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Today's Trade & News

Late Thursday's fall will decide how much fall can come in oil and metals is coming..US Dollar will be on fire..

Dear Members,
We were very concern on Tursdays trend as we saw some thing unusal to happen thats is why we said that watch the trend of Thursday because it was positive day and hidden negativity was indicating in metals and oil  that is why we warn three places in this week newsletter. Metals and oil can enter in worst bear market from here to trade carefuly.
I will come with small update on Friday and yes next week newsletter will be the most important one to all of us. Stock markets are trading positive as predicted, dollar is not falling though it has been trading sidways or bit weak as predicted and on other hand grains are weak.
I am sure many must have book profit in oil and metals on higher side predicted target.

Financial newsletter for 25-29 August



In this week's newsletter gold and silver section we mentioned:

"If gold and oil donít trade positively on Thursday and Friday, this will be terrible news for metals and oil. I shall therefore issue a very important update on late Thursday."


In this week's newsletter "oil" section we mentioned:



On Friday we had the single biggest fall in a day for oil prices during four years and I am not still positive on all commodities at this stage. We are still in a weak trend and a rising trend should therefore be taken as a selling opportunity.


This week oil, heating oil and RB gas will trade sideway or weak from Monday to Wednesday. There will be a sharp rising trend from late Wednesday to Friday, therefore cover any short position on mid Wednesday. If oil is however weak on Thursday and Friday and declines, this will be a bad sign and could herald it worst in seven years.


Oil may soon drop to below $100 if it remains weak on Thursday and Friday. Thursday and Friday are therefore very important days for oil and I will come out with alert on late Thursday or Friday monring.


Final Note: I don't want you to make any decision in hurry so wait for tomorrows update and this week letter as we want to see how Fridays is trading.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma 7.00pm Thursday