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Markets, commodities, currencies and Bond prices are ready to move aggressively...our special offer will expire soon.

Monday was a far better day for commodities and markets…Our special offer will expire soon…


Dear Members, 

One thing I have learned over three decades is that Astro cycles are excellent tools that can guide what is coming ahead for all markets, commodities, currencies, and the economy. Initially, everyone was skeptical but then slowly every big name on Wall Street and globally started adopting our theory very gracefully and I am very proud of the Astro market predicting theory. Our job is to provide you with overall guidance or a glimpse of the future and your job is to plan trading and investment strategy as per your requirement and risk appetite.   

Currently, we see an amazing bull market coming and hardly anyone has a clue what this bull market looks like, but soon you will experience and witness the magnitude of the bull market. It will be one of the best bull markets of the last hundred years. Since October 2022 our view have been very bullish after the bottom of the market on 22 March 2020. On 22 March 2020, we recommended going all-in, and in October 2022 once again we recommended all-in by buying frontline tech stocks. Follow our weekly and daily newsletter as we are very excited about the coming time.

Amazing trend in commodities and market is starting soon. Selective stocks will do very well and will provide multifold returns. Tech stocks are our top pick and lithium stocks will start moving higher soon. Let's talk about Tuesday’s outlook.  

This week, no major Astro combinations are changing. It is the week in which prices will stabilize in stocks and commodities. Coffee, cotton, and silver will gain big value from here onward, and gains and energy prices will trade directionless in the short period. Currencies bottoming this week, close long in USD, and buy currencies. Thirty-year bond will make a big move.

 After this week, we see an amazing era that may favor the bull. 

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Every year we announce a special offer during the last week of August, and we decided to do so this year as well.

The special offer starts today and will end soon, so start a subscription or extend your current subscription to avail it. Starting from the monthly to the annual subscription, we will add an extra 25% to your subscription. For example:

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Important Note: This discount offer is not valid for personal clients and corporate clients' subscripptions. Please get our approval before you subscribe to personal and corporate client services.

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma