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Most important update which taken from weekly newsletter from 21-25 August...NVDA and Powell will push market...

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This is a small part of weeks weekly newsletter:

The Sun and Mars changed houses on Thursday and Friday, which confirms that the worst is almost over for the market. Now, supportive trends will start in the market from next week, but consolidations will take place this week from Monday to Wednesday. The Scorpio Moon could play a dangerous role for bears, so those who took the bear bet must remain watchful.

Many big traders are short on the market. Micheal Burry took $1.6 billion worth of Put options on the market (which shows in the June 2023 filling) meaning that in the second quarter of 2023 between March and June, he took shorts which must be still running into losses even if they’re counting the past week’s values.

Many traders are making a fool of themselves by thinking that current prices are great shorts in the market. Look at Morgan Stanley as they contentedly recommended short positions throughout the second half of 2022 and the first half of 2023. They kept predicting S&P going from 3200 to 3000, and on the other hand, we predicted S&P moving toward 4500, which was achieved last month.

Financial Media always cover these fancy people, but they are reluctant to cover our work because our theory is not what the masses do. In 2022 and 2023, people were talking about hard lending and soft lending because of rate hikes and inflation, but we disagreed with everyone, and we predicted we don’t see a recession. In fact, earlier this year we predicted S&P would test 4588 and NASDAQ 15788 in the middle of 2023, and 4800 to 5300 by the first quarter of 2024. Our first important target in S&P has been achieved, and now S&P is ready for 4800 from the current level of 4337. In 2024/25, NVDA will become one of the most valuable companies on this planet. I won’t be surprised at all if NVDA passes Google, Apple, and MSFT market cap levels. NVDA can test the $3 trillion dollar market cap. NVDA was incorporated on the 5th of April 1993, which gives a clear signal of NVDA performing very well for the next 7 years. The Moon and Mars combinations are great for NVDA according to its birth chart.

This week is the final one to acquire long positions in the market, so don’t miss buying opportunities on any weaknesses.  Major aggressive moves in the market will start from November onward, and the rally will be so aggressive that every trader will get trapped in hedging and shorts.

You must keep adding call options of Indexes, ETFs, and frontline tech stocks for June 2024, and I am sure these call options will make you a fortune. I won’t be surprised if you make tenfold returns on your capital in less than 8 months

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