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Dear Members,

Last week I was completely off track especially on metals and grains and that always happened during the week of any eclipse.  It looks like eclipse’s affect me more than anyone on this planet because I have never been that much off track especially on metals. This letter will be a simple and a short one because I want to leave all the major decisions on you and from next week I am 100% sure about what I am going to be saying.


Last week I talked about the major support from Mars and Mercury that has ended for commodities but whenever this kind of a situation takes place for any market that market turns into like a wild horse because it is just galloping away without its rider. It does not know where it is going but it still goes on. At this stage the commodity markets are like that wild horse galloping away and they will be completely lost in the unknown territory.


This week all the commodity markets will trade under the force of volatility but mark my word that this will be the last week of rising trend for all major commodity markets and once again for the final time I recommend selling these markets. I am not a day dreamer but I can still predict that they are very close to a more than 36% non-stop of falling, which shall start any time this week (25% chances) or after the end of this week (99.99% chance).


Financial predictions from 25 to 29 February



Last week gold made new high and went above our predicted higher side target but I still believe that $948.80 for gold and $17.88 for silver should be a good price to get out from a 100% position. Though during this week they may touch the previous high but please don’t take any risk to gain only 1% from here. I see that gold and silver will remain positive this week but the rising trend should be taken as a selling opportunity on Monday gold and silver will open higher in Asian market but they get weaker after New York opening. Tuesday metals will rise sharply. Wednesday rise but take a opportunity of selling on rising. Silver predcitions is diffrent so follow alert as silver may rise sharply.


According to the astroo theory which I have been following to predict the metals trend, gold and silver should start moving down sharply from next week meaning that the bull trend will end during this week.


Short term trend (One week): May try to move previous weeks high

Medium term trend (three months):…

Longer term trend (three years): ….




Thinly traded platinum touched the new high during last week and since then it has been trading around the same price. It is a life time opportunity to sell these side metals. All these side metals will fall from here and those who want to take a risk can take a small short position on Friday.



Once again I would like to say that the bull market in metals can survive another five days!



I have been enjoying all the negative quotes and news on the US dollar because unfortunately no one has been able to see what I have been seeing. Dollar Index is trading around $75 and I still believe doubtlessly that one of the major bull market will be in dollar index in the future coming time. My focus has been on dollar since last one year, though my predictions of dollar rise have not yet given any signal of recovery but I believe that in the longer term the financial community will remember this prediction like the oil and metals prediction.


Those who have been buying dollar and selling other currencies can hold their position fearlessly from here on and fall during this week should be taken as a buying opportunity. Just few days left in the turn around of dollar. Sell all major currencies against dollar and buy dollar except Yen, Yuan, Indian rupee and South American currencies. You believe it or not but from here 1.4900 Euro will first head towards 1.25 and then the next target is 1.10; third target is 0.83; fourth target is 0.72 and fifth target is 0.65. All currencies have achieved top and from here any time they have free fall so Watch this prediction. I am come wrong for few days but not week means bull market in all currencies will end in this week.


All currencies against US Dollar:

Short term trend (One week): Any time Down ward trend will start

Medium term trend (three months): Down

Longer term trend (three years): Down



Both these soft commodities went to a new high and they have a lot of potential to move high in the future coming time but from this week they will start moving down from Wednesday so book the profit in coffee and cotton on Wednesday.


Short term trend (One week): Shall make new high

Medium term trend (three months): side ways

Longer term trend (three years): Up



This week all these soft commodities will trade in a positive trend but it will be the best opportunity to book the profit in sugar, cocoa. Lumber and orange juice may gain from its worst low but they will not be able to hold these gains.



This week all the markets will trade sideways and I am not recommending any buying in emerging markets including European markets. Long term player will make money in terms of dollar as well as positive trend in USA stock market. During this week technology and telecommunication will rise so buy stocks like Motorola, Nokia, Verizon, Qualcom and AT&T. Keep buying alternative energy stocks and my favourites are ENEI, SATC, SOLF, CSUN, YGE, XIDE & LDK.


We will see some positive trend in Russian and South American market during this week. Buy on Thursday as Friday Wall Street will try to turn around.


Short term trend (One week): Side way

Medium term trend (three months): Sideway

Longer term trend (three years): UP




It is a great opportunity to buy treasury bond because during this week and next week they will move up sharply. You can hold 30 Years Bond position for the next three weeks and it shall provide you with handsome gains.




This week on Monday oil will attempt to get a new high but it will fail. There will be a huge volatility in oil prices on Tuesday and Thursday and take a short position in oil in between $99.30 and $101.80 because next week oil will fall sharply for more than 5% and in the next three weeks I am expecting oil to fall more then 14% from here. With oil you can sell Heating oil, RB gas and natural gas. Just like for metals, for oil this is also the last week of rising and this rising trend will bring you a great opportunity of selling.


Short term trend (One week): May try to move previous week high

Medium term trend (three months): Weak

Longer term trend (three years): Side ways




Like oil and metals, this will also be the last week for rising trend in grains and any rising should be taken as a selling opportunity, most probably on Monday opening. Those who do not want to take risk can take a very small selling position each day and target to finish all the trades by Friday. Soy bean, Wheat and Corn will enter in the bear market, any time this week but surely from next Monday.


CRB Index, Goldman Sach Index and Dollar Index

Those who don’t want to take a trade in individual commodities can start taking a small selling position in commodity index which are CRB and Goldman Sach and this who don’t want to trade in high volatile currency market can just buy dollar index which includes all the currencies.



Short term trend (One week): May try to move high

Medium term trend (three months): Weak

Longer term trend (three years): Downward


Dollar Index

Short term trend (One week): Any time turn around during this week

Medium term trend (three months): Up

Longer term trend (three years): Up


Last week of bull run of commodities:

On Monday all commodities will open higher in Asia but they will start giving up gains any time during the day. Tuesday they will recover from middle of day, Wednesday they will fall and Thursday they rise but take the opportunity of selling on Thursday and Friday.


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 24 Feb 2008