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I decided to put this week newsletter here for free so may people will get some clue in this uncertainty...

Date: 20, January, 2008

Astro-wave Financial Newsletter for 21 to 25 January

By Mahendra Sharma




Dear Members,

I mentioned that I am busy with my book so I will be unable to respond to each and every email so I decided to give a brief answer in the newsletter. Most of the emails were concerning weakness in stock market and according to many members the USA economy and the stock market look very scary in the coming days and months. Once again I went through 2008 planetary outlook for stock market and I got satisfied with my call of 2008 bull market any time after 21 Jan and may take few months but by year end it will reach around 15000 to 17000. The only concern that I have is that the international market and European markets will move down so much that it may put psychological impact on investor’s minds in the USA. In my yearly outlook I clearly mentioned that one should finish buying stocks by the third week of January and the stocks that I was talking about were the Banking, Financial, Technology and Alternative Energy. Once again I can reconfirm that I do not see any problem with the USA market in medium term or the longer term but I still do not have an answer why such a harsh weakness came during the last two weeks which may continue for this week as well.


On the other hand commodities and the currencies traded as expected so let’s see what this week indicates for the World Financial Market.


Financial weekly letter from 21 to 25 January



During last week, gold and silver traded in the range that was predicted. During this week gold and silver prices will remain stable and any weakness or sharp falling during any day should be taken as a buying opportunity.


On Tuesday any correction should be taken as a buying opportunity as gold and silver will recover from the low.


On Wednesday the price will trade in a narrow range but on Thursday upward trend should be taken as selling opportunity into gold and silver. Positive trend should be taken as a selling opportunity on Friday.


There are two factors and that is why I am not recommending anyone to buy long term position at this stage. The first factor is that major planetary movements are not in the favor of commodity markets and they are giving indications that bull-run in the commodity has ended last week or are going to end this week. The second factor is the US dollar bull market.


Members should book the profit in metal stocks and in metals because the coming trend is very uncertain and you are going to get a great opportunity later to buy the metals back.      



All these side metals remained weak during last week but during this week they will trade sideways except for platinum and copper. This week the overall trend in metals will remain positive but we will see that platinum is running out of strength because the planet Venus will stop supporting the bull market of platinum.



Coffee and cotton prices have been trading stable. Oncoming weakness in commodity market will not be able to put any major weakness in both these soft commodities. During this week one can buy coffee and cotton on Wednesday because they will rise sharply from the last hour of Wednesday or from Thursday. My next target for coffee is $147.80 and for cotton it is $74.80.



I am not in favor of buying any international markets and emerging market (sell international market and if you want to hdge than buy USA market slowly). For the last few weeks I have been advising that one must book the profit in all the hot rising market as the fall in these markets will be quite a nasty one. Emerging markets mean all major Asian market including Australia, New Zealand, India, Korea, China, Russia and Hong Kong etc. among all these markets Russia, Korea and India will perform ok but at this stage they look very scary to me.


My outlook is also very negative on European markets in short, medium and longer term and the only market that I am very optimistic on is the USA market. Billions of dollars of inflow will come into this market and what I have been saying for the last two months should be taken very seriously. If you don’t remember, then I have been saying that the big investment houses would find that international markets are overvalued in terms of stock price and also in terms of currency. On the opposite side USA market stock valuation will attract investor community in terms of stock prices as well as in terms of currency.


Today we are standing at a stage where what I was talking about is starting to make sense because dollar is not falling further and the stocks have come down to a very attractive valuation and my third week of January call for “buying call” is there.


During this week I see a sharp correction in Asian market and European markets and on the other hand we will see some recovery from lower level in DOW Jones from Tuesday but do not make any mistakes by buying international markets thinking that the turning around of USA market will push international markets higher. Buy in small quantity Banking, Technology and Alternative Energy stocks this week. I am very optimistic about the future of alternative energy stocks and I see them rising in many folds in the coming three years. December we recommended booking profit in alternative energy and at the high and from the high, the alternative energy stocks have lost 50% of their value in the last three weeks and at this stage they are at a great buying point.


Short term and Medium term: All major international market will turn in to BEAR MARKET except USA market (which shall stablize thsi week).  BUY DOW AS IT IS LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY. European and Asian economy (Bad GDP) report will surprise every one in the first quarter of 2008.



I am too much worried about Asian market so please trade carefully. They can fall 30% in the month of January. Indian market can come down to around 14000 or even it can fall to 12000 and same for other Asian markets.



During last week sugar prices went limit up and our aggressive buying recommendation of December have made substantial amount of profit for many members. This week sugar prices will remain stable but soon they will rise again so wait for my buying recommendation. Avoiding lumber and orange juice has saved a lot of money for my members for the last few months and I am still not recommending any buying in both of these commodities. 



During this week, 30 year Treasury bond will start moving down after touching $120 but they are not in the bear market so take a buying opportunity if they fall to $118. In a few weeks time the Bond prices will move to $125.    



Last week oil traded weak in our predicted trading range, our selling recommendation have made us great money. During this week I see oil trading in narrow range. One can buy oil on the weakness of Wednesday and sell back the positions on rising trend of Thursday. This applies to heating oil and RB gas as well. During this week natural gas will trade in a very narrows range so I am not recommending any short term trading in both oil and gas. It will move to $87.80. Wait my update on it during week.



Grain prices came down sharply after opening limit high on Monday. In the last few months all major grains have been trading in a huge trading range every day and this is very scary for small time traders if I am wrong for three days and if your account is not well funded then account can close down. If you see the history of grains, whenever they act aggressive they remain aggressive for a few weeks. In the past, many people have made and lost fortunes in grains so please trade very carefully with very low leverage and if it is possible then take options positions.


This week I see weakness remaining in grains so one can take a short position but make sure that you are covering back your prediction before they close on Thursday. We will see weakness particularly in soy bean areas meaning bean, bean oil and soy meal. Any rising trend in wheat should be taken as a selling opportunity and any fall in corn should be taken as a buying opportunity because I see corn prices coming higher in the coming weeks.


The best hedging of this year will be selling soy bean products and buying corn and wheat against them.



During last week we have seen some recovery in the dollar index as predicted. All major currencies remained weak against the US dollar except Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc. Even during this week we will see stable trend in Swiss Franc compared to all other currencies so I hold my prediction not to short Swiss Franc and Japanese yen against US Dollar for now.


During this week all major currencies will gain some momentum on Tuesday so I recommend not adding any new short position in all these currencies (only this week). Dollar index will remain in a narrow trading range or bit weak and $76.30 will be the best buying level. After Thursday onwards dollar will rise sharply so those who want to take a short term positions can buy Dollar Index during weakness on Thursday after New York market .


Commodities currencies will remain stable but Euro will fall sharply after Thursday reaching high. On Monday and half day of Tuesday, Euro will remain weak but from Midday on Tuesday, positive trend will start for Euro which will end on Thursday. British Pound will remain weak.


Note: Those who don’t want to take short term buying and selling can hold just buying position in Dollar as US Dollar trend is very positive for short term, medium term and longer term. Dollar index is moving towards $81.80 within next three weeks.


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 20, Jan 2008, All copyright reserved.