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Narendra Modiji's era is fading? And if yes, then why and how can he fix it…

Dear Members,

There is no doubt that Modi has improved India’s image on the international platform, digitalizing the payment system, improving infrastructure, bringing down corruption, and trying to make manufacturing hubs for global companies. Huge money inflows from FIIs, PSU sectors proliferate, and many other developments have been happening in India. So why did Modi fail to get a majority mandate from the people of India?

Yes, there are grave reasons, which is why the two-term winner, Prime Minister Modi, faced challenges in getting a complete majority for his party during the third term. The people of India refused to give him a clear mandate for the third term. 

Is Modi's euphoria fading? Yes, this is exactly what I have been predicting after watching him closely for the last five years. I believe in nature, the cycle of nature, and the law of nature, which made me predict that NDA will get fewer than 320 seats. I was expecting around 300 seats. Last year, we also predicted Modi’s best era would end by 2028. Also, we predicted uncertain times for Modi in May and June 2024 in our book “2024 Financial Predicted.”

As per nature theory, here are a few reasons why a person like Modi faced challenges in the third election:

1. The law of nature and principles are unique: Disrespecting, mocking, using negative words, making false allegations, and using power to punish brings only negativity because nature/god exists everywhere and in everyone. We shouldn’t forget that we are alive because of nature. Not because we have power or money. In the end, we all will depart and dissolve into nature.

2. In this election, Modi didn’t use respectful language; I think he was overruled by the power of politics, arrogance, and ego, which are nature's worst enemies.

3. He forgot that power comes with a lot of responsibilities. Every Indian citizen was looking upon him, not just the Hindus. If you are a Non-Hindu and are living in India, you work hard during the day and go home to take care of your family, only to see your leader talking about your cast negatively, how will you feel? I think many felt humiliated, sad, and abandoned. The law of nature never likes any selfish motto or negative agenda. Any leader shouldn’t feel undefeated, Messiah, or supreme because we humans are humans, not Messiahs or supreme; they are here to serve with honesty to make people's lives better.

6. A vital nature principle: Using power to punish is the worst thing in the law of nature. We do not decide whom to punish; nature will determine any wrongdoing and has millions of ways to punish.

I know I have many of my followers in India. I could have voted for Modi in the previous two elections, but not in this election because I was not happy with how he conducted his campaign. He should have told the people of India what his agenda was to help every citizen of India regardless of their caste and religious basis.

I have always said that religion is man-made. Without the five elements, we are nothing. We depend on air, water, fire, sky, and earth. If we stop breathing in front of God in a temple, mosque, or church, we will die right there in front of god.

God and the devil exist within us. Any good deeds we do are part of God, and any bad things we do are part of the devil. We are the ones who need to decide what we want to become using our consciousness. The concept of religion was created, so focus on the source (GOD), not on the concept (Religion). 

I hope that Modiji will be able to do more to improve the lives of every Indian during his third term, regardless of caste or religion. This statement applies not only to Modi but also to every politician and person on this planet who has the ability and power to do good things by following the laws of nature.

The people on this planet must rise above religion because they are still stuck in the old religious format. Religion represents a way of life, and it is just a concept. We can all have far better lives by not hating and disliking each other. We are all human beings; we all drink the same water and breathe the same air. When we stand together, nature doesn’t see any difference between us; we are the only ones who do.

I wish Prime Minister Modi good luck, he seems a spiritual personal so must focus on laws of spirituality which could make one of the great leader of this world. I hope this letter will be read by Modiji, every politician, religious leader, and all those religious extremists. Religion is not the path to understanding god or nature; it just differentiates us from each other. I have seen people coming out of a Temple, Church, or Mosque after praying and then immediately start talking negatively about someone or yelling at others. The day we understand the law of nature, we will understand and feel the real God because it exists within us, not in religious scriptures or in Temples, Mosques, or Churches.

I am not an expert on any subject, but I follow the law of nature; please forgive me if I have hurt anyone's feelings or sentiments.

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma