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Yesterday I promised that I would predict medium term outlook on silver prices movement.
Astrological calculation shows that silver can rise very aggressively from 23 October 2004 and in next 4 months it can reach $11.90. Now is important that how you should make decision when it start moving up and going higher and higher.
By Mid December of 2004 it should cross $9.00.
My weekly newsletter will guide you very closely on silver movements. Also I am writing in detail in my coming book.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra (14 Oct 2004)

From Bill Murphy:

Had a nice chat with my friend Mahendra right BEFORE the markets turned. Some of his timing has been a bit off (and I mean only a bit compared to anyone else calling markets in the world), however his big picture calls have been remarkable. Besides, don't know anyone like him. Can't find a second place. He foresaw trouble this week for copper, silver and gold and we got it. Anyway, here is what he is thinking and predicting:

*The corrections in the metals is basically over.
*The big, big, big money in the world wants IN on the coming gold and silver moves. Some of The Gold Cartel types too. They want the specs out at these levels so they can buy.
*$448 gold is still in the cards and it is only weeks away.
*What really has him going is silver. Going to leave the investing world speechless, according to my seer friend. Price will double in the months to come. Tells me I should load the boat and get ready to buy a hacienda in months. Tomorrow, he is going to make his price predictions to his subscribers.