (may be two weeks early or late)
1. If it trade above $8.85 ($7.85) for two days and come down for three days and on fourth day if price crosses above again $8.85 ($7.85) means sure going to $11.90 and not coming back below $9.20 in next year.
2. If silver prices cross $8.85 and start moves up without coming down on third day will be negative for silver because after touching $11.90 it collapse to $8.20 quite fast and during that time many trader can by wipe-out financially.
3. If silver act as I said in number one point than I see silver prices touch $18.90 and ending up going to $37.50 before middle of....(this I am keeping but I will write once it touch $11.90).
My weekly newsletter will guide you very closely on silver movements. Also I am writing in detail in my coming book.
Thanks & God Bless
Dear Friends,
This is my alert news which I sent today morning to all my members.
Dear Members,
As expected the fear of strong dollar has enter in metal market like a fire. All the people those who favour's metal are having big question mark and nobody has a clue on next move from here.
Gold came down to $437 and silver $7.00. Dollar fear from my mind is also gone after today's decline as expected because I was knowing that 98 percent metal investor's will come to sell as soon as dollar start gaining and that's happen today, that's call external forces.
My view on metal has not change at all but may be few days this uncertain move will remain in metal market or metal investor's mind. After this I see gold is moving toward to $478 to $498 and silver $9 in a few weeks.
METAL STOCKS LOOKS VERY INTERESTING AND THEY WILL HAVE MOVE LIKE TECHNOLOGY STOCK DID FROM 1997 TO 1999. When I recommended buying technology stocks in 1996 to my follower were sceptic but  that prediction made many investor's millionaire.
This is not just a alert news but this a key advise to all my members and they should keep one thing in mind that dollar move will not decide future trend of gold. I just predict what I see and I don't see negative for metals in medium and long term.
My outlook on coffee and stock market remain same.
Avoid currency trading because they can go eitherway like oil I stated when it was at $53.
Thanks & GOD Bless
Mahendra, 8 Dec 09.00 Chicago time
Last week newsletter indicated this volatile trend.
Small part from my newsletter.
I decided to write a very important note before I start writing this weeks newsletter. I foresee that in the coming period many investor, experts, chartists, analyzers and well-known traders will make non-revertible mistakes to understand the future coming trends in metals, grains, coffee, oil and stock market because a new hidden wave which started two months back and I am today giving name "blind wave or invisible wave." This period will remain for the next 39 months and during this period ninety percent of the market experts will do big blunder in trading as well as advising investor's.
So, please trade carefully for the next 39 months during "Blind-WAVE period", I am very excited about this period and I will be there to guide you (if nature allows me to stay).
This from last week newsletter:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of all annalist and experts are saying "Gold is gaining because of the weakness of USA Dollar" but soon gold will prove them wrong by gaining strongly against YEN, POUND, EURO, USD and all other world currencies. During the current period it may take a few weeks to happen because everybody will start selling gold when dollar starts gaining (you can call this as external forces).


During this week USD will try to gain and that may put a little bit of negative impact on gold. During this week in the worst case gold can fall down up to $443 or I don't see gold going down below $437 in near future and up side I am waiting for my next price target of $478.


RECOMMENDATION: One can book PARTLY profit in gold and gold stocks on rising because after this Friday a small correction will come.  





SHORT TERM - HIGH VOLATILITY IS COMING ANY TIME. I already mentioned this in my last week’s alert news.