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Last week newsletter, gold toward $645, silver t$9.80 ,oil $83 and Dow 16000?

ďAwareness always gives positive results, ego and ignorance lead to the wrong pathĒ

Dear Members,

For the first time in one year and 9 months, I can say that the reasons behind my constant recommendations for the Dollar revealed. Though my members have lost money following this recommendation, I can make an assurance that time is coming round for a not only full recovery but success path to go beyond that. Astrology has provided numerous unique predictions in the last twenty eight years, and I therefore canít blame time or keep regretting wrong predictions made about the Dollar in the past 19 months. My intention is to focus ahead and give the most appropriate guidance in order to benefit from the new era in the Dollar.


I wish you the best of luck.


Last week the Dollar sharply went up, and this represents a dangerous sign for major currencies in the medium and long term. The short-term trend will however be dominated by planetary movements. Commodities are trading weakly on the Dollarís strengthening, and this is an eventuality about, which we have always been concerned. This is why we have been recommending staying away from metals, grains and energy. It was tough and very challenging to call that oil would not hit $150 after Morgan Stanly made an open prediction that it would do so by 4th July and that it would soon go towards $170. Matters were not made easier by OPECís assertion that oil would soon reach $170 to $200, but both were proved to have been false and misleading statements to the world investor community. It is unfortunate when institutions vested with such enormous trust by the investment community deliberately issue statements for personal gain or to benefit people close to them. I feel that they should therefore apologize and in fact be sued since it seems that gain has become the overriding consideration at the expense of investors. The entire episode is a sad and unfortunate scandal that highlights how such authorities can misguide investors and abuse the trust vested upon them.


Having said that, it is important to realize that this is not new as higher authorities have always played this kind of misguiding role for the last hundred years whenever investors were at a critical point. As a matter of fact, we should accept that this is all part of manipulation: therefore more reason why we follow astrology to get awareness about future trends.


The move of the Dollar has given us hope that the USA stock market (DOW) could reach above 30000 in coming years. The only market that I trust at this stage is the USA stock market: I recommend that one stays with the Dollar and the DOW and I am certain that we shall make tones of money.


Many people will inevitably ask me what will now happen to the commodities market if the Dollar keeps moving up for the next few months or years. My answer is simply that commodities will move according to planetary movement, and I shall do my best to guide you accordingly.


Numerous members have sent us messages of congratulation for the predictions of the Dollarís rise and fall of commodities. I acknowledge and thank you all. I am very happy for everyone who has made money and look forward to even greater accuracy. Indeed, I hope to match my 1987 to 2005 prediction era.


I thank you for your continued support and trust in my work.


Financial Predictions for 11th to 15 August 2008



Gold and silver will trade a little positively on Monday and Tuesday this week during morning hours, but it will decline in closing on both days. We therefore donít have much trading opportunity in metals, though one can buy if they move down.


Outcome: In newsletter and daily updates our target got almost fulfilled: Higher side we expected gold to reach $871, which happened on Monday opening and down side targeted $775 and for silver higher side we expected $15.57 which happened on Monday, and down side we targeted $11.80.




These base metal commodities will trade sideways or weak and they will rise during the last hour of Wednesdayís trading, as well as on Thursday and Friday but trend is weak and we expected platinum to fall around $1400 and copper $320 and it can hit low of $270 in near the future.


Outcome: They traded as we mentioned.  



Coffee and cotton will trade sideways this week and I donít recommend any new position for the first three days. One can buy coffee on Friday but avoid trading cotton as I see it in decline this week.


Outcome: They traded as we mentioned.  



While one should avoid trading sugar, the time has come to buy orange juice as I foresee it having a sharp rise from Thursday. On the other hand, sugar and cocoa will be weak, therefore avoid their trading or any long-term short position. Indeed, sugar is poised to fall further this week.


Outcome: They traded as we mentioned.  



You will make 20% by end of the year if the Dollar moves 10% and the USA stock market moves 10%. There must be good reasons why planets kept recommending selling all major international markets from early this year as well as buying in the USA as a hedging position. Thank God that we were lucky by being negative on the financial sector, therefore hedging paid us substantially. We have been in the alternative energy area and will keep holding that position.


I strongly recommend that members buy the USA market as well as the Dollar as that is the way we shall build the ARK, and this should place us at the top in the next three years.


Buy technology and financials this week and avoid or sell agro stocks as well as alternative energy stocks. However, one should hold a long term position in alternative stocks.


This week Japan and the USA will be the best performers while all other emerging markets will trade sideways. Buy the power sector in India.


Dow Jones: I see a sideways trend on Monday morning that will begin to move up later in the day, therefore take advantage of buying. The Dow Jones will have a sharp rise on Tuesday and it will close very strongly. On Wednesday there will be a positive trend in the morning, but it will later slow down and decline. The market is likely to be volatile on Thursday and Friday, but a weak trend should be taken as a buying opportunity.


All other markets will follow the trend in the USA market but not to the same extent percentage wise.


Outcome: They traded as we mentioned.  



One should buy grains during this week, especially on Wednesday as I foresee a sharp rise.


Buy Soybean, wheat, corn and soy oil and one can book profit on Friday. Over all medium term trend is weak in grains but one can buy for the short term.


Outcome: They traded as we mentioned. Wheat moved up sharply as we recommended buying during last week Friday.  




There is an interesting coincidence in which the planets are giving a buying signal for all commodities on late Wednesday, while the same is indicating for oil. I see oil moving up sharply from late Wednesday, therefore one should a buying opportunity on Wednesday during a weak trend.


Any rise in oil on Monday and Tuesday should be taken as selling opportunity. Monday and Tuesday on higher it can move to $118.30 and lower-side it can touch $112.20


Outcome: They traded as we mentioned AND we recommended buying on Friday. Wednesday and early Thursday we expected rise and yes oil moved up sharply from low of $112.80 to $117.60 and came down sharply on late Thursday and Friday.



What a great week it was: the Dollar performed well against all major currencies. I had expected the Euro to break below $1.5000 earlier during the week, but it only happened on Friday. The trend was simply mind boggling, and it was the first indication that in a few years the Euro could move down more than it has gained since 2002.


This week the Dollar will remain sideways or uncertain on Monday, an indication that it is unwilling to move downwards. I see a positive trend for the Dollar that will begin from late Monday, and this trend will continue till Wednesday morning. Certain it will move down on Thursday. This weakness will persist till Friday morning, therefore take a buying opportunity in the Dollar on Friday.


Outcome: We expected dollar to move $78.00 first rising cycle, and that almost got fulfilled on Friday. In last 100 years dollar never moved this aggressively again all major world currencies and for this prediction we must thank astrology and nature.


Our members got saved from recent crash in metal, oil and grains prices, in fact we recommended selling oil at $145, gold at $970, silver at $18.80, copper at $386, platinum at $2100, euro at $1.5800, Aussie at .9625, Pound at 1.97 and all other currencies against US DOLLAR. Also our recommendation was to sell corn, soy bean, bean oil, wheat, cotton, coffee, orange juice and sugar has paid huge returns. In fact, we were very negative on all commodities as we saw drastic fall in them. Still this is not yet over.


Find out when commodities will bottom out! Will gold hit $645? Silver will fall to $9.80?  oil will reach to $83? And will Dow hit 16000 by year end? I will be talking about all this in the next few newsletters. Risk you take in market is nothing against what you pay for the weekly newsletter subscription fee. We have given the most unique predictions in the last 21 years, and we never made big noise about our predictions. Also many world known financial institutions, banks, fund managers are members since last many years and they have been following our work very quietly.  


At this point, I must mention Bill Murphy. He silently supported my Dollar prediction and two months back he said that he couldnít disagree more with me on the US Dollar. He is truly a man of vision and I thank him for his support.


Finally, one needs to trade with caution in all commodities and shake off the hangover of the last six years commodity bull market. I warned about emerging markets (India, China, Korea, Singapore, Australia and S. Africa) at the end of last year as well as early this year, but most people chose to ignore the warning because they were hypnotized by the bull market. As a result, the crash of emerging market made them eventually lose more than what they had made during the last three years.  


Note: I shall send you an update this week.


Donít copy, edit or forward newsletter in any form. Subscription cost is nothing against the risk we takes in market.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma 10 August 2008

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