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Let the future unfold slowly but surely...

Dear Friends, 
IN A FEW WEEKS THERE WILL BE NEWS THAT SHORT SELL OR HEDGER ARE GOING BANKRUPT BECAUSE OF THE SUDDEN RISE IN METAL PRICES. I never write for fun, nor do I change my predictions with the current trend or news. I only write what I see and that is the reason why I am still standing in today’s modern high tech society with my subject even though most people are sceptic for this great subject of astrology. It always seems funny to me when people believe in manipulated economic data or whatever politician and policy maker says. Last Friday same thing happen on employment data (I wish that they were right) because I can clearly see in my calculations that this is all false and truth will come soon in few months.  Mahendra Sharma  


Today is 4 September – a long waiting is over and now I feel free to say that time for gold has started to rule world's economy and world financial market. The wave of gold will be every where, its popularity will spread like a perfume smell and yes I am excited. I feel relief because 3 September is passed but it did some damage. Power of time is unique because the gold price closed at $400 on 3 September even after a frenzy in which a lot of people dumped metals during a final day of negative wave as though there would be no tomorrow. Gold however fought back and firmly stood against all onslaughts to close at $400. This is the power of gold and I once again confirm that no power on earth or the universe can bring down gold prices below $400. On Friday, it just so happened that an external power played a negative role for metals. As I have stated many times previously, the impact of external powers and influences is usually short-lived.


This year I was wrong for the second occasion in my weekly predictions on metals. The first time was on the last week of April 2004 when metal prices went down and the metal stocks collapsed. This was however not the case during last week. Metals stocks remained quite stable and stood firm like the wall of China


I do not want to dwell too much onto the past today as it is a special day for me. This is because it is the day in which I was brought forth into this beautiful planet. 


Here is this week prediction (6 September to 10 September) and I am sure that you will clearly get all answers. You can subscribe weekly newsletter



Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma