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One can beat market with long term planning...

Dear Friends,

I am certain that you shall concur with me that patience is a virtue whose value cannot be overstated. Indeed, as the age-old maxim goes, patience always pays, if you are on right path. I believe in having a long term outlook as it is vital for success. A random consideration of people who have attained success and the great investors reveal that a long-term vision is crucial for one to triumph in the market. Do not examine your portfolio value each passing day because one day will present excitement while the next one will be full of disappointment. This can sap your energy levels and destabilize your capacity to focus properly. A long term perspective can help you traverse the rough patches while gliding over the smooth ones. Another important factor is that one never plays against the power or the wave of nature. History shows that no-one has won if he or she went against the flow or wave of nature.


For the last more than twenty years, I have sought to flow in harmony with nature and I have always found myself fortunate. Astrology is nature and I simply try to understand it concerning any area on which I make predictions.


Those who made long term investment in metals and metal stocks way back in 2001 must be doing very well. I try to understand nature and always share my knowledge concerning upcoming events through my website, the annual book edition and also through my newsletter. Let us see what is hidden for the next week...


Prediction for 1 November to 5 November:



In a television interview in 2001, I announced that this century would be ruled by gold, which would take over control of the world financial system. I also said that oil would play an important role in world economy because both come from nature and are a part of nature. For the last three years, both gold and oil have been slowly but surely marching onto the progressive path.


Last week was interesting because gold played a hide and seek game with investors and opponents. It finally appeared on Fridays last hour trading session and closed strongly. 


There is a big discussion currently going on, with some experts on one hand saying that there will be a great fall in gold prices from the current level. On the other hand, some declare that there will be an upward movement. Understandably, the big question in all investors minds is whether to sell at the current high levels or to stay put and hold.


Here is this week prediction on movement of gold......


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra 31 Oct 2004


Dear Members,
This week newsletter clearly indicated one percent down for gold and three percent down for silver in any time during this week (this is what happened today). 
Last week Friday Gold closes $424.60 and silver was at $7.33, So gold can go down maximum $420.40 and silver $7.11, but I also mentioned that they would rise very strongly. 
Mercury is trying to throw out (weak astrological chart) metals investor's from metals by scaring them.
Thanks & God Bless
27 Oct 2004