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Obama historic victory: Radio interview with Rich Roffman on Dow, Enjoy this week newsletter, our last six months newsletter have save millions to members..

Here is Thursday's (17 Oct) interview with Rich Roffman: Go more then halfway on play (2600 point)



Dear Friends,

Here is my this week newsletter and I am sure you will enjoy reading it. Last 15 years we have predicted all most all market very correctly in longer term and all thanks goes to planetray movement. Last three months we have been very negative on commodities and very bullish on US Dollar/yen and both the trade paid huge amount of returns to our members. Cost of weekly newsletter is nothing against the risk you take in markets.



Fight of survival in financial market



Dear Members,

I canít find a word to describe what is happening globally in the world financial markets. Valuation is dropping as though companies are worth nothing and commodities have lost their allure. In May and July I constantly declared the end of the seven year bull market in commodities and that the seven year bear market of the Dollar had also ended. I stated that the Dollar would begin its bull market while commodities would turn bearish. At the same time, I recommended selling metal stocks and other commodity stocks. In view of the current scenario, those who acted upon these predictions should be riding on top of the world.


Over the years, I have learnt that one should never fight with the markets or struggle to make money. The important thing is to follow the wave and always be alert. To be successful, it is vital to keep your awareness and guard against ignorance; avoid sentimental attachment or personal dislike of anything in the market. Emotions should be completely detached because you are in the market to make money; not to fight and align it with what you want. History shows that most metals investors lose money due to their attachment and love for metals. Such investors imagine that the world economy is dependent on metals, an attitude that invariably leads to losses when the tide turns against them.


I am a firm believer in time. When positive time comes for a particular area in the markets, it becomes a favorite for most people and we see a definite shift towards it. This is despite the fact that the same area may have been neglected and shunned for a long time when time was not right for it. For instance, bankers and fund managers avoided investing in commodities, including metals in 2001, but the same people began to jump onto the bandwagon to acquire commodities from 2004. When the time is right, the power of attraction draws everyone together towards something, but when the positive energy is gone, everyone is quick to forget it. Attraction to something and abandonment of the same thing can therefore occur very rapidly depending on whether time is favorable or not.


It is not long ago that there was almost unstoppable chatter about the future trend of oil, copper, silver, grains, platinum and other commodities. Morgan Stanly even issued a flash comment that oil would reach $170 when it was $145, but this turned out to have been a completely misguided statement. They should now predict whether or not they will survive, and where or when stock price movements will stop. I must say that I was actually upset about that statement about oil, and when I got a chance to speak on CNBC I fearlessly predicted that oil may not even touch $150. Indeed, I stated that oil would go towards $100 and below.


As we all know, no scenario can last forever: a bull market is always succeeded by a bear market. Similarly, the bear market trend always draws to an end and paves way for a new trend. In brief, the horrible period that we are currently undergoing is inevitably set to end at one point. However, times have changed and no one wants to hear about fund managers; and people are tired of false white collar bankers. Anyway, let us focus on how to make money and securing our future.


Weekly Financial Newsletter for 13th to 17th October



We were negative on metals last week, and we still are. By going against stock markets, gold is committing a grave mistake. We have seen gold rising in the last three weeks on the fall of stock markets. As you are all aware, I am predicting a historic bull market for the DOW, and this will start any time, and the question is what gold will do when this happens! Last Friday the market started to stabilize, and gold/silver came down drastically.


Gold has been a major attraction for many people in recent years, and for astrological reasons, I supported it from 2001 to 2006. I have however been recommending getting in and out from that period because its trend has not been equally stable. Nevertheless, I would once again like to confirm that gold will move above $1500 at one point when time is favorable. One must note is that this does not in any way mean that you should begin buying now.


Last week silver came down sharply and it shall touch our predicted low of $7.90. We donít recommend even a single contract buying at this stage neither in silver nor in gold. We maintain my prediction of fall in metals till end of October.


Once again buy gold against Euro, Pound and other currencies. Buy Dollar against other currencies and you will make fortune with this combinations. Meaning gold and Dollar will gain value against all currencies. Monday there will be positive opening but one can lettel gold around $863 and $872 because maximum side gold can reach $878. I donít see gold trading above $872 in near future. I still believe that this week range will be $868 to $828 and silver $10.92 to $9.50. Same time you take trade in silver as well when you selling gold.  As in medium term I see gold, silver and all other metals breaking previous low of 2008 so trade carefuly as I once gold break $828 then it can reach to $772 and silver can go to $8.80.


After late Tuesday once again gold will collapse and move sharply during this week so take sell postion on Tuesday in gold and silver.



All these side metals are trading toward multi years low. Last week copper came down sharply and it is very near to our predicted lows but I donít recommend any buying. I expect new lows for platinum, copper, zinc, nickle, lead and palladium.



Last week both of these soft commodities went down sharply and sideways trend will remain in both of these commodities. I see coffee and cotton stabling around $105.80 and $53.80. Once these prices come then you can buy take small position. I will send alert once planets and prices give indications.



All these commodities are moving down and still weak trend will remain in all these commodities as planet Mars is very bear on all side commodities so no need to find bottom in any of commodities at this stage. Any rise should be taken as selling opportunity. Orange Juice and lumber will stablize at this level but sugar and cocoa to move further down.



After 1929, investors have now experienced the heat of a fall. This has been like a nightmare, but time was bad astrologically and it is still very negative. We need to be warned that with the exception of the USA, growth in all other countries will decline to the bottom. The Middle-East, Asia and Europe will be especially hard-hit. The situation will be desperate in the Middle-East and the housing market will sink to its knees. Those speculating with houses will be stuck with them and they will be unable to dispose of. I am therefore strongly warning about the UAE as the Dubai and Abu Dhabi housing market will have a melt-down. For example, units going for a million Dollars currently will fetch a meager hundred thousand.


One should take this prediction seriously; please sell and get out if you have been over-bought the property market in Europe, Asia and the Middle-East as the worst period in history is on the way.


The USA Stock market will stabilize from early this week, but there will be further weakness from Wednesday and Thursday. I donít see Dow breaking previous week lows of 7860. Only short term on Monday buying is recommended in Europe and Asian markets as only a technical rebound is expected till the middle of the week. Since early this year we mentioned that the Indian market BSE would come down to 7000 and we are not very far from that level. All emerging markets have been gripped by the worst historic cycle.


The worst period still pending in Europe; and this will arise as a result of serious fallout in the European Union. I predict the fall of the Euro Zone: the story of the UK and Europe as we know it today will be a subject to be read in books in future.   


One should buy the USA market and sell all other markets and you will be net gainers (if you are not hedging the position then donít trade indexes or any stocks market. My buying Dow is only against the selling of other markets). On Friday all world markets went down 7 to 10%, but the USA only went down around 1%, and you therefore made gains of up to 7%. In addition, you also gained in terms of currencies.


The current era demands that we have to invest smartly and without emotions. Many must have bought the DOW on Friday, and they should hold their position and buy more on any dip. One should also book profit on sharp rising on Monday or Tuesday.



Last week grains made lows and at this stage my first recommendation is coming for wheat. Buy wheat against other grains. Cover short position in corn. You can hold short in Soybean and bean oil. Sun changing house may soon push short term prices on higher side so get ready to buy grains but first we will start with wheat.


Wheat can rise sharply any time from Tuesday and same time all grains will also bottom out.



Last week oil came down to our predicted target. Even for me It is hard to believe that oil lost around 45% value in just 80 days. When I was predciting fall of oil to $81.80, I was checking the planetary movement 50 times because as a layman it was tough to believe but predicted because I trust planetary movement. Look at heating oil and RB Gas, they also came down to level which no one dream.


Anyway, I donít want to get excited because one can make a mistake in excitement. I see further weak trend in oil from here but I donít see its going below $71.80 so one can buy if oil comes to $71.80. At the same time one can buy heating oil and RB Gas.


Monday there will be weaker trend in oil but Tuesday it will try to recover and it will recover. This rising trend wonít last for a long period. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday oil will trade weak again. Trading range for oil will be $83.80 to $75.80. In worst case senario oil can hit $65.10.



US Dollar made another two year high on Friday. Dollar is moving like wild fire because all planets are supporting USD trend. None of currencies will survive against Dollar in the longer term so when you are putting your hard earned money be careful because all other countries currencies will lose value more then 90% in longer term. I donít know why the hidden prophet in me has been forcing to predict this.


Australian dollar has lost almost 35% value against USD, it is hard to believe but that is the truth. Same way Indian rupee lost more then 20%, Euro and pound around 15%. South American currencies also lost value drastically against the USD.


This week US Dollar will remain remain sideways so donít add more position. Book the partial profit here but in Dollar but donít sell core buying position of USD. This week focus should be on stock markets.


On 17 March we predicted 


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, Sunday 12 Oct 2008, Mumbai