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Is world equity toward major crash? - Small part from this week letter..

This week have I warned on few stock  markets so be careful, to read subscribe newsletter. 19 December..


Dear Friends,

This is not complete newsletter but I am putting here brief or small parts from this week newsletter. You could have made huge amount of returns on this week recommendations. We have many tools to predict the market but I still believe that wave of nature theory is one of the most unique. After few years I will open up secret of “wave of nature theory”.


Before I write please read what last week I mentioned:


"I have decided to give an important message before I write the weekly prediction for each commodity: This week will be very negative for almost all commodities and I therefore recommend that you get all position from commodities like metals, grains, energy and soft. Don’t add or buy any contract in commodities during the next.... Book profit".


Here is small part from this week letter:


We are approaching the holiday season from this Friday, and volumes will substantially reduce till the first week of January. My advice is that please don’t trade aggressively or with a big number of contracts, as history shows that weak traders always lose money in false trends during the month of December.


My advice is that one should take a holiday and spend time with family. I intend to do the same from Friday till the fourth of January 2007.


Last week metals remain weak, oil traded in an uncertain direction, while currencies remained volatile and the market took a rest. Cotton, coffee and lumber traded very quietly and in addition, sugar went down and orange juice remained up.


Indeed, planetary movements guided us quite well and we must give thanks for their guidance.


The story of the dollar’s weakness has remained in the minds of every trader, as well as advisors and newsletter writers. They are all trying to analyze how low the dollar can hit and why it is going down. There is an attempt to discern whether it will go up or if indeed it will stay down, with everyone giving various reasons. Well, I am a predictor of the market as well and I give my views like all other people, including chartists, economists, analysts, etc. Like everyone else, I have great faith in my study and looking back, my opinion is that the longer term views and indications of planetary movements have been amazingly accurate.


Commodities Bull Market and the CRB index went towards highs while the dollar went towards lows. The dollar going down and the CRB index going up was a clear sign that trillions of dollars moved in and out based on the old fundamentals. Many are asking how low the dollar can go from here, and my answer is “Not Much More!” However, it is necessary to say that anything is possible until the first week of January. Even if the dollar rises, the commodities bull market will remain hot for a few more years since planetary movements are in support.


I shall write in some more detail concerning each market in early January 2007.



The trend will be unconvincing even if gold attempts to go up on Monday and Tuesday, for Venus will be opposed to it. This may result in a sharp weakness in gold prices from Wednesday. Overall, the long-term cycle of gold is that it is trading in a very positive time frame and so we will buy it. However, we may have to wait for a some more time.


This week’s trading range for gold will be $628.80 to $615.80. Gold shouldn’t break the $615.80 level, otherwise it can fall more than two percent.



During this week silver prices will remain weaker than gold, therefore avoid taking any new position in silver. We are in a long-term bull market of silver but the short-term trend occurred last week on Monday and Tuesday occurred exactly as predicted. That confirms that for the next few weeks silver should remain weak, as major planetary movements are not very supportive.


This week’s trading range for silver will be 13.82 to 13.38. If the prices break down side then prices could move further in that direction for around 3%.




All these metals are in the negative phase and during this week they could fall around 3%, which is a lot in the commodity market. No buying is therefore recommended.



This week I recommend buying the DOW Jones and the S&P on Monday before closing, as from Tuesday the American market could go higher for the entire week. Do not short the American markets and if you want to hedge your positions, buy the American Market and sell the European Market. Expect the DOW Jones to move up around 200 points and around 15 points for the S&P.




Side way trend predicted with trading range of $130 to $119.    






I recommended selling grains except Wheat.



My advise was buying dollar and selling all major currencies.


Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra 10 Dec 2006