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MRNA, BNTX getting closer to FDA approve, market and metals trend here...

Tuesday Daily Flash news (Unedited report)

Commodities started walking along with market move which is encouraging sign…


Dear Members,   

Grains have been acting well since the 6th of August 2020, which was the time to bottom out. Softs suddenly moved higher on Monday. We have been predicting that astro combinations changed from the 16th of November for softs, which could push coffee and cocoa sharply higher... and they did. 

On the other hand, precious metals rebounded from the lower side, which we mentioned in Monday's letter. Buy gold, silver, and platinum around the lower side ranges or on any weakness. 

Other S&P and global markets are moving as per our predictions. S&P closed above 3597, which is a great sign. We are sure our predictions and predicted targets of 2020 will get fulfilled. We have one of the most beautiful rally markets since the 22nd of March 2020, and they are still moving as per our predictions.

Currencies are approaching an interesting time cycle from the 20th of November, so remain watchful. 

Oil prices acted positively; watch $43.65 closely. 

Many short sellers are sending honest messages saying, “Mahendra you saved us a huge amount of money by recommending not to short the market”. It is always very important to not be on the wrong side of the market

This morning when I was bowing to nature and the mystic power of astro combinations, I got emotional because nature has guided us through in 2020 the most uncertain times of our lives. None of the Wall Street experts are still able to believe how we were able to predict the monthly cycles of 2020 so accurately one year in advance (“2020 Financial Prophecies” book was written in 2019 and published on 5 January 2020). Once again, I am publishing this year’s book predictions from the global equity market section (monthly cycle): Every word was narrated by nature, I was just playing the role of a typist:


First Cycle: From the 1st of January to the 8th of February

This is a positive cycle for the equity market, but there will be some volatility during this cycle from the 8th of January to the 14th of January. During this period, I am not recommending any buying trades, but the overall cycle will be positive till the 8th of February. If I am not mistaken in reading the Astro cycle, then some new buying will emerge in the global equity market and stock prices may start moving higher aggressively from the 18th of January onwards.

During this cycle, Saturn will be changing its house on the 24th of January, which may give new life to cannabis, metal stocks, metals, and the entire energy sectorincluding alternative energy, electric car, fuel cell technology, etc. We believe that tech stocks will struggle to perform well, but will still hold value, so do not short any tech stocks. During this period, medical equipment stocks will also perform amazingly, so focus on that along with biotech.

I strongly recommend taking more aggressive positions in emerging markets rather than developed markets. Buying in YINN & INDL will be far better bets. Overall, this is a very bullish cycle, but make sure you don’t buy any aggressive positions from the 8th of January to the 14th of January, and make sure you book profits in most of the markets around the 8th of February.


Second Cycle: From the 9th of February to the 23rd of March

This will be a volatile cycle for the market, especially from the 9th of February to the 25th of February. During this period, we may see the market giving up some gains. Do not hold any aggressive long positions in the market and in stocks.


Third Cycle: From the 23rd of March to the 5th of May

During the first seven days of this period there will be volatility, but on any sharp correction between the 23rd of March to the 31st of March, one can buy some positions in indexes or stocks on weaknesses. During the month of April, the stock market will move higher once again.
During this period, we see biotech stocks rallying in a big way, along with mining and commodity stocks. By the end of this cycle, I strongly recommend booking profits if the stocks rally well as the next cycle is negative.


Fourth Cycle: From the 5th of May to the 15th of June

This will be a very negative cycle for the market. Stock prices will lose value sharply. There will be political tension between the USA and China as well as some uncertainty in the Eurozone. This will be the time to buy aggressive positions in volatility indexes like the VIX, UVXY, & TVIX. Short-term traders can also take some put options in the indexes, so this will not be a good cycle to remain long in the market.

However, during this period some small-cap and mid-cap biotech stocks will rally hard regardless of what’s going on in the overall market. Cannabis stocks will also move aggressively higher during this period, so remain a selective buyer in these sectors as they will be good hedging trades.


Fifth Cycle: From the 16th of June to the 30th of June

This will be a very volatile cycle for two weeks, and the markets can fall in a big way during this period. Remain wary and protect your investments carefully as huge corrections could be expected in the market. On the 30th of June I will recommend getting ready to buy positions, so you can either buy positions on the 30th of June or during the next cycle.


Sixth Cycle: From the 1st of July to the 16th of August

Once again, this will be a very bullish cycle for the market, so stock and equity prices will gradually start moving higher. I strongly recommend to start buying tech, financial, and biotech stocks. Some aggressive movements will come in these sectors, and if I am not mistaken in my readings of the Astro cycles, all the major global market will hit an all-time high. This is especially true for the US and India. Europe and Japan will also move higher, and China will also trade positively.

This is a fantastic cycle to make a great amount of money in tech and biotech stocks. Mining stocks will also gain handsome value during this period, so buy mining ETF’s like NUGT of JNUG. You can also by tech and biotech ETF’s like SOXY and LABU.


Seventh Cycle: From the 17th of August to the 4th of October

This will once again be a very volatile cycle, and I strongly recommend selling stocks during this period. Do not hold any long positions in tech and financial stocks as prices will fluctuate very fast, so have some sort of hedging strategy without holding any naked buying positions.

Hold some put options and buy some UVXY during this period. I still see biotech stocks performing very well during this cycle, so it will be very interesting when Tech and all the other sectors are trading negatively, and biotech outperforms all the sectors. If you see biotech performing well then you should start building positions in it as it will continue to perform well throughout the year.


Eighth Cycle: From the 5th of October to the 20th of November

There will be sharp corrections initially when this cycle starts, but as this cycle progresses, the market will test an all-time high during this period. This will be a fantastic cycle for buyers. One must buy Financials, Tech, and Biotech stocks.

During this period, stocks like Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, etc. will hit all-time highs. Tesla will also hit an all-time high. This cycle will look like a mini bubble due to aggressive moves in stock prices. Stay long in the market as the next cycle is also positive.

Our favorite TSLA was added in S&P, it is up $54.00 or more than 12%. MRNA and BNTX are our favorite Vaccine stocks and both came out with positive results as predicted between 4-20 November. We have been predicting that MRNA and BNTX will come out with positive Vaccine data between 4-20 November. Both stocks has still move to move further 50% higher.

In the last ten years trader have created unbillable amount of wealth on our 100’s stocks recommendations, and in the last two years we still recommended adding same stocks and few other. Here are few top name of the last two years AMD, NVDA, LSCC, APPLE, MSFT, NFLX, AMZN, HUBS, SHOP, COUP, TWLO, PLUG, BLDP, WKHS, VEEV, TSLA, HUM, UNH, MA, V, PYPL and list goes on.

We are recommending staying long in INDL, YINN, and BRZU.

We are waiting for S&P to close above 3597, which will be great news. Get ready to buy TBIO, INO, EBS and JNJ these stocks are ready to move further higher.

Our theory is on the right track and we have been able to guide members accurately since the 22nd of March and that is what matters the most. You don’t need to take trades every day, just focus on what the Astro cycles are indicating and you can plan your trades in that direction for the medium term, and I am sure no one can stop you from making money.

This is what we stated on 4th November: This week traders will be focusing back on the economy, Covid-19, and the Vaccine. If we are not mistaken, then the world will have great news on the Vaccine in the next two weeks so watch this prediction closely.

Here are the trading strategies and ranges for Tuesday for metals , Indexes, energy, currencies, grains, softs and bond market:  

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma