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Moving to Miami...Update of Wednesday, commodities are trading as predicted...

Dear Members,

Commodity market is trading weak as predicted and we will wait to cover shorts in metals and energy. Do not take any buying position in commodities because as predicted, they are in bear trend and this bear trend will continue. Two week back (oil was trading around $143), when I was on CNBC, predicted oil trading range of $146 to $118.80 but hardly anyone was with me, as everyone were targeting oil $150 to $170.  


US dollar is ready to turn around and it will turn around in a big way. Late Tuesday and early Wednesday buying is giving us good profit but still we won't book profit as we want to hold this position for a few months. In future coming time we may book partly profit when dollar index reaches $77.80. This week dollar will touch as predicted $73.80.


During last week we called top in metals, grains, and energy when gold was $980, silver $19.52, oil at $145.80, and heating oil at $4.050. Our members have made good profit and I still recommend them to hold short until this week Friday. I still believe gold will touch $912.80 on lower side and oil $123 during this week. Copper, platinum, Zinc, coffee, cotton, grains, Natural Gas, heating oil, RB Gas and sugar have come down substantially.  We recommend buying coffee and cotton on Friday.


Plan a right trading strategy and you can make tons of money every week and month. My job is to take you into the future and your job is to plan future trading on my outlook. 


I am in India, and this week I will write newsletter on Saturday. Many newsletter members have been sending emailsí thanking for accurate guidence, but all thanks goes to planetary movement and nature. Analyst, economist, chartist and many others are trying to predict market trend, I have also been also trying to predict market since last 21 years with my unique theory "Wave of Nature with planetary movements" and most of longer term trend came 95% accurate except dollar trend of last 18 months. Currently our members are from more than 55 countries and more then 6.2 million people visiting our website and all thanks goes to planets. 


If any one can help or answer this: I am enjoying holidays in India and Just for a change, I am planning to move from Santa Barbara to Miami (Coral Gables) from end of August, which will be other best better area to stay with family/children.


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, Wednesday, 23 July