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Here is what we predicted on Sunday:


Dear Members,

During a radio interview in the USA last week, I said that the Euro would reach 0.50 in the next four years and it was serious statement. It is understandable if one is skeptical at this point and indeed it seems incredible that a Dollar will be worth two Euros; but this is not a joke and I am pretty confident that it will come to pass. I have been reading the views of many metal advisors and it appears to me that they have begun to sound a little too egoistic. Suffice is to say that time has consistently demonstrated that such a stance could prove very dangerous for their followers.


Meanwhile, the Dollar made some solid gains in the previous week. As a matter of fact, I have not seen it have such an astonishing performance for the last three years. In the preceding 18 months, I have focused on Dollar trading, during which time it has steadily traded weakly. I therefore know that my members have not had a good time in trading and that the negative wave has brought some misfortune. Nevertheless, there is room for optimism as the planets are now in full support of the Dollar. Furthermore, the projected trend of the Dollar does not bear any mixed signals, which is good news for investors. I am therefore extremely excited about the Dollarís prospects, as well as the fact that many of you will make tones of money in the next four years.


At this stage the planets recommend that the safest investment is the Dollar, not metals, oil or other commodities. That notwithstanding, alternative energy and coffee will experience terrific movement from this point.


It is a fact that technical's, certain prices as well as support or resistance always play a role in rebounds and corrections. Despite the influence they exert, what matters is the overall trend, and this is what we should always focus on as we make our decisions. The Dollar has already entered into a historic bull market era, and therefore be best advised to stay with this market. This should be like those of you who held on with metals and energy from 2001 to 2006 on my recommendation and made tones of money in the long-run.


You will notice that my new book and newsletters have all been consistent on one thing: that one should trade cautiously from May 3rd as a negative trend will begin in commodities. My advice is that one must desist from buying under the impression that the downturn in prices has touched its bottom.




Here is the financial newsletter for 28 April to 2 May 2008.



The price of gold came down quite sharply in the last week after breaking our first target of $901. I then issued an update recommending not to buy metals as they would decline some more, and indeed gold went down to $880.


For this week, a rising trend should be taken as a selling opportunity as gold will trade weakly and attain a new low. A sideway trend is poised to dominate gold prices on Monday and Tuesday. However, there will be some recovery on Thursday during the last two hours of New York Trading. Indications for Friday reveal positive movement with huge volatility.


This week the trading range for gold will be from $863 to $898.



Our prediction last week that silver would trade weaker than gold proved very accurate. This week silver will trade sideways and the weak trend will end during the last two hours of Thursdayís trading.


The trading range for silver this week will be between $16.35 and 17.25.


Any rise in gold and silver on Monday and Tuesday should be taken as selling opportunities.



The trend in all these base metals will be weaker than precious metals (gold/silver). Those of you who love hedging can sell copper, Platinum and buy gold; and this should provide you a safe return.


I see copper coming down to $358 while platinum will reach $1820. The two, copper and platinum, are in a short, medium and longer-term bear market and one should therefore sell them this week.



Cotton prices will trade weakly while coffee will trade in a stable trend. At this point there are only three areas of investment that I can recommend, that is the Dollar, alternative energy and coffee. Coffee will soon go to between $280 to $300, and the risk free time to buy it will be in the month of July. For the time being, one can accumulate small quantities on each fall.


The trading range for coffee this week will be from $132.80 to 128.80, while cotton will trade between $70.80 and $68.80.



Both soft commodities will trade sideways this week. I do not recommend any short position in either of them, and one can actually take small buying position on Tuesday but get out by Wednesday next week.



Sugar and cocoa will remain positive this week. As a matter of fact, cocoa prices will make a new high and I therefore recommend buying in it. One should however be careful to get out on Tuesday next week. The same scenario applies for sugar and you should hence act likewise.



According to planetary movement, oil entered into a bear market last Thursday. For that reason, one should fearlessly sell oil though market forces could still push prices higher for more than forty eight hours. Consequently, any rise should be taken as a selling opportunity. Sell crude, heating oil and RB gas on Mondayís opening and hedge the position by buying natural gas.


This week the trading range for oil will be from $119.80 to $114.10. A major fall will occur in oil after 3rd of May, and those who donít like to take risks can sell on 5th of May 2008. The months of May, June and July will witness negativity for oil and it will therefore trade very weakly. The price of oil will first hit $80 and then tumble to $65; and the same percentage fall will result in Heating oil as well as RB Gas.



Unfortunately, the commodity market has a very bad reputation where steep rises are experienced, but so are the falls. If one is not careful, then a fall can easily wipe out everything made during a bull market. If we take wheat for instance, prices have come down more than 50% in the last two months.


On the other hand, the price of rice is currently hitting new highs each day could actually move higher for another week. We will cover rice begin this week. Once can take a speculative SELLING position on Monday OR Tuesday, but remember that they will fall sharply from mid next week. All other grains will decline from next week and you should thus begin to build a short position in grains. Furthermore, one should take an option position as the markets are volatile and options can provide safe returns. Therefore sell calls and buy puts for July, as this will make you substantial returns. Take options in corn reaching $500, Soybean going up to $920 and bean oil to $39.00. Indications are quite upbeat and there is a lot of money to be made from these trades.


Here is wheat and rise chart, many stores in USA, China and India has put restrictions on buying of rice. Another ten days rice prices can rise but after that weaker trend will start.



Last week the USD moved above $73.00 and first target is $74.50, which I am confident shall be attained this week. I see a one-side trend developing in the Dollar; therefore donít buy other currencies thinking that they have fallen enough and that they will rise. This could result in huge losses that may ultimately throw you out from the Dollar position.


My advice is to stay long with the Dollar and buy on each successive fall. Though my predictions in 2007 were wrong for the Dollar, I believe that destiny had an excellent reason for this. There was a lot of negativity with people mocking my work and speaking terribly about astrology, but this is water under the bridge and I am now calm and focused. What matters now is that nature is telling me to advise my true followers to keep buying the US Dollar because is the only boat that will take my members where the treasure is hidden. As a matter of fact, I believe that this is the only vessel that will survive the coming times. A most unpredictable period is fast approaching, and one needs to carefully watch his investment and hold the hand of the Dollar.


The Dollar will rise this week (From Mid-session of Monday) while major currencies will be in a continuous decline. Only the Yen will be able to hold against the Dollar, therefore buy the Yen against all currencies.


This week the Euro will hit 1.5480. Meanwhile, the Australian Dollar and Swiss Franc will trade sharply lower.


The British Pound will hold firmly with the Canadian Dollar as well as the South African Rand. In the longer term, the Rand will move to 11.80 and one is therefore advised to take a longer-term short position in it.


Finally, I would like to request your support if you liked my latest book. Please help to get my book into the hands of other people, as I would like to create more awareness about my work. I shall appreciate your assistance in this respect.


Before I end this week newsletter, I would like once again to bring CRB index to your attentions as it has been rising since 2002 or since weak trend of dollar started. Now it looks shaky.



My new book has received a great well-come. You can read monthly trend for the next two years (2008-09) of all major commodities, markets and currencies, also it covers 68 countries predcitions.


Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra, 27 April 2008

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