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How much damage in the African continent will be due to negative planetary movement?

Dear friends,

Since, 2000 I was very optimistic about the growth of Africa until 2007 but at the same time I was concerned about the stability from 2008 onwards. The year 2008 just started and non-stop bad news is pouring in from different parts of Africa. There is a great turmoil in Kenya, many are not even able to buy bread and butter in Zimbabwe because of the economy and inflation and South Africa is heading towards uncertain times which at this stage looks quite scary. I come from Africa and at this stage we can just pray to God that things get better soon there without much damage.


My coming book has detail predictions on Africa as well as all major continents and world financial market. People can send an email to us at:  if they would like to buy the book once it is released. We will send a email notification once the book is released.


Today’s update on markets:

Dear Members,

We are at the last stage of ending bull cycle in commodities and on the other hand major turning around of US dollar is on the way. Keep yourself calm and watch situation very closely. I may come wrong for few days and that is fine with me because my job is to provide overall trend of the future.


Don't buy gold, silver or oil during any fall, yes if you are making money then cover the position partly. Sell metal stocks as bull-run is ending. I still hold my predictions that gold won’t able to move above $948.80, Silver $17.88 and oil $99.80. Currently gold is trading at $938, silver is around $17.31 and oil is at $92.10 and at these prices one can sell the position or can go short.


Fall in commodities will be a severe one so please watch your position carefully and at the same time dollar is ready to move up like fire. Next week weekly newsletter will be the most interesting one as I am writing predictions on Canadian/Australian dollar and South African Rand as well as on future of Africa.


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 1 Feb 5.00am Santa Barbara