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Last week newsletter here to reveiw, I also believe strongly that every once astro time cycle plays a important role for gain and loses..

Astro-Financial weekly newsletter from 16 to 20 June 2008

By Mahendra Sharma, date: 15 June 2008

"Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves
that break upon the idle seashore of the mind."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

Dear Members,

One of the key elements that contribute to misjudgment of future trends is ignorance. I try to raise awareness of impending developments through my newsletter services so that my followers are better equipped. There is a lot of commotion currently about energy and the food crisis, but this is nothing new as it has happened many times in the past hundred years. Of course we are all concerned about the high inflation and other issues, but recession, depression, inflation, war, bubbles and crashes are all a part of the economic cycle. If these fail to occur, then it would not be an economy as we know it and the world economic cycle would end. In any case, it is simply unrealistic to expect the trend to be perpetually rosy and upbeat for everyone without end.


Most often than not, returns to an investment donot result instantly or in the same form. As a matter of fact, you lose money at times or realize the gains late, even after years. In each and every human life, there is an inevitable cycle of ups and downs, gains and losses, happiness and depression; and many times the cycles take you from pain onto a new bright path. In all major and sudden changes in your life, destiny usually plays a role that forces you to look for a new avenue or an alternative path. This could occur through different ways like losing money, family disturbance or other major events that result in life changes. All these take place because of the so called “destiny”.


In life, people are lucky in certain aspects but experience losses or problems in particular areas in which others seem to thrive. Such is the irony of life and therefore none can claim to “have it all”. Similarly, a few people are lucky in some areas of the market that spell disaster for others. There are those who always make money in metals, while others thrive in bonds, the stock markets, pharmaceuticals, technology etcetera. There are those who seem to be masters of long positions while others are adept in taking short positions. Thus, everyone’s luck is attached to different things and it is futile to attempt to replicate everything that others are doing successfully. The most important thing is to identify areas of investment that are particularly favorable and suited to you and carving a niche for yourself.


I used to read charts for a individuals as well as institutions, but I stopped taking new clients in the last ten years in order to focus on the ones I already had. As I have mentioned before, I consider my services to be geared towards raising awareness. I have also stated the importance of identifying areas in which one is best suited for investment. I have therefore decided that it will be important for me to be reading charts for my members so that they can discover the best areas in which to invest. This will assist members to determine whether to concentrate trading in metals, oil, currencies, grains or the stock market. In addition, it will assist them decide if to trade for long positions or focus on short positions. Determination of the best timing according to your chart will guide on whether to trade in 2008 or 2009 and even the best period, from the month of June to August or between September and December. This could help you make money without struggling everyday in the trading market. When my Mars cycle began in 1997 and cycle was ending early 2000, I invested $17,000 (In 1997) and it turned into $1.6 million because I kept all my tech stock utill Mid Jan 2000.  I know several other people who made money by staying in long metal positions at the time, hence it is important to find out where, how and when you can best make the most in your trading.


This is also very important for me because I would like 100% of all my members to become successful in their trading/investment from this point onwards. Since the life of every single individual is different, I shall try to guide you according to your chart and timing cycle. I shall however be traveling from next week and therefore won’t be able to read charts till the first week of July. Reading a single chart could take 1 to 3 days and there will be a cost of $500 for this. Those who would prefer to talk or discuss their charts over the phone can send me an email and I shall give them the date and time for the conversation. For the same job, I used to charge from $11,000 to $21,000.


The idea of reading Astro-charts for my members was given by my father (spiritual healer and astrologer), and my guru asked me to use the method in order to better guide my members to prosperity. Those who are interested in the service need to send me their date of birth, place of birth, and the time of birth. If you however don’t know the exact time you were born, then please indicate whether you were born in the morning, afternoon, evening, or in the middle of the night. If your astrological cycle is negative, either for a short period or for the long term, I could advise you to quit the market or adopt an alternative path. I shall use findings in your chart to steer you to a path that is lucky for you and that may give you happiness, peace, and money, which is what you are trying to get. Those who are interested can either pay through my website at the following link: and click on the appropriate tab, $500, or send us card details. I shall begin to give replies from the first week of July.

Note: The fees and services mentioned are only applicable for my current members as I don’t normally read charts for $500. I just want to apply my astrological knowledge through chart reading since I want my members to be successful and same time my subject will gain more respect.


And now to the financial outlook; once again the market remained very volatile last week. This will however be the final week of major volatility as Mars is changing its Zodiac house. The markets will therefore stabilize onto the right path after this week. The Dollar is coming back into game, and all commodities are at the top except metals. As far as I can see, the only way from this point is downhill, and the slope is extremely steep. It will therefore be impossible to make a slow, gradual or safe descent, and commodities will lose control and rapidly slide downhill. We should thus lookout for a major crash in commodities (energy and grains).


Financial newsletter from 16 to 20 June 2008


Last week gold traded as we had predicted. In the last newsletter, we recommended covering up the short positions in metals on Friday, which you may have done. This week I see gold stabilizing and beginning to trade positively, therefore any weak trend on Monday and Tuesday should be taken as a buying opportunity in metals (Only for short period). Meanwhile, hold your long position till Wednesday. Best time to sell on Thursday, and weak trend will remain on Friday.


Recent positive trends in grains and energy have been unable to support metals, the reason being the up trend of USD. In coming times, a mixed trend will be seen in metals, and money will flow back into metals after being diverted from energy. This may support gold prices.


Two factors will dominate in the next two weeks; the rising trend in the Dollar, which I clearly see happening, and a major fall in commodities especially energy and grains. This is poised to occur anytime from this week. Grains and energy are entering into a long-term bear market from Wednesday, and metals will steer their own destiny from here onwards. They will trade in a good trading range, and members should therefore take advantage of this trading pattern. Lately we have been quite accurate in the weekly trend and one should not hesitate to take full advantage of it! This week’s trading range for gold will be $898 to $872.



The prices of silver will follow the trend gold this week. Silver will trade positively from Monday to Wednesday, therefore buy on any weakness. However, Friday will witness a decline.



The fact that Mars is changing houses may support these side metals in the coming months. In the current week, they will very closely follow the trend of gold. They will enter a sharp correction zone from Thursday onwards and this may last for two weeks. One therefore needs to plan his trades accordingly.



Cotton prices have sharply moved up due to uncertainty in weather patterns but they will be unable to hold at the higher side this week and sharp corrections will come from Wednesday. I should therefore sell cotton and buy coffee. If you recall a few weeks back, I said that the transit of the moon could result in frost in coffee growing areas in the third week of June (we want to see that how accuretly Moon can guide us). We are entering the said period and one should buy coffee without further delay as you will not be able to take any position once the news of frost comes into market. This is because coffee could move up 10-30% in a single day following such news. Furthermore, coffee will be a great hedging against selling other commodities; therefore take advantage of selling other commodities and buy coffee. This trade is likely to result in fantastic returns in coming time.



Lumber and orange juice will remain in a sideways or weak trend. For the short term period however, sugar and cocoa may move up for the first two days of the week.



Last week there was a roller coaster in the market. I would however like to bring to your attention the fact that the Chinese stock market as well as a few emerging markets have been trading in a very depressed manner. As a matter of fact, the Chinese market has come down more than 50% from its top. In third quarter of 2007 no one believed me when I said that China and other emerging market would tumble 30-50%. Just imagine if you would have invested 10,000 in short positions: today your investments would have been more than 20 or 30 folds. Here is chart: If China market can fall from 6000 to 2880 then any thing possible in the world. I am still very much causious about metals, energy and grains as they can fall more than 40-60% from current level so please be aware than any thing is possible. Must start taking puts in all major coomodities.


Chart for SSE Composite Index (000001.SS) 


Meanwhile, I am still not optimistic about emerging markets including India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. I however see them soon getting support from the positive trend of the USA market. Emerging markets still don’t give me solid reasons for buying them, as I see the USA Dollar strengthening considerably. My advice to members is to stay long in the USA equity and the USA Dollar and you shall benefit from two sides.


On Monday and Tuesday the markets will remain volatile or weak, but one must begin to take a buying position in the banking and financial stocks but Agriculature stocks will dominate the trend, therefore position yourselves to take advantage. Lehman brothers will present some positive news; therefore add the stocks in your portfolio for the short term. One should avoid technology, transport, energy as well as material stocks during this week.



Once again, I have no fear when I say that grain prices will fall crazily like they did in March this year. We all know that within a very short span of time, wheat came down from 1400 to 700. Soy bean and bean oil also lost around 30% value and the time has come again for them to start trading limit down. The media and big traders will be playing with the news about the weather but don’t fear from Wednesday.


One needs to watch very closely as they could start falling from Tuesday. It is however certain that they will rapidly drop from Wednesday onwards and one will not even be able to sell as they will trade with lock limit down and it will be too late. Those who do not want to take risks since they are currently trading with volatility due to weather news can take put options for December and forget about it. I shall remind you to book thousands of percent in profit in just a few months.



The positive time cycle for oil will end this week and the great bubble of oil market will once again become history. I see a sharp correction in heating oil, RB gas and crude oil coming any time from Wednesday. Those who do not want to take risks on Monday and Tuesday can buy put options right next to the money. I am still very confident that the Morgan/Stanley call of oil reaching $150 by the 4th of July or someone in the metal community calling the dollar index to move down $52 will not see the light of day.


I still believe that oil will not be able to break the $140 mark and the maximum target I predicted last week of $139.80 is still valid. Any negative news which could be created by speculative cartels can only push oil prices up to a maximum of $139.80.


This week one can sell oil fearlessly. I do not know what will happen on Monday and Tuesday because I am not sure about the trend for the two days. Oil could even fall but I cannot trust the Scorpio moon as it could bring negative news. One should therefore take a selling position with very low leverage though from Wednesday onwards you can go head on. I have 100% faith in astrology and you shall see the power of planetary movement from Thursday onwards.



I do not want to write much about the Dollar because the bull market has already began, and it will continue for the next five to seven years. On Monday and Tuesday, the Dollar will trade weakly, and this will be a very positive sign because it means the Dollar will be on fire on Thursday onwards. Indeed, the Dollar will move high in this week. Keep adding position in USD on weakness of Monday and Tuesday.


One should take the opportunity of selling the Euro and Australian Dollar during Monday’s rise and take a selling position in the Mexican Peso on Tuesday. Overall, the trend in the Swiss Franc and British Pound will remain sideways though we may see some recovery in the Canadian Dollar for the last time during early of weak.


In conclusion, I see a very strong rally in the Dollar for the next 45 days. This shall take the Dollar index towards the $80 mark.


AVOID TRADING: Monday and Tuesday Moon is scorpio (which always forces mind to take wrong decision as market give false indicating and volatility) so try to avoid trading except buying coffee.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 15 June 2007,