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I am a bit concerned about the market but we will watch, oil achieved a lower side target, and Bond, Bitcoin and a few softs are ready to achieve a higher side target…follow Astro cycles…

A small part from Thursday's daily flashnews…

Dear Members,

S&P and NASDAQ rebounded as predicted from 4 November, and both these indexes achieved our higher side targets (4588, 16178) in the three weeks as predicted. Now both these indexes are not able to break our predicted higher side astro resistance level of 4588 and 16178, which is not a good sign. If they fail to move above then it will be a bad sign for the market. Wait for Friday/Monday's daily flashnews and Weekly newsletter, I think next week's weekly newsletter will be one of the most important ones.

Mercury is completely in support of small-cap and mid-cap stock as predicted, Russell 2000 can move further higher from next week Wednesday very aggressively.

Every short, medium, and longer predicted trade in the energy market has proven 99% accurate. Now, It looks like oil achieved our lower-side target of $68.11 level. On 23 September, we recommended selling oil at $93.88 and the second selling was recommended last week at the $79.41 level. Energy markets are 100% in the grip of the wave of nature and the Astro cycle, energy market dancing 100% on the tune of the Astro cycle, our first important lower side target we predicted $68.11 which shall be achieved today. We also predicted important lower-side levels in this week's weekly newsletter so energy traders should remain aware.

Grains and softs lost value on Wednesday as predicted, cocoa, orange Juice, and Sugar lost value. Softs are looking a bit negative astro combinations, stay away at least for the next 24 hours. Hold sorts in sugar, cocoa, and orange Juice. Wheat and corn gained value in the last two weeks as predicted, today we recommended booking profit.

Metals are trading as predicted, stay away from any major buying except gold is still holds our important astro support level but not other metals.

Currencies are trading as predicted, and the dollar also dancing to the tune of the Astro cycle very accurately on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Thirty Year bond achieved our upper side target of 120-00 level, it has proven one of the best trades of last month as we recommended buying Thirty Year Bond at 107-00 level with a target of 118-00 to 120-00.

Bitcoin will start falling from $45288, and so far gold has lost the battle against Bitcoin which is making many yellow metal investors concerned as Bitcoin taking the place of gold as a safe-haven instrument.

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We mentioned this four weeks ago: Last week, the markets lost value even after Big Tech announced positive earnings. I never saw this kind of weakness coming in October. Still, I realized once I saw the short-term negative Astro combinations on the 5th of October that the market could struggle until the 30th of October or the 4th of November and I immediately advised our members to sell positions and get ready to buy around 30 October. There is so much to learn from the Astro combinations as they play a unique role every day. The same kind of combination never occurs in millions of years; that’s why each day differs for the markets and us. The Astro combinations will turn positive on Monday, the 30th of October before the USA market opens. This is great news for investors as we expect a dark cloud to get out from Jupiter, which is currently ruling the market trends. One of the biggest Aravath trends will start.

Astro cycles are the most powerful theory which always guides us on what is coming ahead, make an Astro cycle an integral part of your trading and investment strategy. I don’t have much time to edit the letter so please bear with my typing errors.

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Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma