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Dear Members,

I don’t know what financial market experts and pundits are saying concerning last week’s Thursday and Friday moves in silver, gold and metal stocks against the all currencies. Suffice is to say that it was the one move for which I have patiently waited, and on which my theory for predictions of the next four years is dependent. I must say that I was very elated because it happened on spot day after having known about it for the last 40 days. Indeed, this is what I have been looking for in anticipation of embarking onto a path that could earn you all great returns without having to trade too much. You just have to trade on the right day; book profit and wait for my next call.


I really must thank you all for your faith. Indeed, this is amply demonstrated by your patience in waiting all along. Gold and silver ignored the dollar’s move and traded on their own power and volition. To me, this was a historic movement in disconnection of relations between the dollar and the metals. Of course many will assert that the dollar went down on Thursday and that is the reason why gold acted as it did. However, this was merely coincidence since on Friday, they stayed completely apart.


Without taking too much time on this, let us now examine what the week indicates:





For this week, gold will move up step by step. It will remain stable on Monday and it will then rise from Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. It is poised to be directionless on Thursday but don't sell. The range for gold this week will be $418.30 to 428.80.


Gold stocks rallied last week and indeed the same will occur during this week. On Thursday and Friday, South African stocks remained quite hot and they will continue to illustrate their power this week.


Let me confirm and remind you once again that gold will ignore the movement of the US dollar.



Silver was on the march as though the morrow would never dawn. Well, this may explain why it is my favourite for 2005. Indeed, this was just a trailer because the main show is about to begin. There is a reason behind this and that is why I have been recommending putting more than 50% of your money into it. Oh Yes, Silver will outshine gold and I can see that many powerful people are after that.


In the past, silver has always dropped quite fast after rising. However, this is a situation that I don’t see arising in the future. One can sell holding positions at a higher level but don’t make the mistake of shorting it even if it reaches $8.50 or $9.00. 


This week silver will trade between $7.02 and $7.42.




During this week, palladium prices are poised to remain stable but a strong upward movement will be witnessed from the third week of February.



ONCE AGAIN I hold the same prediction as last week - Stay away from both of these metals. Do not hold any positions (buying or selling) in them as they will remain most volatile.



Oil will be stable for the first two days of this week but I still won’t recommend any buying. Stay out of buying positions while Oil stocks will soon have a major crash- may be in a few days.



The rising momentum shall be continually maintained for another two or three days. I see a major crash of equity right around the corner and you should therefore get out from stocks like oil, internet, home building and retailers since they will be the first ones to crumble. Watch Wednesday of this week or the next as the crash sign may come on this day. My alert news on crash is already ready to send you but just waiting for right to send you, "on that day start shorting market from morning bell to till closing bell."


LAST WEEK I SAID; A great time to short the market is soon coming on top high and it will be like Jessie Livermore’s right selling day back in 1929 CRASH. Within 20 days (NOW 13 DAYS), you may receive my alert to "GO SHORT" because I see an end of an era for the USA and European stock Market.



All major currencies will remain directionless including the US Dollar and my recommendation is that you therefore avoid currency trading for this week. 


A nine day period is soon coming when the dollar shall rapidly go down, albeit artificially. I shall give you the timing for this in next week’s newsletter. You all know that my short term prediction for the next five months are in favour of US Dollar.



Once again, it hit a new high last week. A time is now coming from Thursday when coffee will take a small break before it can move towards a new high. Therefore, on Thursday one can sell holding positions in it and wait for my next recommendation.



This is what I said in last week’s newsletter “What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy in part on Thursday and Friday. I see a great rise coming from next week.”  Yes, I expect the rise from this week and so those who have not bought can take position in it.



This is what I mentioned in my last week newsletter and holding same recommendation for this week. Corn could give stable returns in the year 2005. Buy it at around $195. Wheat and soybean may also go up in but my favourite is corn.



This week Treasury bond prices will remain directionless with much movement, but for the short term one can take position again on Tuesday and sell.


Finally, this week focus will be on stock market movement.

once again reminder that silver will do far better than gold so buy silver on any down ward trend.

Currencies will remain directionless on both side.

Oil finally will give up during this week and any time after Thursday it may fall.

Cotton and grains will move up strongly.

So over all this week one can just wait and watch because it is not necessary that you have to trade everyday (trade on the right spot day). Short term buying I can recommend in cotton, orange Juice, grains and sugar. Wait for my alert on stock market because big opportunity is their so get ready to short market.


"Such lavish, encouraging and generous words of praise came from metal and non-metal community for my last week’s metal call.... they humble me beyond words! I've no way to express what I feel right now about the reactions. I've to say once again that nature or astrology is beyond every thing.” 


Last week it was hurting movement for me when I found three members forwarded newsletter to other people without my permission, one can request sample of newsletter from me. I have been requesting all of you not to forward newsletter to other people, let them subscribe and support my work. One can spend $3 on coffee in a day and same amount is cost of my newsletter per day.


Sorry to say that, your membership will be cancel with immediate effect if we found that in future.



Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra 12 Feb 2005