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S&P testing 5000 as predicted in book, buy these two stocks and special price is ending today, final price will be $2925 for 2024 Financial Predictions book..

Dear Members, 

The bottom out in the market that took place on the 26th of October 2023 was an uncanny prediction. The same day also predicted that the S&P would test 5000 in a non-stop rally and the NASDAQ 18000 from the 4th of November. After making this prediction I received many emails telling me that I must be joking, and asking how this would be possible as at that time the market sentiment was very negative. The day I made this prediction the S&P was at 4103 and the NASDAQ was trading at 14061. Right now, the S&P is at 4950 and the NASDAQ is at 17655. In the first cycle predictions of S&P reaching 5000 will fulfill today as predicted.

My view was so bullish only because we believed in the Waves of Nature and the Astro Cycles, and that’s the reason we recommended buying SOXL, TQQQ, NVDA, SMCI, PLTR, AMD, MSFT, AMZN, META, and ARM. My theory and career were at stake, but we fearlessly made this prediction as we have always done because that is how much I trust this theory.

This week we predicted an extremely bullish trend in the market and so far most of the recommended stocks like PLTR, CFLT, ARM, and MPWR gained significant value after their earnings as predicted.

2024 Financial Predictions is our 18th book, and readers of the book have been in disbelief about how accurate each of the predictions that were made for January was. They have been sending me wonderful emails, and their kind words have made me very joyful and emotional. I show my gratitude to my readers and to nature. Once again, my note is that Nature was narrating, and I just played the role of the typist. I always keep a special price for my book, for the first three weeks after its release, and I give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of this price. On Friday our book price will finally rise from $1551 to $2925. Those who would like to acquire a copy have another 48 hours to do so. These new prices will be effective from mid-day Friday. 

Buy NET and DXCM, they will announce earnings today.

Please click the below link to learn more about the book, to buy or put a review:

Thanks & God Bless, 


Mahendra Sharma