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Today's Trade & News

Short term buying in commodities as from Tuesday they will rise..

Dear Members,
In this week's weekly newsletter, I advised buying metals, energy and markets on Monday during the weakness and I am sure many may have taken the positions.
On Tuesday we will see recovering during New York's trading session in metals and Dow but must remember that I am predicting weakness in commodities any time from Friday this week, so trade carefully. Astrologically, 19 November was the key day, and yes commodities gave a weak sign so the long-term outlook is very dangerous as anticipated. 
One can take a short term buying position in metals, Euro, Pound and stock markets from today. Tuesday Euro shall move to new high against Dollar.
The major bull market in dollar is on the way after Euro's new high on Tuesday.
Grains will enter in medium and long term bear market.
Buy alternative energy stocks - ALTI, GRSR, ENER, ENEI, TSL, LDK and a very small solar company which can make good money TSSP trading at .0014 and has revenue. Recently our favorite stocks have done well - ESLR, CSIQ SPIR.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Monday 7.00PM