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Prediction - How Lunar Eclipse will affects all financial markets!..

Dear Members,

Moon eclipse is on Tuesday so expect some thing unusual in financial market either in last hour of Tuesday Trading or Wednesday. I recommend my members not to take any major buying position in any market as my study says that after the Eclipse next seventy two hours always remain very volatile. Moon represents water and water is most unstable element.


This time Eclipse in house of Saturn indicates huge volatility in currency market and stocks market. Commodity market won't have much immediate impact but When Moon will end transiting from House of Jupiter will give huge Volatility in Grains market because Jupiter is representing Grains and that is why Last year same time in the month of August I came up with prediction of bull market in grains. Now grains market will top out and they will enter in bear trend so time is coming soon to take short position.


Once again immediate impact of Eclipse will be on any thing which is rising and trading toward to top and those are Chinese stock market, Hong Kong Market, India market, and Chinese stocks. One can sell these markets. Also in all currencies falling under same categories so sell them. Any thing in market which is trading at lower side will get a new life like Dollar, Natural gas, Coffee, Cotton, Orange Juice and Sugar.


One can take small short position in Chinese stocks SHI, YZN, CEO, CHU, GCH, CHN, MR and CHA.


One can also sell Chinese and Asia ETF - FNI, ADRA, ADRD, GMF and PUA.


Those who want to remain bullish for Yen and Dollar can buy UUP and FXY. All above symbols which trades in USA markets.


Those who are not interested in ETF’s can sell commodity currencies and EURO. Keep adding buying position in dollar index as this kind of opportunity doesn’t come again and again.


Grains are very nearer to fall (Any time with in next week) so keep close watch on them (big money to be made here). Those who like to trades at this stage in grains can buy puts each day with small quantity in the next three days.


Cotton and Coffee came down quite sharply, I don't have any reason but it is a great opportunity to buy both this soft commodities. I am expecting in next three weeks more than 15% rise.


Sugar is also will follow bull market path from Thursday.


Natural gas will move up from Thursday.


Metals to remain side ways so, no need to hurry because I see right time coming after three weeks. At this stage they are not in safe zone so don't hold big position in them.


Oil will trade side ways so avoid new position in oil.


    Final note:

Buy dollar, coffee, sugar and cotton

Sell all currencies except Dollar


Stock markets are not safe at this stage so if one like’s to take short position can go ahead


Moon says CHINA, KOREA and INDIA are in dangerous zone so one can build short position in these market.


Once again Thursday and Friday billions of dollars can wipe-out from market remain watchful.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, Monday 8.30PM, Santa Barbara