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Dear Members,

Finally I have made a decision to bring out 2008 & 09 World and Financial Prophecies. It will be released in the first quarter of the year of 2008. This is the final trading week for the year 2007, many might have made money, many might have gained experience and many might have learned to judge the market pulse. In life whenever you do any kind of work you will always gain something, it does not necessarily have to be money; it may be something else regarding that area, some kind of knowledge in that area. I will recommend that you take this last week of the year easily and you should start putting the note for the coming year of 2008 and how you want to plan it and what is your key agenda, what will be your best strategy and which planning will provide you with results without much stress and sleepless nights.


The first goal that you should set is how much money do you need for a year to have a peaceful happy life with your family and once you set your target I am sure that you will achieve it very easily. Today I can promise you that I will provide you with those trades to achieve that target. You take out the profit and you keep it on one side for the whole years expenses and then we can set a new higher target. For me it has also been a learning process and it will remain a learning process until the last day of my life I will be a student. At some stage you feel that you have crossed certain lines where you can call yourself a qualified student’s yes today I can call myself a qualified student after the last 18 months fight of the dollar predictions. I am not a master and I will never be a master, and I do not want to become a master. 2007 for me was a final examination and I just passed that examination and I am here to serve the world now so it will be an interesting journey for me and my members.


 The wave of nature and the rhythm of the trading pattern and the light of astrology will help us to find a new unique change which is just taking birth or is just about to take birth. We have seen that dollar trend has just taken the birth and this is a unique time for dollar like winning in the battle continuously, which scares me sometimes because I see a very dangerous period for many countries currencies against the value of dollar. Anyways we will keep talking on this subject for the future coming time but one thing is sure that we are entering into the most unique era of the trading pattern and we will write our story of success in the book of history. Let’s come back to this week’s newsletter.


Predictions from 24 to 28 December



 Last week gold and silver traded as we saw and this week also looks positive. On Monday gold will trade sideways and Tuesday is a holiday and it is a blessing for gold because Tuesday was going to be a very negative day for metals. On Wednesday and Thursday positive trend, Friday gold will…


Last week I mentioned that if gold and silver trade above $808 and $15.54 for three days then gold and silver should easily touch the previous highs, which are almost $850 and $16.20 but if they trade below these prices then gold and silver will have a tough time ahead.   



Last week all these base metals moved up as expected and I shall be recommending in the New Year to buy these metals except platinum. This week I will not recommend short selling these base metals so those who want to trade can buy on weakness of Wednesday and Thursday.



Both these soft commodities are trading in a very tight range but this week is not that favorable so do not expect any fireworks. Short term traders or day traders should not be buying coffee or cotton during this week as I see some weakness in the prices for short term especially during this week. One can buy coffee around the $128.80 and cotton at $60.20.



Sugar was our best call in the last two weeks as the prices moved more than 15% and that is a huge move for those who trade in the commodity market. I recommend continuous buying in sugar during any weakness because sugar prices will move up continuously. On orange juice and lumber my call is to still wait and watch, short term traders can buy orange juice on Wednesday and sell back on Friday.


During last week we saw a sharp rising in tech stocks as predicted but this week will be for financial stocks so one can start building their positions in these stocks because a new cycle is starting for financial and banking stocks. There is no hurry to jump in but your planning should be for the next 21 days to finish buying these stocks.


This week stock market will trade positive so any weakness should be taken as a buying opportunity on Wednesday and Thursday, yes the year will end on a positive note. I do not recommend any buying in European market during this week but definitely we will see a positive trend in Asian markets but I am not expecting any sharp rising in those markets.

My work followers are from more than 50 countries and they should know that from 2008 my whole focus is going on the USA market and the USA stocks so definitely there is a lot to talk about, about the USA market and the USA stocks in 2008 so be prepared for it as a great time is coming ahead for you to make un-believe-able amount of money, like I made from $17,000 to $1,900,000 between 1997 to 99 during the tech bull run. The same unique era is starting from end of January 2008 but it will be different with the different sector but surely technology will be one of the key players.



During last week oil traded as we predicted and this week I am expecting a positive trend in oil for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so any sharp correction should be taken as a buying opportunity in oil. The oil prices will trade between the price of $91.80 to $95.80 and it will be a very difficult task for oil to break $95.80. If it does trade above that price then one can buy oil because the next target is $98.80. Heating oil and RB gas will trade sideways but we will see a positive trend in natural gas. Friday should be taken as a selling opportunity in oil.



Volatility is dominating grains market and prices are remaining positive. From here grains can rise a maximum of around 5% so be prepared for that. On the down side they will fall more than 30% within the next three months and that is the reason I have been recommending trading options. One can keep buying puts and selling calls and those who are ready to take a five percent risk from here can sell future contracts now.


Once again you must remember that the grains prices will crash in a big way so be prepared as big money can be made soon.



Dollar index is trading with positive attitude and why not because it has given a rough time too many and now many still do not want to believe that there will be any bull market of dollar. I am walking with dollar and I will walk with dollar and those who believe in the nature theory should buy dollar on any weakness. During this week we may see sideways trend in dollar and a bit of weakness as well on Wednesday and Thursday but Friday will be a turnaround day for dollar.


During this week the commodity currencies will trade positive so one can buy them during weakness but Friday will be the day to sell the commodity currencies. Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc are going to remain a bit positive the first three days of the week against dollar but form Thursday Yen will start getting weak.


Euro and British pound will trade positively for the first three trading days so day traders should buy during the weakness or on the opening of the day trading. Friday will be the best day to sell both these currencies.



Many people have shown great interest in my alternative energy recommendation, they never thought that the solar sticks will raise that aggressively, but they did it and during 2007 the key solar stocks performed the best and they will outperform in the longer term. During this week I see solar stocks taking a break and few weeks ago the ethanol and bio-fuel stocks that I recommended will take a lead. Since I recommended these bio-fuel and ethanol stocks, they have performed well and they shall perform well in the future coming time.


During this week I am recommending buying from the fuel-cell sector BLDP, PLUG, ALTI, & KEM.


Please take out a few minutes from your busy schedule and support my work if you feel that it is worth recommending to people. The cost of the newsletter is nothing compared to the money that you invest in the financial market. I am not saying that you count on me; you can still make use all other tools which can make you a better investor or which can give you better understanding of the market.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 23 December 2007