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Most imp newsletter of my life: Why I was so much worried about European markets and yes worst yet to come..billions will wipe-out

Dear Members,

I normally donít write about the secrets of astrology in my newsletter but today I want to start with the role of Saturn for the world financial market in coming days.

In the next thirty months we must see:






Saturn will bring about a number of dramatic adjustments in the world financial markets. Unfortunately, no one has yet been able to fully understand the nature of Saturn and its various moods to date and its effects are often unseen and their occurrence hardly recognized in time because as human beings, we are too often caught up in excitement when we are in a good cycle. The wave of Saturn can wipe everything out in a single sweep because its changes are usually so fast that we wake up to a new order before we even have time to comprehend what is going on. There is a lot that I can write about Saturn, having studied it for the last twelve years, but the fact is that it has had a hand in all the dramatic changes witnessed in the last hundreds of years. Research on planetary positions reveals that Saturn was largely responsible for much of the damage, and it is well capable of turning todayís billionaires into beggars within a few weeks. I am not trying to scare you, but it is important to know what could happen so as to stay alert about the hidden wave.


It has only been two weeks since Saturn changed houses, and it is currently in the house of the Sun or the Fatherís house, and this is a very unique relationship. Though their nature is completely opposite from one another, I still attach a lot of importance to this father and son relationship. The wealth that investors, hedge funds, banks and fund managers have created in the last few years could be in danger because Saturn is in a completely different mood. This means that it could be too late before anyone realizes or understands its move.



There is a million-dollar advice that is applicable to all, and it doesnít matter if you believe in astrology or not.

Important message Ė How does one find out if the coming period of Saturn is negative or positive for you?

Those who are uncomfortable in the market or have been losing money for the last two weeks and feel pressured can reduce their investment or cut their risk from market and just make a long-term investment because the next thirty months will be negative for them. On the other hand, those who have made money in the last two weeks feel good for the next two weeks donít need to worry because their time will remain positive for the next three years.

Several things are poised to take shape in the coming days and it is important that we remain cautious and alert.


The nature of Saturn is that he doesnít give warning of his intentions, but makes everyone to stay in heightened excitement or even in ignorance. More often than not, eighty percent of people stop heeding the advice of close friends and associates and acquire a superior know-it-all disposition. They therefore pull away from good people just because they donít wish to be advised. As I have always pointed out, the human mind or brain is intricately connected with nature, and it is therefore very fundamental since nature plays a key role with it. When our time is right, we start getting all the right thoughts and we make the appropriate decisions, but when our time is wrong we do everything with ignorance, which is what I clearly see happening with the world financial market. Many people have made a fortune in the European and other emerging markets in the last three years. However, 99% of investors in these markets believe that the markets will double from current levels and according to me this is Saturn making them blind to the coming negative wave.

KEY Ė All other markets went up against the USA market and the USA currency. It is now time to see the other side of the coin.

My recommendation Ė If you are holding stocks, book more than seventy percent profit and hedge the remaining holding with indexes.

One can also add the Saturnís favorite stocks; that is alternative energy stocks, food related stocks and grains or farming stocks. These stocks will move up for the next five years.

We shall be witnessing major volatility in the rising and decline of major markets during the next three months and my newsletter should guide you well during these periods.


The overall trend for metals will remain positive though some sharp corrections canít be ruled out in coming days. I shall however guide you through the newsletter. Buy gold against European currencies as gold will gain double against European currencies. There is no doubt of gold crossing $1000 in the next two years and silver crossing $20.


Once again, the bull market in oil is nearing its end but the nature of Saturn is very volatile. In the last two years of my negative predicting period, oil and grains predictions were quite accurate and I therefore want to reiterate the long-term bear market prediction for oil. For the short-term however, I still see oil moving higher.


No one today believes that the US dollar will rise, and indeed there are numerous valid reasons for that. Supremacy of the USA has ended in every area, and there are now other avenues which have opened up for global investors as well as USA investors. Other markets have given them fantastic returns that they had never tasted before, but there is one final RUN pending for the USA Dollar. This run will last for more than two years.


Japan has a unique relationship with Saturn, and Japan is the son or a part of Saturn. We all know that Saturn is the most unique and powerful planet and it becomes quite crazy once it comes to power. In the nineties, the Japanese stock market created history and created many billionaires, but a crash afterwards also brought down a lot of them.

Japan is a small country but it has its own power. After the nuclear bombings, no one thought that the country would recover, but it proved the skeptics wrong by making a full recovery that surprised the world. Today, proof of how fast the Japanese people have recovered is abundant, as demonstrated by becoming the second largest economy in the world.

Japan has been suffering from an uncertain Astro-cycle problem since the last three hundred years, but I now have great news for Japan. I see Japan dominating the world after 2010, and we will be able to see some sign after 4 January 2008. The most interesting era for Japan and the Japanese economy will start from 15 September 2007. I see the Nikkei stock market rising again and it should touch around 30000 in the next eighteen months. The Japanese currency, the Yen will also gain value against all major currencies for the next two years.

A property market boom will start again and the overall outlook is great. However, I also have some negative news as well:

There will be an earth quake between 10 November to 16 December 2007 and political uncertainty in February 2008. The positive cycle of Saturn will remain till 2017 and Japan should therefore be the next destination for investors.


I had good reasons in 2001 when I predicted a fifty two year bull market for gold, but that didnít mean that it would go up everyday, but that the overall trend will be upwards. I predicted the ďend of an era for the USA dollarĒ during the same period, and it similarly didnít mean that the USA dollar would decline everyday. If you read the 2003 predictions, you will see that I predicted the rise of the dollar from the end of 2007 to 2009. This will be the final run and the crash of major currencies means that only commodities will move up. Indeed the era of commodities will start once again like in the old days.

I WOULD LIKE TO AFFIRM ONCE AGAIN THAT Ė Two years from now, the world currencies market will enter into a most uncertain era and currencies will lose value against commodities and gold. This will be a historic period of uncertainty for the world and many banks will close down. Monetary policies and central banks will be unable to handle the situation and it will be the end of an ERA for the currency market. A RE-BIRTH of new currencies will take place after that, but by that time Saturn will have done enough damage. One must buy gold and gold coins every month from their income.

This might look like a joke at this stage and some will think that I in a fantasy world. Indeed the story of the world is like fantasy to me because everything is unique and anything is possible. Just WATCH THIS PREDICTION AND WAIT FOR MY NEXT BOOK AT THE END OF 2008.

Let me stop here, but once again I recommend that you closely guard your steps as the coming time will be completely different from what we see today. We better beware that it is the period of SATURN as king and judge, and he can introduce new rules at any time and we shall have no choice but to obey and follow.



Last week gold paid us nice returns on Thursday and Friday. This week prices will remain volatile with sharp up and down moves. Fed interest rate decision is due this week and gold prices will surely show signs of a correction.

I see the dollar moving up again from this week, and gold prices will certainly get a dent from that. Gold will move down more than two percent during this week, therefore avoid any new short-term position in it. Long-term buyers can hold position in gold and those who want to add can wait for this week or buy on Friday before it closes.

Short Term Trend (This week): Weak Trend

Long Term Trend (Two years): Bull market


Last weekís rising trend on Thursday and Friday was proven right as predicted. One should avoid silver for short-term trades early this week, but I recommend buying on Friday. At $12.63 and $12.73, it should be a great buying opportunity. The trend of silver will remain uncertain from Monday to Friday, though I see fireworks in silver from next week.

Short Term Trend (This week): Weak Trend

Long Term Trend (Two years): Bull market


Last week I mentioned that a weak trend on Thursday and Friday would confirm a twenty percent fall in copper prices. Indeed, copper came down sharply last week on Friday and the weak trend is therefore poised to continue. This week I see copper prices coming down more than three percent.


Both these metals are trading sideway as predicted and I donít see any rising trend for them. One should therefore avoid any new investment in these metals. This week they should move down sharply from Thursday, therefore hold the short position. The next price target for platinum is $1239.


All these base metals are trading weakly, but I see them moving up from next week. One should therefore cover the short position and start buying them as they will have sharp rising in the next three weeks.


All major stock markets will have a sharp correction from Monday, therefore hold the short position. Indeed, one can add more short position. This fall should end on Thursday; therefore one can cover the short position before Thursday closes.

Hour hedging position of selling the European market and buying the USA market has done great for us in the last one month. I recommend that you buy cover part of position on Thursday in the European market. However, the overall trend of these markets will remain sideways or weak till the end of December.

The USA market will have a different story as a Bull will take control from Mid September. Many stocks related to Alternative energy, farming and food stocks will move higher, therefore add these stocks in you portfolio. Next year the DOW should cross 18000 and my two year target is 25000, therefore this is great news for USA investors. Buy USA stocks on each fall. For this week, the sentiment will remain quite nervous for world investors.

The Japanese market looks very interesting and huge amounts of funds will flow back to the USA and Japan because both markets will outperform all other world indexes. The European market will perform very poorly against the USA and Japan in the next nine months, and this will add fire in both leading indexes once money managers realize it.

Emerging markets will perform better than the European market in the longer term, but for the short term I am too scared about hot rising market like India and China. My advice is to withdraw money from both these markets and hold a cash position; and one can start buying after 14 December 2007.


Short Term Trend (This week): Weak Trend

Long Term Trend (Two years): Bull market


Short Term Trend (This week): Weak Trend

Long Term Trend (Two years): SIDEWAYS


Short Term Trend (This week): Weak Trend

Long Term Trend (Two years): Bull market


Long term bond prices will remain weak from Tuesday, therefore donít buy or hold position in thirty year bonds.


Our recommendation on coffee is paying us nicely, and last it made three month highs. At this stage it is not time to book profit but time to add more position as the next target is $122.80. I am very much optimistic about the future trend of coffee, and it wonít surprise me if they reach new five year highs.

Short Term Trend (This week): Bull Trend

Long Term Trend (One year): Bull market


We have done great in cotton during the last three months and we are still holding our buying position. I recommend that buy on Tuesday because the next target for cotton is $68.80. Of course we shall book profit and may keep a small position in cotton still has a positive trend till December.

Short Term Trend (This week): UP Trend

Medium Term Trend (Three Months): UP

Long Term Trend (Two years): Weak market


This week grains prices will remain weak, therefore avoid any new buying. Those who have sold can hold the short position. Corn and Wheat looks weak and on other side Soy products will trade sideways till September. I donít recommend that you hold a short position in Soy after 16 August because it will move sharply higher with wheat by the end of the month. Corn will remain in a weak trend.

From September all grains should move lower.

Short Term Trend (This week): DOWN

Medium Term Trend (Three Months): UP/DOWN

Long Term Trend (Two years): Bull market


This week the trend of oil will remain sideways, but for sure new high prices canít be ruled out. We recently recommended hedging by selling heating oil and RB gas and buying Oil and Natural gas and this has paid us quite nicely.

Last week as advised, we booked profit in oil around $78, and I now advise you to buy or hold the position in natural gas. I see a sudden rise in natural gas from 14 of August; therefore keep adding on each fall because the rise will be a very sharp one. Avoid any buying position in heating oil and RB GAS.

The trading range for oil will be $73.80 (buy at this price) and it will reach $77.20 on higher side.


I am requesting you not to become victims of ignorance and negative news against the US Dollar as I see a rally on the way for the USA Dollar. You may regret after six months if you donít buy it right now because its move will be more than twelve percent.

There is only one currency that will hold well against the dollar, that is the Japanese Yen. Therefore keep adding the YEN against European currencies and commodity currencies. In the last ten days the Yen has made nice gains against these currencies.

You are getting the dollar Index around $80.10. On the other hand, if you sell the Pound, Euro, Canadian and Australian dollars, then you are also getting a great price.

Metal investors get nervous when I talk about a bull market of the dollar because they feel that gold will fall if the dollar rises sharply. I however believe and see that Saturn will protect gold against the dollarís rise. This week the dollar will apply some pressure on gold, but after a few weeks a new trend will be born with ďGOLD RISING WITH THE DOLLARíS RISE AND EUROPEAN CURRENCIES LOSING VALUE AGAINST GOLD QUITE FASTĒ.


Short Term Trend (This week): UP Trend

Medium Term Trend (Three Months): UP

Long Term Trend (Three years): Weak market


Short Term Trend (This week): Weak Trend

Medium Term Trend (Three Months): SHARP DOWN

Long Term Trend (Two years): Weak market


Short Term Trend (This week): UP Trend

Medium Term Trend (Three Months): UP

Long Term Trend (Two years): UP TREND

The last eighteen months of a negative Saturn did some damage on my astrological career because I made some wrong predictions (fall of the stock market and the dollarís rise). I even started going contrary to my favorite prophecies of the dollarís fall as well as the rise of metals. I bow my head at the feet of Saturn and simply ask to be on the right path as Saturn changed houses two weeks back for the positive. I hope to be on the same path on which I walked for more than twenty years with an accuracy of more than 90%.

Anyway, let me end this newsletter at this point. Please donít hesitate to ask if you have any question.



This week trades:

Sell commodities currencies and as well as European currencies.




Thanks & GOD BLESS

Mahendra Sharma