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Saturn will transit from leo to virgo at 14.30 New york time,

Dear Members,

Saturn transit in Virgo from 09/09/09 in Vedic astrological calendar:


Saturn is a key planet for financial markets because its provide longer term directions but it is very important to judge the results of each zodiac sign from where Saturn transits. On 9/9/9 at 23.59 Mumbai Time, Saturn will be changing house from Leo to Virgo. Planet Saturn is known for new direction, revolution or major changes.


If its goes against any thing it destroy that area, like Saturn destroy bull in 1929 and created history of great crash/depression of 1929, if it goes with bull, like it supported technology from 1997-2000 March, created unique known tech bubble because that time Saturn was moving from house of Mars (Arise) and we all aware that Arise represent new technology and without any hard work in 1996 we were able to predict a bubble in technology. After that bubble and crash prediction a large financial community satrted to believe in our theory. Technology collapsed once Saturn moved out from house technology (Arise) and we were able to predict burst of dot com well in advance.


From 2002 Saturn entered in house of all basic need and below earth, and we predicted a great bubble in commodities like grains, oil and metals. Saturn moving in house of water and liquid which is Cancer (Karka) gave a birth to new bubble in oil from Mid 2005 to 2007, In financial market water or liquid is oil so again our job became very simple.


From mid 2007 to September 2009, Saturn remained in the house of Leo, and Leo is like lion and sign of fire, and both lion/fire are unpredictable. World investors community saw great rise in all major markets (stocks, commodities and currencies), then great fall came in and now again sharp rise, all these happened in the last thirty months. No one had clue whatís happening, one staged it looked like BSE would move to 30000 and other indexes like HONG Kong and European markets were on fire but then crash came in early 2008 and early this year market were behaving that there wouldnít be any rise in near future but after 7 March everything turned around and before Saturn changes the house on 9/9/9 everything looks great again (isnít this last thirty months cycle were unpredictable?). Because of Saturn we were able to predict rise, fall and rise of last thirty months for all major markets. Leo Saturn also favored Gold and gold become everyone darling but road ahead is bumpy.


Saturn from Leo to Virgo from 9/9/9:


Mid night Indian time or 14.29 PM New York time on 9 September, According to Vedic astrology Saturn will be changing house from Leo to Virgo. Saturn in Virgo will create shortfall in Grains so next thirty months grains, cotton, sugar, coffee, fruits, agri-commodities and vegetable prices will sky rocket. Next thirty months will be also good for alternative energy area.


Stock market will stabilized in the next thirty months and I am not predicting any great rise from here because market will stuck in trading zone from here. Initial trend will be weaker any time from 10 September 2009. Next thirty months will bring stable returns to investor and for speculator time wonít be good. New policy from Fed and central bank will come out, which may cool down markets activity. They will stop stimulation package and investors will react to this news and we may see sharp fall in all major stock markets from last week of September and this fall will continue until 15 March 2010. After that period Saturn will play a independent role and all market will start moving up but before 15 March I donít see positive period for market all major stock markets.


Most of people those who follows our work remembers that we call 7 of March bottom of market because we saw lion roaring and now from 9/9/9 Lion or Fire will go away mean every thing will cool down. Precious metals will also fall in the next thirty months, we see Saturn bring gold to $550 which looks impossible at this stage but that is the nature of Saturn, in the book of Saturn nothing is impossible those who understand the behavior of planetary movement and specially when Saturn is on frontline the we should trade carefully. In short I am predicting investors will get tired because no clear direction in all major markets, one day they will behave positive and next day negative, slow trading and less activity will be responsible for sideway of all markets in the next thirty months.



Virgo Saturn will be also good for media, publishers, student, teachers but negative for farmers, Animal, female and northern Hampshire.


Positive for people name starting with initial B, M, N, Y, J and negative for R, T, P. Saturn represent color sky blue so R, T, P people should avoid blue color other should wear blue.   


In our previous interview we mentioned that if stock market doesnít fall after eclipse on 22 July then from end of September sharp fall would occurred in all major stock markets and this would remain very intense in the months of October 2009. This is also matching will 9/9/9 Saturn move so from our side we will advise investors to remain very cautious from 9/9/9 to 31/10/2009.


Todayís trading strategy:

Overall trend in metals will remain weak, copper will move down sharply and other metals will trade with uncertainity.


Currencies will remain volatile and final time we will see huge volatility before Dollar start new journey late today or from tomorrow, which will be beyond investorís imagination.


Grain will remain weak but soon buying time is coming,


Soft commodities like cotton, cocoa, sugar and coffee will remain stable

Oil will start losing value from  here but natural gas will remain upbeat as we predicted. In the last three trading session natural gas have moved up more than 20%.


Over all next thirty months will remain peaceful for the world


Today is final day for stock market to remain up but from 10 Sepetmber we want to see that how Dow able to hold gains. From end of Sepetmber or first week of October mini crash is coming in indexes.


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Thanks & GOD BLESS

Mahendra Sharma, Wednesday, 6.00 am