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Part of newsletter and Prediction 8th June Venus occultation..

Dear Friends,

Below this is part of my newsletter, and on 8th June Venus result.

Once again during the last week, we witnessed a situation in which volatility was rife in the prices of all major commodities including oil, wheat etc. This can be attributed to the fact that the moon was in the negative house, a positioning that always scares me. The presence of the Moon in the negative house usually signifies an important point for metals. In March, the Negative Moon forced metal prices to escalate (which means that it attempted to fool everybody especially in regard to Silver since this metal is ruled by the Moon). Therefore, the obvious deduction through simple logic is that whenever the moon is thus positioned, then the metals should not rise on the negative days. In defiance of this, there is the likelihood of 25 days of negative movement following such a rise. Last week during the negative Moon, metal prices went down (especially silver as it is 100% controlled by the Moon) but they stabilized once more on Friday after the Moon changed houses.  Therefore, the (SILVER) Moon played a ‘spoil role’ for Gold last week. This is the reason for my being more positive on Gold for the short term as you will presently notice in this newsletter.


Let us see what is indicating for this week from 7 June to 11 June 2004:



Copper prices will remain without direction for this week and so I will not advise you to invest your money in it during this period. However, there is excitement ahead as we are steadily nearing the point at which there will be a 50% rise in the copper prices. I will give you the relevant update concerning this at the appropriate time


For the last three years I have been advising all my clients and members to invest in Gold, Oil, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and stock market (only for 2003). Since last year I have also added copper to my list of preferred investment areas because I saw its rising when it was trading at around $72.


Hence, WATCH COPPER but don’t be in a hurry. There is no reason for haste as I will advise you to buy as soon as MARS gives me the appropriate indication.



The stock markets are dallying around the fringes of the worst circle. Soon they will be pulled inwards and they will be sucked into the central point. Once they are at this position, there will be a massive and vicious plunge that will wind up the story for many. Hard earned money will vanish in a flash, the paper value of companies will plummet and market capitalisation will collapse. Unfortunately it will be like a nightmare in which the game of powerful people (Government, big funds manipulators etc.) will be terminated. This will be a one sided war in which there will be no hope of winning, with stock prices tumbling to a low of 15 years. The USA STOCK MARKET will repeat JAPAN'S Nikki down ward trend and Trillions of dollars worth of wealth will disappear from balance-sheets almost like we delete data from a computer.


Though this will also affect the metal stocks, they will quickly rebound because there will be a rush for them as metal prices will be on rising. Metal stocks will be the safe haven where many will seek their refuge since they will be perceived to be the ‘real money’.


The market will remain very volatile during this week and I suggest that you do not buy something to gain 2 or 3%. In fact, you should promptly sell at this point if you are poised for a 2% loss because from this point, the maximum extent to which the market can rise is only 2%.



Last week orange juice was my favourite and it performed well. I still hold the same prediction and I recommend that you buy orange Juice.


My recommendation for coffee has earned a good amount of money to a few of my clients and they stand to make even more after 4 days; but till then, it will remain volatile.


I have recommended Sugar in my book and time has come for it to rise. Therefore, be on WATCH for SUGAR during this week and one can buy on TUESDAY.



The price of oil remained very volatile during the last week as predicted but they will stabilize this week. I will soon a give surprise on buying single in OIL, so wait for my alert news.


VENUS OCCULTATION ON 8 JUNE: I have received many email asking my prediction on Venus eclipse or  for planet we can say occultation. It seem that many exciting about it but not me because I don't see any positive things happening and here is my prediction:

Result from retrograde Venus from 8th of June:

Negative results:

It is a planet for love, sex: People's mind will divert more toward sex and just sex. Real love will slowly disappear and younger generations will move more into physical relationship. Many medical companies, doctor's scientist will try to discover more new things on sex.  Gay population will rise etc..


Venus try's to attract male but give negative results to old male's and females: Many new scandal involving big personalities will come out on sex abuse, old people will have health problem or depart in 2004 to 2006 (Sorry to say but yesterday a great person Ronald Regan departed). 2004 to 2006 will have bad or shocking news on for big name.


Interested in beautiful and expensive articles, houses: Many big robbery's will take place, violence will destroy beautiful structure, building, bridges, and housing market will collapse.


Rule's greenery, tree and plants: Fire will destroy many forest, houses or towns.


On financial side: It will affect housing market, beauty product companies, will bring counterfeit note scandal in big way, Platinum prices will be affected in medium run, not good news Hollywood personalities and big budget film will be reject by audiences etc.. 


Positive Result:

It influence female more: Many female leader will come up (Sonia example because always planets they start giving result before they arrive), this is a good news for Mrs Clinton, many film on female oriented will come.


New medicine which will come out which will give pleasure to Gays.

Unique architectural design will come out,

Venus is enemy of Gold and silver and it is getting weaker from 8th June so after a century world will see or government may announce once again GOLD as a currency.

I can thousand of positive and negative points on 8th June Venus but I think I will end here. 



NOTE : Tomorrow is the Future and we all have to go through the future when it finally comes to pass. A few are scared to have a glimpse into the future because they do not believe in themselves. Nonetheless, we all structure all our present programs with the future in mind. For instance, a chairman of a corporation speaks of his company as at present, but also outlines their future programs and what they seek to accomplish.


BUT the future is hidden and whatever lies concealed can deliver either positive or negative results when it is finally revealed and this is usually attributed to luck. In astrology, the ninth house in the chart is the one that holds the future, but the future is hidden. I just try to see what the ninth house conceals and I tell you. Though it is unbelievable and untouchable you can feel it and tell; and that's what I am doing.


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Have a good week.


Thanks & God bless