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Most awaited book is out - Alert - Don't get scared, bring consciousness and ignore all news and experts of markets...

Dear Friends, 

Dear Friends, 

My most awaited 5th book "2008-09 World & Financial Prophecies" is out today. You can order the book at 


The book has detailed monthly predictions on all major areas of world financial market including, all major stock markets, currency, metal, oil, soft commodities, grains, bonds and real estate market. The Book also contains detailed predictions of 68 countries, religions, natural disasters and many other important areas.


I am sure this book will help readers to make important decisions.


Thanks & God

Mahendra Sharma, 17 March



Dear Members,

This is THE EXPIRY WEEK OF all March future and option contract of oil, currencies, Indexes, Dollar Index and Treasury bonds. We have seen today huge volatility in currency market. Currency traders endeavor their preeminent to scare buyer of USD as well as seller of commodity but surprisingly commodities are not able to take full advantage of weak dollar. Those who are trading with high leverage get easily panic but long term buyer of USD should hold Dollar position without any fear.


It is always very difficult to sell during the expiry any market which is expiring in bull phase because traders are scare of higher prices (same happening with USD and commodities) and when markets are in bear trend same thing happens and no one buys (like USD).


I see gold moving down to $665 before it hits $1020 and oil will first will touch to $75 before it sees $112.80 and silver $13.30 before it hits $22.00. Euro can trade another 100 points up from here (1.5640) but I am so sure it going to $1.20 in 2008. USA story is not ending so please be aware of this.


Buy USA market and sell international market.


Last week was best opportunity to sell grains when Soybean was $1575, Canola $770, Oat $450 Wheat $1300, Soy oil $72, coffee $168 and cotton $93 and again time has come to sell grains and soft commodities.


Once again - Sell gold around $998, oil around 110.30 and buy dollar.




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Thanks & God BLESS

Mahendra Sharma, 12 March 2008