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Indian market crashed today, now time for USA

Dear Friends, 

Many are asking questions those who doesn't know weather I predicted Indias elections result and stock market prediction?

Yes, I did and even you can read in my book. But now get ready for USA stock market to crash and war on Gold and oil...on this I am writing more but here you can read my newsletter which I did for my members on sunday.

“BJP would get less number of sit in coming elections and Vajpee will face humiliation of defeat.

Sonia’s/Congress party would get 7% extra vote than BJP.

Indian Stock market would tumble.

India-Pakistan relation would come closer and closer.

India-Pakistan cricket match would take place”

If you want to read in detail on all these areas you can go through my book "2004 World and Financial prophecies".

Let us now see what this week says:


I am still very upset with my India trip because it was due to this that I was unable to properly guide you on the short term. While in my book I have said "get out from metal and metal stocks around 28th March and re-enter on 12th of May", I never indicated it in my newsletter in regard to gold though I did it on silver. I know it has cost you a lot but I hope that you will forgive me for that mistake and I am sure that my advice and guidance will play a key role in recovering your loses.

During this week Gold will steadily go up except for one day when it will have a scary downward trend. It will however strongly recover on the same day or the next. Those who don’t like uncertainty can buy gold on FRIDAY and hold for 42 days.


Silver is still trading at sale or discounted prices. Obtain it because below $5.80 is almost like getting it for free. NOW FIRST TARGET IS $6.38.


For the last one month I have been advising you to stay away from these metals but we are now very near to an upward trend. Those who want to start putting money in these metals should try their luck on Friday.


After having achieved the predicted price target in the first quarter of 2004 in Silver, gold and currencies, last week oil also fulfilled the first target of $40. Last week I recommended that one could hold up to $42 but then it would go down thereafter for some time before starting the journey for $50. This week I hold the same predictions as last week concerning oil.


Last week I took a break and did not give predictions on currencies because after three years of 98% accuracy on currencies I went little bit wrong in the last six weeks. But all price predictions will be fulfilled. My astrological calculations say that for this week there will be signs of a bit of a downward inclination in the US Dollar but from next week the downward journey will start for sure.


Prices should start moving up anytime now because news of bad weather is on the way.


After undergoing a harmful phase in the last 40 days of uncertainty in middle-east and Iraq, I now see the start of a more positive and peaceful period for the world. The first good news I foresee and which will surprise many concerns the USA- it will start calling back its soldiers from Iraq.

Many people are asking what I see regarding India’s future after the election results because last year I saw and predicted the events unfolding currently. I predicted that Sonia Gandhi/Congress party would win and that Vajpayee would face defeat. Many of my friends warned me ‘MAHENDRA you are taking a big risk’ but my response was as always- that I only predict what I see. I never go along with the flow of the current trend or laws of probability. This is why I am predicting a great rise in metal prices though many are warning me that I am committing a big mistake.

I see a smooth period for India and there is nothing to worry about. Relations with Pakistan will improve more.


After achieving success in one’s career, one should always start to search for her/himself. This can be achieved through meditation and good Karma because each day we are getting closer and closer to the final destination. We are powerless regarding this and have got no choice but to depart. Time will remain constant, always there and everything else will remain but we won’t be here. Know yourself therefore and enjoy life by way of good Karma, love and peace. Hate, war, anger and ego shall not result to any good but only serve to bring evil closer to you, your family, society and country.

Once again I exhort you to enjoy peace and love….

Thanks & God Bless