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Religion, God, nature and we human...small part of weekly letter...

Dear Members,

This week when we wake up on Monday during Europe and USA time, three short term important planets will have already moved into a powerful Astro time cycle and they will try their best to remove the dark cloud of Corona virus. The Astro cycle is a fascinating subject and it will be very difficult to master, but surely you can feel and reveal more of the mystery if you adopt the awareness of self being. In this long process of understanding the Astro cycles, nature, god, and religion, I have been finding that religions were only made to keep the community close. It does teach us some good values, but apart from that it doesn’t help with any inner growth in any direction. In fact, running after the religion or greater belief in religion brings fanaticism, extremism, and confusion because we narrow our path and closes our mental door of understand to all the other powers of exists in nature and the existence of god because you run after a religion that has been created by humans in olden time, and the Gods we worship within the religion has also been created by humans in olden time as well. It is time for modification in religion other wise we will be running around without any clue and we will keep trying or running around to prove our religion better than other which is so sickening. Yes, we can adopt good value and can keep adding more great value to improvising in the religion institute to make more realistic and acceptable to new generations. My understand of religions is just a way of life or to represent a certain group/Community of people which is call religion, this is nothing to do with God. Nature existed before all our different religions got born and religions Gods were born.    

HOWEVER, when we try to understand nature at the same time, a journey begins to understand our existence and relationship with God. “We have to understand that God is a name that has just been given by us”. God is not a concept that can only be externally experienced in temples, Churches, Mosque’s, or idols, because in my ways God part of us, it is within us, and everywhere in nature. A few weeks ago, we stated that God is in every particle of nature, God is in every breath we take, so to meet or to know God, one can just look within ourselves because we are a very small particle of God, which means we are part of nature. We don’t need to go to temple to see God for few minutes, we can see God 24/7 within us or in the nature around us.

I feel blessed that I am slowly losing my connection to religion, because it was like jailing or putting a limitation, on my understanding and connection to god. Since I slowly started branching out from concept of religion, I feel more connected to nature, I feel more freedom, I feel that I may have limitless opportunity to grow myself to understand nature, because religion was putting boundaries around me. This is way I am thinking, and I don’t want to impose my way of thinking on anyone, surely, I am just putting out my viewpoints.  

My spiritual journey is beginning, and after three years from now I will probably be spending more than 80 to 90% of my time with myself on the journey of awakening “because God is within us”, I am sure that journey will be most beautiful and I am excited about it.

Let’s talk about financial market: We are in a pandemic, and whole world is still at a standstill from all angles, because nothing is working as smoothly as it did during 2019 or before. In 2020 it looked like the trains were on a normal path and then suddenly changed their route and going into darkness. We are not aware whether this train will come and meet the original track or not, or whether it will adopt a completely new route and we have to adopt to this new route which represents a completely new way of life. This is my general perception, but now let’s talk about the planetary combinations in the current time cycle and see what it indicates:

In the month of March, we already predicted that September would bring news of a Vaccine, and today we once again confirm that the Vaccine will be out in the month of September.

The second prediction that we already made at the same time was that we will all be able to celebrate Christmas with friends and family which means that the world will start becoming a normal place. 

On Sunday the 16th of August; The Sun and Mars will be changing their houses. The Sun will be moving into Leo and Mars in Aries, and both these planets will be moving into the zodiac signs they represent. Both these planets have the power to fight negativity, and currently they can get rid of the dark cloud because they both are in their own houses and will have a most powerful Astro combination with Jupiter. Mercury will also change on Monday morning in Asia, so this will also be supportive for good news.

We would like to see the North Node changing its house from Gemini to Taurus which will happen on the 23rd of September 2020, which means that a Vaccine could announced around this date.

On April 6, 2021 when Jupiter moves to Aquarius that will be the day when globally things become 100% normal like they were in 2019 and before. The end of any restriction and fear of Corona will go away 100%. Thanks to the Astro cycles we are able to predict this, otherwise we will still be sitting in darkness about what will happen in the world in the future coming time.

Financial market:

From this week we are entering a volatile cycle as per our book “2020 Financial Predictions”. Volatility doesn’t mean it will be bad for everyone, but surely the market may move up and down. Metals may also move sharply higher but can have short term fall on Vaccine news. Oil market can get some support after the Vaccine and surely companies that announces Vaccine may hit a jackpot.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech have a great future, and the world will change for the betterment. We may keep having problems with unemployment because we are going autonomous and the government need to support people without jobs, so new policy may be implemented in the coming years because the world is changing and it is changing fast after Corona Virus. 

Last week metals traded in a volatile trend on both sides as predicted, in the weekly newsletter we recommended staying away and buying back on Friday which proven great advice as gold came down from $2075, silver $30.00 platinum $1037. The markets moved sharply higher. S&P achieved our higher side target of 3393 level, currencies moved both sides, and grains started recovering value from the lower sides.

In our book “2020 Financial Predictions” we mentioned in stock market sections, I think I was fantastic predictions guided us by astro cycle:

Sixth Cycle: From the 1st of July to the 16th of August

Once again, this will be a very bullish cycle for the market, so stock and equity prices will gradually start moving higher. I strongly recommend start buying tech, financial, and biotech stocks. Some aggressive movements will come in these sectors, and if I am not mistaken in my readings of the Astro cycles, all the major global market will hit an all-time high. This is especially true for the US and India. Europe and Japan will also move higher, and China will also trade positively.

This is a fantastic cycle to make a great amount of money in tech and biotech stocks. Mining stocks will also gain handsome value during this period, so buy mining ETF’s like NUGT of JNUG. You can also by tech and biotech ETF’s like SOXY and LABU.

Let me talk about every area of the financial market in detail below in the individual sections, so here is this week’s Weekly Financial Newsletter from the 17th-21st of August 2020: Please subscribe to read complete financial letter...

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma