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Rainbow Friday not black Friday - more on this week world financial market

Dear Members,

There is reason that is why I have been predicting and recommending on Metals and oil since last three years. There was reason when I predicted a great rise in technology in 1996 for three years and again for short term rise in 2003. At the present there is a very strong astrological reason that is why I have been advising my clients to get out from stock market since July 2004. Time always gives precursor well in advance so one can plan and get ready for oncoming events. I am just doing that job that is why all my last fifteen years clients and friends are still following my work with great interest.


Letís see what this week says: (20 September to 24 September)


I am just sending you unedited newsletter because according to astrology Sunday and Monday are negative days so normally I don't do any thing (including making prediction) whenever unhelpful planetary combination comes.


Interest Rate: These kind events put impacts only for short term and times only follows long wave indicating so my recombinationís that donít follow too much interest rate decision because it is short lives. 


AVOID MONDAY: Don't trade in market on Monday. Finish all other pending works on Monday because any financial market decisions taken on Monday will prove you wrong.


UNIQUE FRIDAY: This coming Friday is a very important day so it will be right day to enter 100% buying position in gold, silver, currencies, coffee and other commodities. Friday sell OIL and stock market and go for holidays for 27 days. 



No choice left for gold except than moving up otherwise I will be wrong and I am sure Jupiter won't do that. I am not writing in ego or fear but I am just doing what I have been told to do by my astrological study or vision.


Don't trade gold on Monday.


Gold will have a major volatility during this week so trade safely and keep enough margin money to protect your investment if it goes down for few hours. This week will be inimitable for gold because during this week gold will finally win over downward trend or I can put my third quote, first and second I said while ago:  

1. September 2001 I said re-birth of gold

2. 2002 March I said - Gold is learning how to walk because it is still young but sure soon it would make everybody to run after him.

3. ďNow Gold is ready to take over the position, which will rule the world financial market. Time and destiny has already given the authority and approval long ago, for this time (Sep 2004) and for the next 52 years so it will be very interesting to watch thisĒ.


Recommendation: Starting adding from Wednesday and make 100% by Friday.




During this week silver will remain volatile and once it breaks $6.34 level of Saturn and I am hoping to break this price level on Tuesday when Moon and Mars will have meeting on this. Trade long in silver with out fear once it cross and trade three hours above $6.34 level. I am still hopeful that soon it will reach $7.40 in the next two week.


Recombination: Long and accumulate in-between $6.07 to $6.21.



During this week copper prices should move up and once it crosses $1.3210 which I am expecting to happen on Tuesday should move up to $1.3630 during this week. 


Recommendation: One should buy on Tuesday early morning.



Both these commodities are just waiting to move up strongly. Hold your position.



All major currencies will remain very volatile during first two days but from Wednesday Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc and Japanese will rise. All these currencies will keep rising momentum also in next week, so one start taking position during this week for next week.



Last week I recommended not to trade in oil because I saw too much volatility in it and it did happened. During this week oil will remain weak on Monday and Tuesday but from late Tuesday one take position in oil and get out by Thursday or early Friday.



Monday will remain down, Tuesday mix but from Thursday market will start declining. Donít buy in good news. Experts are talking of climb by 10 to 15% of DOW but my astrological calculations are showing reverse for market. Many are sceptic on my market prediction but I am just predicting what I see in my planetary calculations and that is why it will be very interesting to watch this prediction. 

Note: Unchanged interest rate annoucment can boost market or investor's mood for one day but I am not changing my prediction on weak because this cheers will last 48 hours. So keep this in account when you trading. 


Don't ignore my prediction on market. Last week on 13 September I predcited on STOCK MARKET:

Monday will be the best day to go short all around the world stock markets because they will come into bear grips. THE BEAR TREND IS FINALLY ENTERING THE WALL STREET (DOW JONES) AND ALL BLUE-CHIP STOCKS WILL SHOW WEAKNESS. MONDAYíS LAST HOUR TRADING SESSION OR TUESDAY COULD BE THE DAY and bears will make the complete a unbreakable circle by 21st September. Though between 13 and 21, the USA market will try to fool everyone by a false rising one or two time in intraday trading or in opening or closing time. Finally the rising history of the DOW will end on 21 September. Indeed, we will not see the current index in the next 7 years. Other world financial markets like Europe and India will also start falling from this week. My advice is start selling market in small lot from money and sell every after two day till 21 September,



CORN/WHEAT/SOYBEAN- Both these commodities should have a strong rise from Thursday. Those have both can hold position in these.


COTTON - Prices of cotton will remain unwavering or bit down during this week and from next week they should rise strappingly by 15% in 20 days.


COFFEE - Prices will stab en route for a new high. Still I am waiting for my first target $98.


NOTE: Remember donít trades on Monday, best day to start trading is Friday and next twenty seven days can provide best results without doing any thing. According to planetary movement this week will give mix result to all investorís so I am not really excited about this week. Breathtaking time for metals and currencies is starting from next week.


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Thanks & God Bless


18 September 2004, 20.00 PM California