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Today's Trade & News

Million dollar portfolio, Oil toward $65, gold toward $700 and dollar index toward $98.00, Melt down in commodities and currencies on the way...

Dear Members,

As per our this week newsletter all price target has acheived so get ready for most interesting time ahead. Read this week newsletter here as a complimentary copy:


Today, is the final rising day for oil and it will be challenging to see how oil trades from Monday because I have been calling top in oil around 17, May or at $128.80. Those who will buy put options will surely make tones of money in coming days and months. Any time from Monday, you will see power of planetary movements as once again middle of next week bear market will dominate commodity market. Top has been achieved today in major commodities, which includes energy, grains and metals.


Metals will remain here for another few days but they will also enter in bear cycle.


Nature is giving you a life-time opportunity to buy US Dollar around $73 and sell Euro $15560.


This week Monday we recommended $1 million dollar portfolio and it has already gain 5% in last five trading session. We are expecting to reach $5 in the next five years.


Thanks & God Bless Mahendra Sharma, Friday 7.30 am, 16 May
Dear Friends,
Markets are trading as predicted in this week newsletter and big fall is on the on late tuesday in metals and other commodities but watch the Wednesday.
This week I have announced 1 million portfolio which include the list of stock and my predicition that it will reach over 5 million in the next five years. Also many are looking for free newsletter and news and there is no harm but to gain some thing you have to pay a token money like when you visit your guru or mantor you take a gift. I don't have problem in providing free predcitions but cost of newsletter is what you spend on one coffee.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra,
Monday 11.00 PM 12, May 2008
Dear Friends,
Here is what David Morgan said about my new book: 2008-09 world & Financial prophecies:
Radio interview with Richroff
I will be on CNBC on Monday 9.20am Indian time.
On 12 May at 11.00 am EST time on radio:
Monthly predcitions are coming true from book and other predcition on countries are on track. Now waiting for mega crash in commodities and huge rise in US dollar which shall start any time according to my book. Get a you copy on our website as soon as possible as I might increase the rate.
I did increase the rate of my previous books as I announced limited edition and this will follow same way.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra ,10 May, 2008
Dear Friends,
Here is today's radio interview with Richroff. Those who trust my work then must believe that crude is going toward $65, gold is toward $700 (that will be life time opportunity to buy gold and this will happen around end of June or early July) and dollar Index toward $98, I still believe that gold will rise with dollar in coming time.
Maximum oil can reach $128.80 or till 17th May buyer can push higher prices but after 17th May it will fall $9 to $10 in a day. Get ready most exiting time ahead. One can start taking sell position today without fail but no aggressive because oil may remain volatile. 
Those who doesn't want to take risk can buy put options of July in crude.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Thursday 11.00 PM Santa Barbara, 8 May 2008
All other soft commodities also looking very weak so trade carefully (except coffee).
Fight of bull and bear can keep go on untill 17 May, but any time from 17 May bear market will dominate commodities and currencies, no money power can save buyer. It will be like tsunami wave for buyer, which will take every thing away.
After 17 MAY: Oil toward to $70, soybean toward $700, gold toward $700.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Tuesday 10.00 AM, 6th May 2008