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Last week newsletter is here for those who like to review..

Dear Members,

Last week we saw a positive trend in gold as well as in silver, while oil finally turned around on Friday with heating oil, RB gas and natural gas. The dollar index remained stable and though we didn’t expect much for last week, the British pound and Australian dollar made gains. Elsewhere, grains traded with a lot of volatility and there was a decline in all the soft commodities.


The most important update was sent on Friday, and it is quite clear that I expect something very big to happen soon in all major stock markets.


The overall scenario for the USA stock indexes is positive for 2007, but a short-term crash that will start from Asia and Europe could have serious impact and hurt the American markets. I am very worried about the stock market, as there are no indications of negative news or geo-political situations that could affect the market. My concern is wholly based on astrological reasons that are hidden from normal perception. It is akin to the hidden trend of oil that saw it propelled from $20 to $80 and then from $80 to $50. If one traded with this trend, he/she could have made enough money to last the next seven generations.


I am with you and my job is very simple; that is to give you an overall outlook of market and its trends. I am a normal human being like you and one should not therefore expect me to be accurate everyday. That said, I am sure that I shall guide you more than has previously been done, onto the right path and great trend. It might seem as though am trying to extol myself but no; I would like to build your confidence in this subject, as I am certain that it could take you towards a path of great success.


We shall be focusing on the stock markets, and closely observe their trends from Monday. If what the planets are showing is right and I am accurately reading their movements, then there is a great deal of money to be made in the stock market by selling them.


Predictions for 22 to 26 January 2007




Last week gold remained positive, which is what we expected. But I also mentioned that one should sell gold position on Friday, and there was a reason for that: oil may remain stable or positive this week, but gold will decide to walk on its own path, which could be a little on the negative side.


Gold should trade weakly on Monday as well as on Tuesday. However, if it doesn’t trade weakly on Monday, then you should just load up metals without hesitation or waiting for my update!


I hope and I pray that gold trades positive on Monday. I recommend buying metals during weakness or probably in Tuesday’s last hour of New York trading, even if gold is weak Monday and Tuesday. I expect a positive trend on Wednesday.



This week silver will follow gold, though I foresee some big crowd or noise in gold. Silver should trade weakly on Monday after a high opening because that is what gold will be doing, but will lose more than gold percentage-wise.


Buy silver on Tuesday or early Wednesday because a very interesting trend will be born.


The trading range for silver will be $12.63 to $13.28; and if it breaks $13.28, then my next target is $13.80.



Accumulate copper this week, as a short-term rising trend is set to start, and this could have a gain of around seven percent. The right day to buy copper will be on Monday, but do not forget to book profit once it reaches 7% higher because greed can come in and suggest that copper could go much higher.  



The scenario will be quite interesting for gold, silver as well as copper. However, these two metals will sit quietly without doing much and therefore don’t buy them.



Last week I recommended not buying coffee, and I hold the same recommendation for this week as well.



This week you should keep some money ready to buy a small quantity of cotton on Thursday and sell it after a rise of four percent.



Except for orange juice, lumber and sugar traded weakly during the last week. We expect a weak trend for the first two days of this week, but you can buy a small position in sugar and lumber on Thursday. I don’t recommend any position in orange juice and as a matter of fact, you can buy the put option or sell calls in it.



This week my focus will be major stock markets because a major correction can shake up the investor community any day, so be prepared for it. This could either occur on Monday, or between Wednesday and Friday. For the first time after a long period, short-term planetary movements indicate the most negative signal and I am passing the same to you. This weak trend could dominate the market for three to six weeks, after which the bull market will start once again, but only for the USA markets. The rest of the markets will remain sideways for the rest of the year. Indeed, the USA market will be the best performer for 2007 out of all the world indexes.


In 2001 I recommended loading up gold, silver and base metal stocks and people have made fortunes. In the same way, I recommend loading up alternative energy stocks and I am sure that in the next three years you will make a fortune.


Once again, alternative energy stocks will be the best performers and of course technology will also perform well in the long run. The current fall that I expect in the major stock markets will not affect the alternative energy area.



Our outlook in regard to the Treasury bond has been quite accurate. Once again, this will be another weak week, therefore trade accordingly. There is no need to cover the short positions and one can actually take the opportunity to sell on rising.



Last week I recommended buying oil at $50.50 and I still hold the recommendation. Those who have been trading for years must know that it is difficult to find a bottom to buy anything. Even though many do, weak trend and volatility forces them to stay away from the market. We saw major volatility in oil during the last week, when it was trading $50.50 and it looked like it would collapse to $48 or $45. It however bounced back quite sharply on Friday.


This week I see oil trading in the range of $54.80 to $50.80. One can buy heating oil and RB gas, but do not buy natural gas because it will form a high on Tuesday and then decline.


For those who bought oil around $50.50 on my recommendation, hold the buying position in heating oil and RG gas till my next update.



It has been very frustrating for many that the British pound and Australian dollar are still sitting strong; as for the last two weeks I have recommended selling these currencies. All other currencies areas are trading sideways and the dollar is quite strong above $84.


The Canadian dollar and Japanese Yen are trading at the lower range as they came down quite sharply from their high. I do not recommend taking a big position in them, at least at this stage. However, one can buy the Canadian dollar on Tuesday for the short-term. The Japanese Yen will remain sideways this week, so there is no need to invest money there. The most interesting day will be Tuesday, when there should be new support for the dollar, but we’ll still wait for a confirmation of Tuesday’s move.


I still recommend staying short in the Australian dollar, Swiss Franc, British Pound as well as the Euro.


Wait for an important update that I will write on Tuesday evening (my time). It will be an essential update for currencies.



Ø      Upward trend for metals


Ø      We shall see both-side movements in oil; therefore trade accordingly. Sell at higher prices and buy at lower prices as recommended


Ø      Grains should trade sideway or little weak. For the short-term, take a short position but buy September call


Ø      Sell all major indexes from this week because on Friday there was a message from planetary indications that advise this. This is not withstanding the fact that the markets were up on Friday.


Ø      Buy alternative stocks. They are all trading at the lower side and a great buying opportunity including – BLDP, XSNX, WWAT, HOKU, PEIX, DESC, ESLR, MKTY, DIST and many others. I like some small stocks, which I am holding for the longer term, like WWAT, XSNX, SLRE, ENEI and BCON- watch these stocks. Indeed, one can buy them if he wants. For instance, WWAT has performed well in the last two months.


Finally, I would like to wish you a satisfactory trading week. Good luck.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 21 Jan