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Rise in metals and Bangladesh will be under water

Dear Friends,


I was expecting high volatility in Gold and Silver on Monday but it looks like it’s happening today. Silver is at $6.32 and Gold is at $401.20. My advice is that you should buy in the last one hour of trading session in New York. I see a very strong rally coming in gold and silver. Silver is soon approaching $7.20.


Stock markets are going into a major down ward trend. I am expecting that in the next 22 months DOW Jones will stabilize at around the 5600 level.


For the next few weeks Euro, Pound, Australian Dollar look very interesting.


Coffee prices will move up any time during this week.


The worst time for world peace will start from 24, July 2004 and will end on 4 August.


My book says: In the month of July 2004 the world’s worst natural disaster will occur in Bangladesh and 75% territory will be under water. The whole country’s infrastructure may be severely destroyed. We must pray and request Lord Indra (Lord of the rain according to Vedas) not to send too much rain.


Thanks & God Bless