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Here is part of this week newsletter to review..CRASH IS COMING AND IT WILL BE BIG ONE SO TRADE SAFELY...

Dear Members,

I would like to start this week’s newsletter by saying that nature plays a vital role in the commodities market. If you have read my books, then you would have noticed that I always start with nature and climate predictions because things in the world can easily turn chaotic if nature is unsupportive. There is no human being who has power to control nature; neither politicians, scientists, nor the military. In the first newsletter for this year, I mentioned that there are indications of some natural disasters in 2007, and I would like to reveal them in detail. But before I do that, I would like to mention some predictions I highlighted in my last four books.


·        The first one was in regard to a heat wave in Europe.

·        In the section on Thailand in the 2004 book Page 66, I said that “bad news is indicated in the weather, where a natural disaster involving water will disrupt people’s life”. The Tsunami came, and though I didn’t specifically name it, I said that water would bring a severe disaster in Thailand and Indonesia.   

·        On page 19, I said that “a hurricane will hit the USA in the east coast area around August. The hurricane will result in heavy damage and the people in the affected area should therefore brace themselves”. Katrina came and resulted in heavy destruction.  


Many other predictions about natural disasters have been fulfilled in the last twenty years but the current time is the worst. We might be approaching a very turbulent period and as I mentioned in the previous book, I had a horrifying glance of the black side of nature. Nature was turning onto the negative side due to the movement of Saturn, and I am afraid that these predictions could befall the world in the next twenty-four months.



Cold in North America could be so bad that everything will freeze, and my prayer is that the supply of electricity and gas are not disrupted during this period. Indeed, the next 96 hours could be the worst for the northern parts of USA, CANADA and EUROPE. The most affected areas will be the North-Western and North-Eastern parts of the world.  The currencies situation in China, Russia and other places where the cold season is high could become very serious, so one should take necessary steps if living in those regions. Traveling and communications could be affected and we must therefore pray that the period concludes without too much damage.


Once more, water will have a disruptive role for millions of people as well as animals. I see severe freezing where many seas and lakes in the northern hemisphere will become frozen. My appeal is to concerned governments and authorities to be vigilant and heed warnings by weather specialists and if necessary evacuate populations residing in the worst areas.


Medium Term:

There will be an unexpected and untimely storm season, with hurricanes pounding the eastern coast of the USA. Strangely, some Asian countries will also experience severe storms and many lives lost as a result.


Most of the natural disasters will occur as a combination of water and air. My intention is not to scare anybody, as it is my job to write about what I foresee, which is what I have been doing for more than 20 years. This has been a difficult journey for me in today’s modern world since the subject has faced a lot of skepticism, but courage, belief and accuracy have given me a stand.


Here is a portion on nature from my last book, the ‘2004 World & Financial Prophecies’:

When nature is happy, then we are safe; but when nature becomes unhappy, then the hostilities are unleashed. Not even the vast government resources, weapons, technology and money or tireless efforts of the authorities can save lives or protect us from the wrath of nature. This is why I always advice people to pray everyday to nature because nature is so generous and provides everything freely. For instance, we partake of vital necessities of survival like water and air without paying anything. Even the very land that we live on is free of charge: we are the one who divide and sell it. The sun is source of light and also shines upon us with no compensation required from us. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Nothing is bigger then nature; we should give something back to nature in gratitude and appreciation of it abundant generosity. For instance we can plant more trees and unsure better management of our environment without causing any pollution to air and water. We should strive to prevent the destruction of forests, land degradation and the thinning of the ozone layer with CFC’s, consequently causing weather changes that bring about disastrous weather and inconsistent seasonal patterns.


I remember years back when I was in a small Indian town where no rain had fallen the rainy season had already started. I saw a group of people get together and start praying to lord Indra, the god of rain. These people danced and chanted and believe it or not, there was rain after a few hours. You may say that it was a coincidence but whatever your position, the fact is that there was the answer to the prayer and it rained. That day, I realized that everything is a god in itself. We can not live without water, air and light. Our bodies are formed from and dependent on nature for survival. Nature is within us and we are part of nature and alive because of nature. (Pg 17 “2004 World & Financial Prophecies)



Let’s talk about the world financial market because commodities are very closely related to nature. They are a part of nature since they come from nature. Changing weather patterns this year including heavy rain, freeze and heat wave could destroy crops and affect oil supplies and sea transport, and this could put pressure on the supply of some necessary commodities.


I also see a severe heat wave this year, therefore be prepared. I am giving these indications using a system I have followed for the last 30 years of planetary movement, and which gave me over 90 percent accuracy. Indications are that there surely will be natural disasters in the coming days and we must therefore pray and hope for the best.


Now here is this week’s newsletter:


Predictions for 12 to 16 February


Before I start the predictions for major commodities, I would like to alert you that this week will be very volatile. My indications might not be very accurate because this is not a great period as far as planetary combinations are concerned, therefore trade carefully. As a matter of fact I would be very happy if you only traded with a very small amount.



This week the trend of gold will remain positive for the first four days. Short-term traders can therefore buy the position and hold until Thursday, while medium term and long-term traders should hold their positions.


Last week when the dollar was moving up, gold fearlessly walked with the dollar, which is one of the best indications that gold has given in the last seven months. This is what I was waiting for, but I also don’t like the new friendship of gold and oil, and would like to see gold moving up when oil moves down. That day will be the happiest day for gold investors because then, no power can stop gold from reaching $1000.


On Monday gold may trade weakly and it will be a great buying opportunity on weakness during the last hour of New York trading.


Tuesday, Wednesday as well as Thursday will be..... 



On Monday during weakness, one must buy silver and hold the position until.....



This week copper will be supported by gold and silver..



Both commodities will trade sideways...



A great era of bull market for the USA market is on the way after a few months. Before that however, a sharp correction in the global equity market could shake up the investor community. It should however not surprise us, as for the last four weeks I have been talking of a severe drop in all major indexes coming after or around 12 and 14 of February. Unfortunately both dates fall in this week and I therefore don’t recommend holding a big position in hot rising stocks especially financial, retailers and consumer companies stocks. On the other hand, related mining commodities and pharmaceutical stocks will perform well.


As I mentioned for the longer term, the DOW will reach 17,000 in the next one year and hence the sharp correction will be good news for people waiting to buy. Once this week’s correction starts as I see, do not hurry to buy anything because the corrections could be around 18 percent.


Wait and watch the situation on Monday and Tuesday, and start selling from Tuesday evening or Wednesday...


Those who don’t want to take much risk can build a hedge by shorting hot rising Asian markets as well as the European markets and buy the USA market because compared to the USA market the others will decline much more percentage-wise.



Last week bond prices went down and I expect the weak trend to continue. Therefore hold your short positions.....



We recommended selling coffee at 130 and since then it has been trading down because Mercury is not in support. However, buying time is soon coming and I will advise you accordingly.


If coffee prices reach $112.80, then......



Cotton prices will trade....



These commodities will trade sideways. Last week we recommended taking a small position in sugar, but....



I see a....



I see a correction in oil prices, therefore don’t hold or take any new position....


My daily update will guide you on oil predictions because I will be following the weather conditions very closely.



Last week the dollar showed a very strong sign and gained sharply against the British pound as well as other currencies......


Next week I shall focus more on weather related predictions and write a new chapter on inflation. I promised to write about the Euro because I see some disagreement or dispute coming up among European nations, and this could give rise to uncertainty for the Euro. This week I am unable to write more concerning it, as at this stage I am focusing more on nature related predictions.


You could once again read the first week’s newsletter in regard to the 2007 trend:


While I try to predict the trend as accurately as possible, it is not guaranteed that I will be 100% accurate:  I am an ordinary human being like you but trying to gradually open the door to the future with the help of nature and the planets. I may never be able to reach the final stage of study, but I am sure that I will be able to reveal some hidden parts of nature. 


Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra 10 Feb

Here is this week letter for free to reveiw. Trade safely as volatile time is on the way.


Dear Members,

Today we are witnessing the involvement of a large crowd in the financial markets, with new traders joining everyday from various parts of the world. This has largely been made possible by advances in technology, and one can now operate and engage in the market while in any country as long as there is internet and a reliable telecommunication system. A lot of new and innovative software that guide one to become a skilled trader are also being sold, and new strategies are emerging everyday on how to plan your trades in the most secure way.  But does this really help the common investors? I feel that as long as the trend remains unknown, the situation just becomes more confusing. Once one knows how the trend will be, then all these systems become very helpful.


For the last 15 years, my job has been to provide information on the trends, which could be long-term and span many years; some could last a few months, while others could take a few weeks or several days. I have also tried to give the daily trend and indicate the price ranges and trends for various commodities. At the end of the day, the decision on how to execute a trade is up to you. Many times my predictions may be unclear or confusing, and this is often because the trend for the long-term is unclear, or when there is negativity in the middle of a long-term trend. Trading the futures market is very risky since the commodity is a game of zero sum, and I therefore request that you trade safely and execute the trades where my views are stronger.


There are those times when we make mistakes by defying the trend and becoming too attached to a stock or commodity simply because we love it and have special affection for it. Similarly, there are times when we miss opportunities because we dislike a particular investment area, stock or commodity. Like I have often done before, I would like to advise that one should never trade anything with hatred or love. One should strive to trade with the trend since in the long run, it is more beneficial to us and always rewards for the time spent working in the market.


Perceptions to market trading vary wildly, and I have made a very interesting observation; that people who don’t work in the market or understand it feel that it is a waste of time. They consider those who are involved in the market as ineffectual people that are unable to do anything else. However, the little experience that I have has shown that working in the market is more difficult than becoming a scientist, a doctor or even a politician. 20 years ago when I was in India, an old broker who was not very well educated cautioned me that mastering the market is not an easy task. He told me that it is the most difficult skill to acquire because “It is like going into the midst of a pride of lions and snatching the kill away from a lion’s mouth and then getting away without a scratch.”


Opinions are sacred because everyone is entitled to their own; therefore let us now examine the unpredictable “World Financial Market” for this week without any further ado.


Weekly predictions for 5 to 9 February   



It was quite interesting to observe last week’s rapid rise and fall of gold prices. A big battle has been raging in my mind for a while now, and it revolves around whether gold will reach a historic high within a few months or not. I still believe that gold can rise sharply from current levels but at the same time, the good period is gradually sliding away from gold’s hand mainly because there’s too much crowd involved, and quick exiting and entry is taking place. However, I am convinced that gold will fling away the small time bear cartel and move up sharply once a powerful astrological combination occurs.


This week gold will adopt a weak trend for the first three days and a rising will begin from the last hour of Wednesday’s trading. It could remain positive on Thursday, while Friday any time it will turn negative. Therefore the overall outlook for this week is that gold will have a negative trend and prices won’t be able to close up.


The trading range for gold will be $635.10 to $649.80. If gold breaks any of the predicted prices and trades for two hours below or above the predicted price, then prices will be pushed two percent.



This week silver prices will remain volatile and the trading range will be $13.38 to $13.12. If the prices break any of the predicted prices, it could move in that direction more than two percent. One should therefore watch closely and trade accordingly.



Copper came down more than 40 percent from its high and I still don’t recommending any buying. When it reached $400 in May 2006, I recommended selling it saying “It is a lifetime opportunity to sell copper!!!” and each week since then I have been recommending selling it. Those who sold around the high price and have held the short position have made a fortune. The decline is still not over and so one should not buy thinking that prices have sufficiently come down. Indeed, prices could make another low this week, but one can buy some for a short period if it reaches $218.



Both of these side metals are in a negative time frame and I don’t recommend them, therefore get out if you are holding any position in them. This week they could fall from three to five percent.



It is a very exciting time for me because I clearly see a disaster in the making for the markets, and this will happen any time before or around 14 of February. This is a lifetime opportunity to sell the markets, though one should plan in such a way that you don’t get hurt even if they rise three percent from current levels. Sell all major markets including India, China, Singapore, as well as the European markets.


As soon as I see a 100 percent confirmation (which should come any day), then you can sell aggressively. Before then, sell all major markets and hedge your positions by buying in the USA markets.


After this bear market which I expect to be for a short term (a few months), the USA stock market will start rising and make history by rising more than 40 percent. This means that I expect the DOW Jones to go to over $18,000. This will be surprising to most people, as all other world markets will face difficulties in trying to keep their heads above water. I am therefore predicting a great bonanza for USA investors or those who will keep their money in the USA stock market.


A sharp crash in the Shanghai Market started on Tuesday, and this story could be replicated in many hot rising markets, like India and Europe starting this week Tuesday or Thursday.



This week treasury bond prices will move down, and I consequently don’t recommend any buying.



Coffee prices will remain stable this week and I actually don’t see much activity. The trading range will be $119.80 to $116.20 or below.



Cotton prices will be stable, but I don’t recommend any new positions. Avoid trading in cotton, and we shall be buying it around 14 of February.



All these commodities came down quite sharply last week, and the weak trend is poised to continue. As a result, I shall give no recommendation for new buying especially in orange juice and lumber. We should nonetheless take a small position in sugar on Wednesday.



The past few weeks have been quite remarkable for oil trading. This week oil should remain weak, and the trading range will be $59.80 to $55.80. Please take the opportunity to sell if prices reach the higher side and buy if prices reach the lower side. The same predictions apply for heating oil, natural gas and RB gas. Sell oil on Friday.



Predictions in currencies earned me popularity and respect in the last seven years, and I am thankful to the planet Jupiter as I was able to predict the bottom and top for major currencies. During the middle of last year, the fall of the South African rand and the Australian dollar gave many investors a great amount of returns. According to Jupiter, there is too much happening in the currencies market. In the next six months I expect quite a low price for the British pound as well as the Australian dollar, therefore watch this prediction.

This week I see a very stable move for the dollar, but the Japanese yen will be a top issue in the G7 meeting. The Japanese yen will trade half-heartedly with no clear direction. On the other side, the Australian dollar and the Pound will be weak from Thursday, while the Euro’s trend will be affected by a strong dollar.


In August 2006, I said that it was a lifetime selling opportunity for the Canadian dollar, and since then it has been trading down. As a matter of fact, the downward journey is not yet over.


The South African Rand came down more than twenty-five percent since we recommended selling it.


My daily update will guide you for all the short-term trades.


Once again, my request is that please don’t forward this newsletter to non-subscribers. The daily cost of a subscription is like buying coffee, which I believe anyone trading in the market can afford.




As I was re-arranging an old file I came across the page below, which I thought I would share with you. It features a get-together which Bill-Murphy organized for me in Dallas in 2004.



Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 4 Feb