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Lithium, Graphite, Nickel, EV related technology, electric grid stocks will outperform tech, biotech, financial, gold and bitcoin from here onward...

Mondays small update for E-car and battery

Lithium, Cobalt, Graphite, Nickel and Battery stocks are best bet to make fortune...

Dear Members,   

I don’t know how to start this small update because I can’t believe what I see, and if what I see comes true then surely most of you may able to turn you investments twenty folds in the next one year. I have been fortunate because nature has helped us find the right area every time, and those who followed our predictions have done amazingly well right from the beginning from the internet bubble era prediction of 1996. I literally forced my close friends to invest, and told them that if they lost money, then never come back to me for any advice. I was young and aggressive, so I forced my friends to invest money during the internet era and many made a fortune.
Nature has helped me find the correct area or right sector of investment, except on two occasions when my predictions failed. The first one (The Fukushima Nuclear disaster which killed the whole uranium sector) and the second time (When Cannabis stocks lost value in 2018). My view on cannabis stocks was bullish in 2017/18, and they moved higher, but came down. The same happened with uranium mining stocks, they went in multi-folds after our recommendation, but then came down. Initially people made a great amount of money in Uranium and Cannabis, but I failed to recommend profit booking around the higher side.   

It is always good to have a few failures in life because it keeps us humble and keeps reminding us that we are not supreme. Yes, thanks to nature those who believed in our work made a fortune in the last four decades. Many people turned their wealth in many folds, and all thanks goes to the astro cycles and nature. Now Wall-Street experts believe that more than 75 Billion Dollars follows our work. More than 16.59 million hits completed at

Let me come back to EV, battery, lithium, Nickel, Cobalt, and graphite stocks…click is to subscribe this report as we are expecting investors to make fortune, Lithium, Graphite, Nickel, EV related technology, electric gride will outperform tech, biotech, financial, gold and bitcoin from here onward so every investor must jump in these stocks asap without waiting. I am sure you all must remember our our buying recommendations in TSLA at $55, i think same way lithium and better stocks to perform.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

22 February 2021