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Dear Members,

Last week was amazing for investors and it was the best time for our theory as since the first week of October, we have been predicting the market to rally big from the 30th of October, and this prediction proved greatly accurate. It is always great to receive appreciation from members because I feel great and fortunate that I have dedicated my life to the Astro Cycle Theory. We predicted S&P won’t go below 4168 and NASDAQ 14100, S&P gained more than 7% and NASDAQ gained more than 10% value. The last two trading weeks remained the best in the last two years as predicted and this is just a trailer. I am confident that our higher side target will be fulfilled by the end of this year. I am expecting a minimum of a 10% rally in the future coming time by following our Weekly and Daily Letters.

This week's inflation, Retail sales, and next week's NVDA report will be key ones to guide the market from here onward. There is no doubt that some volatility could be expected, but our vision is very clear. We still believe that investors have only 5 years to make money; after that, everything will melt down, so let's play accordingly and create wealth for generations.

In the last two weeks, we have been recommending selling commodities (including metals and energy). A tough time is coming ahead, so follow our Weekly and Daily Letters closely. All major metals are unable to beat our Astro resistance levels, and now the support levels are very close so read Monday's report carefully. Most of our predicted levels work very accurately and well.

The Thirty-Year Bond moved higher, and some profit booking is expected because the first target of 114-00 was achieved. The Dollar Index is still struggling to close above 106.18, as predicted.

We are in the final 30 trading days of 2023, and some of our trades may provide you with great returns; just focus on tech stocks at these stages and read the Weekly and Daily Letters carefully. Let's see if NASDAQ achieves 16788 by the year-end or not, and S&P 4708. Most of our recommended stocks and strategies are doing well, and we will keep the same strategy. We will watch the negative and positive Astro days carefully as they are trend-guiders, and they do magic. No market predictor or analyst has this magic wand. I will pass this magic wand to one of my children as they are working to learn the Astro cycle and its impact on markets.

Last week the US market performed well, but tech stocks outperformed most of the indexes. Many of the tech stocks, especially the magnificent 7 are close to all-time highs, while the rest of the sectors are underperforming. Our focus has been on tech stocks, and I am sure that paid off very well. Now all eyes will be on this week’s inflation report, and NVDA earnings report next week. The inflation report will be mixed, and there is no doubt that NVDA will announce robust earnings, but everyone would like to hear about the future guidance. If the future guidance is below par, then the stock can dive in a big way, and it may provide a great buying opportunity. If the future guidance is robust, then the stock may gain between $80-$140 in a day. We will try to make our prediction in next week’s letter.

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Mahendra Sharma